In the living room where Kirito was no longer in the room, I was thinking a little.

[See you later, Rinne, ‘Sis.’]

I can’t get those words out of my ears.

Besides, he was …… crying.

I think the last time I saw Kirito cry was in the summer when I was in middle school.

The last summer tournament of junior high school.
He, who was on the baseball team, was pitching and hit a rubber ball to an opponent’s head. And after he came home from the game, he was standing in front of his house and weeping.

He said that he only hit the rubber ball, which was the size of a toy compared to a basketball, through his helmet, and that the opponent laughed at him and said, “Don’t worry about it”

What did I need to be so concerned about?

I didn’t want to see my ‘brother’ so pathetic, so I think I gave him a pep talk.

“What are you so cringing about, you pathetic! Get a grip! It’s not cool for you to be so gloomy!”

I think I said something like that.

He looked at me with surprised eyes, but then laughed.
I was relieved that he was back on his feet. I was relieved.

After that, he was studying hard, not playing baseball.

To go to the same high school as me. I knew that.
I was happy to know that he was my “big brother who loves his sister.’

Then, he improved his academic performance from the summer and was accepted to the high school.
I am sure that his diligence in club activities was also appreciated.
The reason why he always loses in the first round is not because of Kirito, but because his teammates are too poor.

That’s right. I “rightly” evaluate him.

I called him a “bad brother” there, but I think he’s a pretty good brother.

Brother …… yes, brother.

I remember what he said to me.

“….Rinne, you know. I wanted to be a ‘lover’, not a ‘brother’. I wanted to go on a date, not shopping. I wanted to walk hand in hand, arm in arm, hug and kiss each other.”
“I thought all my firsts were with you. I thought all your firsts were mine, too. We would become lovers, get married, become husband and wife, enjoy our life together, have children, fight with you and do our best to raise them, and when they got married and left home, we would live happily together again and grow old.”
“That’s how I wanted to be with you until we become old men and women. My life span is so short, I think I’ll be the one who dies first. At that time, when I see your first tears, which you have never cried before, I will die with the satisfaction that I have had all your firsts. I fantasized about a lifetime like that.”

That’s the first time I heard that guy’s desire.

That’s what he was thinking. I thought.

I was a little surprised, but I didn’t feel bad about it.

Suddenly, I pictured myself kissing him.

I thought…… isn’t so bad.

It makes me nauseous to even contemplate, let alone imagine, kissing a man other than him.

When I see him kiss a woman who isn’t me …… Well, let’s see if I can imagine Kitajima san to do it. ……

It’s …… infuriating

I don’t know if the infuriating thing is that my brother was taken away from me or what.

But compared to family ties, a girlfriend is just a plaything.

Even if Kitajima-san were to become Kirito’s girlfriend.

[So what? We are family by blood.]

I don’t know why Kirito is crying.

I don’t understand why Kirito was crying when I think about it. I don’t understand it at all.

Was he shocked at the part where he was called “bad”?

Well, yes. It would have been a shock to hear that from her “sister” after all the hard work he had put in.

“Ha …… can’t help it. Maybe I should follow up a little.”

I decided to send a message to Kirito as soon as I had finished with my thoughts.

I’m going to apologize for calling him a “bad brother” and send him a message saying, “You’re the best brother out there, be proud of yourself.” I thought

With that in mind, I picked up my phone and saw that I had one message. I picked up my phone and saw that I had one message.

“Oh, how unusual at this hour. Who is it, …… Kirito?”

I opened the app and checked the contents of the message.

“What …………, why …………?”

There were words on it that I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“From tomorrow, I’m going to go to school with Kitajima Towa I will pick her up at the station, so Rinne and I won’t be going to school together anymore. So you don’t have to wait for me.”

“W-What do you mean! Explain!”

I asked for an explanation, and my reply was never read by Kirito…….

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1 year ago

The heck is wrong with her? Has she never read a romance? Never saw a movie?

Thanks for the translation. I really appreciate your hard work!

1 year ago
Reply to  Bunnybacon

Immature, she is what, 15yo? Some people are so sheltered that aren’t ready dor romance even in their 20. Still kid, don’t waste time on her.

Kosher & Halal trader
Kosher & Halal trader
1 year ago

Wtf is wrong with her head

1 year ago

What a dumbass…..i feel bad for her náive thought…..but I’ll still root for the other girl