“I would like you to allow Towa-san to stay for one more day! Please do so!”

Yuhei-san laughed and said

“I see. Kirito-kun. I understand your feelings well. It’s just that,…… I’m a little troubled,…… or puzzled.”

The first time I looked up, Yuhei san was asking for Yumi san’s agreement as well.

“You think so too, don’t you, Mom?”
“Yes, I do. I’m a little surprised myself. But if you think about the reason why Kirito-kun came here, …… well. What do you think Towa?”

Towa says, smiling in response to Yumi san’s words.

“I was a little surprised too, but then that means he will give me more words than this, so I am really looking forward to it now.”

W-What are you three talking about? ……

“Oh, um,…… I don’t understand your conversation from a while ago,…… I’m the one who’s …… Oh, I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?”

Yuhei-san laughs at my words.

“Hahaha. I’m fine with it. And, Kirito-kun. We thought you were going to say, ‘Please let me marry Towa,’ from the way you said it.”

N-No! I’m planning to get married, but I didn’t come here to get their permission to do so.

“Haha, no, from the flow of that line, “permission to stay over” was a bit unexpected.”
“I guess so. But since Kirito-kun came to ask for permission for Towa to stay at your house for one more day, I thought for sure that he would.”

I chuckle a little at their words.

“Fufufu. But when Kirito-kun really comes to get your ‘approval of marriage,’ I’m sure he will give you words that will touch my heart even more than now, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Towa-san next to me looked at me and smiled.

I felt a little awkward, but proceeded with the conversation.

“T-That. Will there be permission for Towa-san to stay at our house for one more day? Of course I promise not to do anything that would betray the two of you.”

Yuhei-san laughs and replies to my words.


Did I mishear something?
Not in this stream!
No way!
Did I do something wrong!

Yuhei san’s words made Towa’s eyes widen next to him.
I looked at Yuumi.

“Fufufu. So …… that’s how it is.”

She was smiling with a knowing look.

“U-Uh …… sorry. If you say no, does that mean that you will not allow Towa san to stay at our house. Is that what you are saying?”
“Yes, that’s right. Kirito-kun. And you are going home right now.”


Smiling and laughing, Yuhei san told me to get out of his house!

“Mouu, Dad. If you are too mean to him, I feel sorry for Kirito-kun.”

Yumi san scolded Yuhei san.

“Hahaha. Sorry, sorry. Kirito-kun’s reaction was so funny.”

Yuhei san apologizes with a laugh.
Then, Yuhei san turns to me and says

“Kirito-kun. You are staying at my house tonight.”

Yuhei san’s words startled me and Towa san

“If you are worried about your sister, you can bring her with you. I can’t authorize Towa to stay at your house, but I can authorize you to stay at ours, okay?”
“Haha …… I see. ……”

I was beaten. Oh, so that’s what this is all about.
I’m not sure if that’s what they meant when they told me to go home right now, but they meant that I should go home to prepare for my overnight stay.

“Yuhei san. You are too mean.”

I said and stared at Yuhei san with half-open eyes.
This much will be forgiven.

“Hahaha. I’m sorry, sorry. I was a little bit mean to you, because you had a part of me that was taken advantage of. So, what do you think?”
“Yes. My parents are away again tonight, and I am worried about leaving Misuzu alone at home. If you can take that into consideration as well, I see no reason to refuse.”

After I said that much, I bowed my head to Yuhei san

“Please take care of me this evening.”
“Yes. I’m sure you have some places you want to take Towa, don’t you? Get some things ready and come back here again.”
“I’ll prepare a nice dinner for you. Tonight we’ll have that meaty hamburger Towa loves.”
“M-Mother! Don’t say anything else!”

I’m soooo excited !!!!

“Well then, Towa san. May I ask you to come with me for a moment?”
“Yes. I’ll go with you.”

I stood up from my chair and bowed to them.

“Thank you for a delicious lunch. I will come again.”
“Yes. I’ll be waiting for you, Kirito-kun.”
“Take care of yourself, Towa.”

We had such an exchange and left the Kitajima family for the time being.

“So where are you planning to go?”

Towa asks me as she steps out of the house.

“I think we’re going to my place first. After that, I want to do some shopping at the supermarket.”
“You want to go shopping at the supermarket?”
“Yes. It’s cheaper than buying things at the convenience store. I’m thinking of buying about 20 drinks and snacks …… around 20 chocolate bars.”
“T-Twenty bars?!”
“Yes. It’s a lot of money, but it’s a place that’s been good to me, and I don’t get to spend money very often.”

As we walk along talking about such things, we reach the bus stop.

Yes. I’m on time for my appointment at this time.

“T-that…… so much shopping, where are you going?”

Absolutely no idea. ……

I laugh and say to Towa who says so.

“It’s the field where the youth baseball team, whose coach I owe the most to, practices.”

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