Episode 17 – When you wake up in the morning and find yourself in a different place than where you slept, you should suspect disease




“Ara, you’re early. Good morning, dear.”

“Good morning, Ren kun.”

“Good morning…why am I sleeping on the futon? I was supposed to sleep on a chair.”

Why would I sleep on the chair and wake up on the futon? I was worried that I had some kind of disease, but that worry was soon cleared up.

“Why do you want to sleep in the chair so badly, it was hard work you know, carrying you up to the futon?”

“Why…it was good for me to sleep on the chair…”

“Then I’m worried about Ren-kun’s body ♡”

“I made sure you were asleep before I moved you dear.”

“I put up with it! I can’t sleep like that in a place where there are other girls! I’ll attack you!”

“You put up with me so well…”

“He praised me! Thank god! I didn’t attack you, Ren kun!

“Please don’t say you’re going to attack me! And…”

““Hmm? What’s wrong?””

“Why are you two on me?”

Yes, I’ve been going through this, but the two of them are riding me, covering me.

It’s really bad, because their breasts are on my body, and moreover, they are pressing against me, and I’m reacting where I shouldn’t be reacting!

“Oh, um, can you two stop pushing against each other?”


“I don’t mean what, but your breasts…”

“What’s wrong with breast?”

“Are you having a morning energy?”

“What are you going to do? Shall we take a break from school and do it?”

“Can you wait a minute? I’m going to go take a shower.”

“That’s okay! You don’t have to take a shower either, Shinju.”

“Eh? I smell sweaty….”

“No! That’s not what I meant!”

It’s been mentally tough since this morning! I’m really afraid that one day I’ll lose. If I don’t tighten my grip on myself, I’m afraid I’ll be swept away by accident.

I really feel like I’m going to be swept away someday…

[After all, those two are the most dangerous. I have to make them give up as soon as possible…]

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