“Well, Kirito kun. Shall we have the ‘best’ answer you brought to me?”
“…… Yes. Masaki san”

I fell asleep in Rinne’s room for a few hours.
When I woke up, it was pitch black.

“Guhaa, ……, I’ve done it ……!”

I woke up, but Rinne was still asleep next to me.

“Hey, wake up, Rinne. It’s not evening, it’s nighttime.”

I shook Rinne’s body.

“You have the nerve to disturb my sleep. ……”

She opened her eyes

“It’s already 19 o’clock.”
“Haaa……? That can’t be……Ah yeah”

Rinne checked the time on her bedside phone and sighed a little.

Then, just in time, the door to her room slammed open.

“Ara, you’re finally awake. You were both sleeping so well that I left you alone. I didn’t think you would be sleeping until this late.”

Shizuru san peeked into the room saying that.

“Kirito-kun. What about dinner? Do you want to eat at my place?”
“……Ah, what should I do?”

I thought about it for a bit and then looked at my phone.


[I’ve already talked to them so that you won’t be absent without notice. Please call me when you have resolved the issue. I’ll be waiting for you.]

A message from Kitajima san and

[I know you missed school. I also know where you are. Please call me when everything is finished.]

There also a message from Misuzu

I said

[I have made up with Rinne for now. We are going to have dinner at her house. It may be late at night, but please let me call]

I sent a message to Kitajima san

[I was able to talk with Rinne. There were some misunderstandings between us. If Misuzu is okay with it, why don’t we have dinner at Rinne’s house?]

I sent a message to Misuzu


[I will wait for you no matter how late it is. Please let me hear your answer.]

Kitajima-san replied

[Haaa…… I understand. I’ll hold back everything I want to say and go to Rinne-chan’s house for now.]

I confirmed it and waited for her in front of the room.

After confirming this, I asked Shizuru san who was waiting for me in front of my room

“I would like to join you. I know it’s short notice, but may Misuzu join us?”
“Fufufu. I’m okay with a little more because today’s curry is the one I made ‘yesterday’. Rinne chan didn’t get to eat it.”

Saying so, Shizuru san laughed mischievously.

Rinne looked a little apologetic.

“I-I’m sorry. Mom.”

She apologized.

“Fufufu. Well then, you two, please come downstairs.”

After saying that, Shizuru-san turned on her heel and said to me as if she remembered

“Ah, ……, yes, yes. Kirito-kun.”
“Yes. What is it, Shizuru san?”

She laughed and said to me with a question mark on her face.

“There’s Masaki-san downstairs, you know? He’s looking forward to the ‘best’ answer you’ll give him.”
“…… yes.”

I-I knew he was coming back

I was feeling a little melancholy, but I had to talk anyway! I decided to get into the spirit of things.

And when I went downstairs, a stern-looking man was already sitting at the living room table.

“Good evening, Masaki san. It’s been a while.”

I said and bowed my head to him.

“Good evening, Kirito-kun. Hahaha. I was a little surprised that you could share the bed with Rinne even though you are in high school.”

He said that with a laugh.

But his eyes are not smiling. ……

“I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that today’s …… that …….”
“Hey, come on, don’t tease Kirito-kun too much, we’re going to talk about this later, right?”

Shizuru san, holding a plate of curry, scolded Masaki san.

“Yes, you were right. Kirito-kun, I seem to have gotten a little ahead of myself, I’m sorry.”
“N-no. Please don’t worry about it. ……”

When I say so.


The intercom rang.

I looked at the screen and saw Misuzu, who had changed into her loungewear.

Thank goodness you’re here.

I let out a little breath of relief and walked to the front door.

Then, I unlocked the door with a click.

I open the front door.

“Good evening, Onii chan. Did you sleep well?”
“Yeah, I slept so well, it’s late.”

When I replied, Misuzu let out a sigh.

“Haa ……sleeping with Rinne chan until this hour. I’d like to hear the reason for that later. For now, I’ll just enjoy Shizuru-san’s cooking without asking any questions.”
“Hahaha. I’m sorry. I’ll definitely tell you everything. I’ll tell you everything without hiding anything.”

At my words, Misuzu shook her head and went inside.

And when she entered the living room

“Excuse me for interrupting you all of a sudden. Thank you for your hospitality.”

She bowed her head.

“Fufufu. It’s all right, Misuzu chan. Because you are our ‘blood family.’”
“……Eh? What does that mean?”

To Misuzu’s surprise, Shizuru san laughs again, this time in a teasing way

“Fufufu. Rinne said that. I like it very much.”

Shizuru san said and went back to the back of the kitchen.
Misuzu whispered in my ear.

“Hey, what was that about?”
“I’ll explain …… this later too.”

When I replied, Misuzu sighed.

“Haa…… what happened without my knowledge,……?”

I’m sorry, Misuzu. I’ll talk about it later.

And so, dinner at the Minamino household ended peacefully and ” in appearance ” with a mixture of chit-chat.
Sakurai’s families’ parents are stuck in work today as well, so I made sure to let them know.

After dinner, when my stomach had settled down

I was summoned to Masaki’s room.

“Masaki san, how much do you know?”
“Well. You confessed your feelings to our Rinne, and she rejected your confession. The reason is that Rinne thinks of you as a ‘little brother’ and does not see you as a ‘man. That’s as far as it goes.”

Masaki-san flashes a sharp look at me.
I answer without running away from Masaki san’s gaze.

“Yes, that’s right. And the ‘best’ answer I bring is that after making up with Rinne, we should have a relationship on the premise of marriage. It was.”
“Hm. But you said that, didn’t you? Bring the ‘best’ answer, not the ‘best.’”

I shook my head.

“Yes. The reason is that I already have a relationship with a different woman in my heart, not Rinne, and I want to get married to her. Because a certain woman thinks so. The ‘best’ answer is to make up with Rinne firmly and then tell Masaki san how I feel.”
“I see. As long as you can’t have a marriage relationship with Rinne, it’s not the best answer ‘for me’, right?.”

The reason Masaki san told me about Rinne’s past without concealment was.

[I believed that I would be able to make Rinne happy.]

That’s how much Masaki-san had placed his trust and expectation in me.

And I can no longer live up to that trust.

Since I cannot meet him with the “best” answer.
I will continue to stay by Rinne’s side in a new form as the “best” answer.

That’s what I’m thinking.

“The woman who made you so determined. Kitajima Towa, I would like to meet her too.”
“Of course. I will have her meet Masaki-san and Shizuru-san as well. Because, it is natural to introduce your marriage partner to your ‘blood parents’, isn’t it?”

When I said that, Masaki-san smiled broadly.

“Ahaha. I see, you want to say that we are ‘blood family’ even if we can’t have a family form called ‘marriage.”
“Yes, that’s right, ‘father’.”

I was just saying that.

“You have no right to call me ‘father’!”

He replied happily

“Oh, that’s it. You told me a long time ago that Masaki-san wanted to say that line, didn’t you?”
“You remembered it well. Well, that’s okay. The possibility of you and Rinne getting married is not zero yet.”

Masaki san put his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m not giving up and waiting for the day when I will be called ‘father-in-law’ instead of ‘father’”
“Haha …… I don’t understand that until it’s in kanji, that”

(お義父さん and お父さん, different meaning, almost the same pronunciation)

I know what he means, though.

I was thinking about that, and then I thought about how I’m going to have to explain it to Misuzu at home afterwards. ……

I was thinking about it.

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