On the following Monday, when I went to the campus as usual,I saw a male student intently looking at the campus map near the entrance.

“Let’s see……Building 8 is…….”

He is generally small in stature with a short stature and slender physique. Moreover, his face is also small, so at first glance, he looks like a female student. His eyes, staring at the map through black-rimmed glasses, tend to be slanted. He is a male student with a characteristic appearance, though not flashy.

“Building 8 is just past Building 3 here.”

I pointed to the map and told him kindly.

“Oh, thank you very much.”

“No, no, it’s okay, Mr. Chairman.”

“Geh !? Kobayakawa Kingo…..”

However, as soon as he saw my face, he made a face like he had bitten a bitter insect.

On the other hand, I was genuinely happy as I felt like I had found my favorite toy. I can’t help but laugh out loud.

“Hey, hey, hey. Shouldn’t you call your senior formally? You have to call me senpai or san. It’s common sense. Come on, say it.”

But I was not impressed with his language. So, I instructed him like a senior.

“Gnnn……. Kobayakawa……san senpai.”

“Don’t call people like they’re nasty trash.”

Don’t mix between [san] and [senpai]. Well, let’s say he passed.

“Chairman, it’s been a while ! You got accepted ! Congratulations on passing !”

“T-thank you very much. I see that Kobayakawa senpai also went to this university.”

“Yes, I did ! Nice to meet you again !”

Y”es, it’s nice to meet you…..”

The chairman was condescending in his words, but he was visibly disconcerted. It’s obvious that he’s not happy to see me again.

Well, this reaction is to be expected.

The chairman, Endo Michio, is a junior at the same high school. He is a serious guy who joined the student council and served as the chairman of the public morals committee.

“Chairman, have you joined any clubs?”

“No, I haven’t joined any clubs yet.”

“Well, you should join one ! You will make a lot of friends ! Oh, you want to join the tea club I’m in?”

“No, I don’t. What’s with that loose-looking club?”

Oh, no, I’ve been rejected.

“I mean, please stop calling me [chairman]. I’m not a member of the public morals committee anymore.”

“Eh, aren’t you going to be the public morals committee chairman at the university !?”

“I won’t do it. There is no such thing at the university, is there?”

In this comic exchange, the chairman–or Endo kun, for that matter, wrinkled his brow as if he was complaining of a headache.

Oh, I miss this reaction ! It reminds me of the days when I used to make fun of Endo kun like this.

As you can see, I am making fun of Endo kun. Because it’s funny !

“I remember that you had a live concert on the day of the entrance exam.”

“Yeah, I did ! Did you see it?”

“I don’t think so, it was cold. I mean, is it okay to do something like that?”

“No, it’s not okay. That’s why it’s an unauthorized guerrilla live performance.”

“You’re still doing that kind of thing even though you’re a college student !?”

Endo kun opened his mouth in exasperation.

Let me tell you a story.

The beginning of my acquaintance with Endo kun goes back to when I was a sophomore in high school.

It all started with a guerrilla live performance by the light music club. It was Nobuhiko’s idea, of course.

It was a lot of fun, but as expected, the student council ordered us to cancel it after the first song because it was unauthorized. It was Endo kun, who was a member of the student council, who put a stop to us at that time.

Since then, Endo kun complained that the music was too loud, that we had to be on time for school dismissal, and that Yua should not wear makeup.

Of course, Endo kun was completely right, so we accepted his complaints, but it was no fun to leave him to his own devices, so all the Lyconess started getting into trouble as revenge.

And what do you think, it was so much fun…….

Endo kun is a serious guy, so he responded to each and every one of our ridicule.

He was very responsive to our mangling, or rather, he was very easy to tinker with.

In other words, he was being used as a toy by Lyconess.

Of course, this was within the limits of bullying.

Three days in a row he would ask, [Did you get a haircut?] or [Lend me your umbrella !] or []Let’s go out to eat now !] when the committee chairman had a stomach ache.

The best response was when Yua was giving him a piggy ride and flirting with him.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?””

I asked him.

At that time, the chairman’s face turned bright red and,

“I don’t need a girlfriend because I have studying to do !”

He insisted. Of course, he was very careful about me and Yua’s flirting.

…..Ah, it’s like I miss it, but it’s painful.

Well, Endo kun and I have a close relationship.

“Hey, Endo kun.”

“What is it?”

“There’s going to be a drinking party at Lyconess right now. Do you want to go?”

“We just arrived at the university, right? I’m underage, so please don’t invite me to drink ! I don’t want to go to that kind of hellish drinking party !”

Hell is a rude word.

“Just kidding, just kidding !”

“If you were serious, you’d be in serious trouble……”

“Since Lyconess is broken out, the three of us won’t be getting involved anymore.”


Endo kun’s eyes widened.

