Well, my first day as a new tutor.

Ari san, Ryoko, and Misumi senpai were visiting my room.

The four of us gathered around the low table, all ready for the class. 

“I’m Kanda Ryoko. I am mainly in charge of mathematics for the second examination. Math is my strong subject, so please leave the common exam to me.”

“My name is Misumi Shino. I will be in charge of Japanese. I heard that Japanese is your weak subject, so I hope I can help you.”

“I’m Kobayakawa Kingo. I’m going to teach all subjects except for the one I’m leaving to those two.”

After the self-introductions of the instructors and a brief explanation of their responsibilities, the home study program kicked off.

“As they just told you, Ryoko will be in charge of mathematics, Senpai will be in charge of Japanese, and I will take care of English, science and social studies for the common exams. Ryoko will be full-time for the secondary math, but you can ask anyone else about anything else. Fortunately, all of us have covered the subjects for Ari san’s exam.”

“Y-yes, thank you very much ! Hawawa……it’s so reassuring to have three current Hokusei University students as tutors〜”

Ari san was actually surprised by how impregnable the lineup was.

Indeed, there are many Hokusei University students working part-time at tutoring schools and private tutors in the city. The university is one of the most prestigious universities in the suburbs, and its students are known for their academic abilities.

The fact that three such Hokusei students are assigned as exclusive tutors is an exceptional treatment.

“Now you are sure to pass the exam !”

“P-pressure, I’m under pressure…….

“T-that’s not what I meant…….”

However, too much good treatment can be demotivating. Although she was happy, Ari san was surrounded by her three seniors and seemed a little nervous.

“Well, it’s not like we’re meeting each other for the first time, so let’s take our time studying while we’re drinking tea.”

“That’s a good idea. I get short of breath when I tense my shoulders and elbows.”

Ryoko and Senpai comfort Ari san. Seeing the kind older sisters’ smile, Ari san’s suddenly fell to the ground.

“First of all, let’s analyze your ability again.”

After getting herself together, she picked up the score sheet of the mock test that she had brought. It contains not only the test scores, but also the acceptance rating, deviation score, and study advice for the school of her choice.

I had already checked it the other day, but I wanted to analyze it again for Ryoko and Senpai.

I briefly described the contents of the score report and roughly stated Ari san’s strengths and weaknesses to Ryoko and the others. They nodded their heads and listened.

“I see. I heard you gave up, but it seems your performance is not so bad.”

This was Ryoko’s opinion. Ryoko must have been feeling a little defensive inside, but she was relieved to see that the assignment was not as bad as she had thought it would be.

Ryoko moved right next to me and peeked at the grade book. Ryoko’s well-groomed profile looms close by, and a fresh scent like chamomile wafts softly through the air.

….Too close, Ryoko. I’ve known you for a long time, but being so close to you makes my heart flutter.

“Your weak subjects are science and Japanese……. Japanese is in both the common and secondary exams, so it’s imperative to prepare for it.”

Misumi senpai calmly stated her countermeasures against the threat. Senpai also shifted right next to me and looked into my hand. Is the fragrance like a mysterious forest mist or a fragrant tree? Either way, it is a calming scent that is typical of Senpai.

And, although she probably doesn’t realize it, there’s a huge lump pressed up against my arm.

Ah…the smell and feel of it makes me feel like I’m going to ascend to heaven…

“Muu….the three of you look so close……I-I’ll see it too !”

Ari san, who was left out, appeared to express her dissatisfaction. Then, she slowly stood up, came behind me, and pressed her body close to me, making me feel like I was sitting on top of her.

The warmth of her body and the invigorating citrusy aroma of her body made me dizzy.

At that moment, however, I lost my balance. I was unable to catch the impact of Ari san’s unexpectedly vigorous flirtation with me.

“Whoa !?”

“Kyaaa !?”

My body fell toward Misumi senpai.

“Wait, don’t grab my arm !?”

I desperately tried to regain my position and grabbed Ryoko’s arm as soon as I could. 

“Ouch….Kingo you idiot…..Why did you get me into this……”

“Whee〜I’m sorry everyone〜”

Ryoko and Ari san start to cover me and Senpai. Senpai and I ended up being crushed under them.

The feel of the soft and fluffy girl’s body enveloped my whole body. And I felt like I was sandwiched between two elastic objects on my face. And the deep green scent  that made me want to inhale it all over my chest…..

“K-Kobayakawa kun,……. Your face is on my chest…….”


“Hyan ! Please don’t talk in that state~!”

The charming voice of Senpai echoed in the room.

What in the world? I had bulged out on top of Senpai’s rich mountain.

“It’s pretty hard to get four adults in this small room…….”

As Ryoko had grumbled, this room was too small for lessons. But since there is no other place that can be used freely and is conveniently located, we have no choice but to put up with it.

In other words, the girls will be visiting my room every week from now on.

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