“Broken out…..that’s a lie, right?”

Maybe it’s because I’m always joking, so it’s hard to believe me right away. Lyconess is probably not a place where he has fond memories. But perhaps because they were all familiar faces, it seemed like it was information he couldn’t throw away.

“That’s true. It was around November of last year.”

“So you and Matsuyama san broke up?”

“We did. There were a lot of things that happened.”

“I see…… I’m sorry to hear that. You stopped playing in the band, and I feel like you’re not my senior anymore.”

The expression on his face, with both eyes narrowed and downcast, suggested that he was seriously concerned about me. 

“I’ve decided to form a new band even though I’ve quit Lyconess.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. I’m still in the process of gathering members. We will probably perform at this year’s festival, so please come and see us then.”

“Haa, I understand. You should do your best. You can’t cause trouble for people, you know? If the guerrilla live performance is not good, the campus might punish you.”

“You’re as serious as ever.”

I’m glad that he is concerned about me, though. It’s a pleasure to be a senior and junior again with him. In many ways.

*Michio Side

“Haa…..I never thought I would see that guy again……”

I entered the classroom just before the start of the day and sighed as I took an empty seat in the back of the room. Most of the seats were occupied, and the professor was preparing to hand out handouts at his desk.

Kobayakawa Kingo…..senpai.

Honestly, he’s a troublesome senior.

He’s a strange senior who has been annoying me for a long time and enjoys my reactions.

But the annoying interactions are all silly jokes, not malicious verbal abuse. But I get tired of reacting to every single one of them.

So it is better not to meet them.

But in college…well, even in high school, I didn’t have any friends, so he was pretty much the only person I knew.

I am happy to meet such a senior… I?

I don’t like or dislike Kobayakawa senpai. If I had to say so, I’d say he’s annoying. But he does things that are typical of a senior.

He let me copy past papers for regular exams, and gave me all the problem books and preparation notebooks for the university entrance exam. It was annoying to be forced to be so patronizing, but thanks to him, I was able to make great progress in my studies.

Still…..the hassle factor still wins out, I guess.

As long as I can live a safe student life without attracting attention, that’s fine.

He is someone I don’t really understand.

“Shoot, I’m late ! Endo kun, is there a seat next to you?”

I was asked by a girl who came in from the rear entrance just as the school day started.

Come to think of it, I knew one of them.

“Y-yeah, it’s free…..Azekura san.”

I know it’s awkward, but my voice naturally rises.

Just hearing that voice made my heart beat faster and my face heated up.


Sitting next to me was Azekura Ari san. She was the girl I was in the same group with at the orienteering group work for new students held at the beginning of last week. Thanks to her kindness, even though I am not good at socializing, I was able to get used to the situation and I really appreciate it.

When I think of her, I feel a bitterness in my heart.

“Azekura san. You’re in a good mood today. Did something good happen?”

For some reason, Azekura san was smiling as she took out her writing utensils. I really wanted to know the reason for her cute expression that made me want to keep looking at her.

She was not suspicious that I was observing her, but rather spoke openly, as if to say that she had listened carefully.

“You notice? Actually, I got an OK from the person I was asking to be a band member !”

A white porcelain peeked out from her rouged lips. I could see the extent of his happiness from his big smile. I was also happy, even though it had nothing to do with me.

So  she is in a band, too? I wonder if everyone wants to be involved in such flashy activities as a college student.

“That’s good to hear. Do you think they’ll be able to start a band?”

“Yeah ! We’ve already secured a guitarist and drummer. I’ll be the bass vocalist, so I think we can make it as a three-piece.”

That’s a dawn light. I’m sure Azekura san will enjoy her college life.

But there is one thing that suddenly bothers me.

“Is the person who said yes a man?”

“No, it’s a woman. Why?”

She tilts her head like a puppy. I couldn’t stand it and pretended to look at the blackboard.

“No, I was just asking.”

What do I really care about.

Well, whatever. I’m going to ask Azekura san out today.

“H-hey. Azekura san.”

I plucked up the courage to ask her out. Azekura san’s eyes turned toward me as I twirled the pen in my small palm.

“Um…..I’d like to have lunch with you after the lecture if you’d like.”

My heart is pulsing the hardest ever.

This is the first time in my life that I have invited someone to eat with me. And the other person is a girl…

“Sorry, I’m supposed to eat lunch outside with the band.”

“Oh, I see.”

Azekura san apologize. I had the courage to ask her out, but she turned me down without a second thought.

I knew it was a long shot.

Azekura san is friends with most of the students in her department because of her cheerful personality, and I am just one of them.

I’m just a mob character in the story of the heroine, Azekura Ari san.

So please don’t look at me like that.

I asked you out because I wanted to see your smile more.

I… you so much…….

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