Episode 22 – After hearing my master’s words, I decided to do my best as the next student council president!



“This is why I am promoting you as the next student body president.”

Kirisaki-san was the first to react to Master’s words.

“Ahhhh. Honestly speaking, if it’s for a reason I don’t agree with, I’ll never accept it! I thought.”
“Kirisaki-san ……”

As she said this, she turned to me and smiled.

“I think if I became student body president, I would have been like, ‘Everyone follow me!’ But you know, that’s only possible if you have a stopper.”
“Indeed. ……”

Kirisaki-san shook her head with her hands outstretched as if to say, “Good grief.”

It reminded me of yesterday’s scene heading to the entrance ceremony location and today’s scene heading to the cafeteria.

“I know things will go well if things go in the right direction, but sometimes, like at the arcade, even I can make mistakes. I need to be able to express my opinion properly at those times.”
“….. Kirisaki-san”

She laughs a little regretfully as she says this.

“If you are above me in position, you can be my stopper as I tend to run amok. I will support you in the practical aspects and self-confidence, and you will be my stopper as I run forward. Yes, That would be ideal!”
“I-I object!”


Kitajima-san objected to her words.

“I-it is …… my role to support Sakurai-kun! I can’t give it to Kirisaki-san,……!”

I felt my face heat up at her words.

“Haha …… have I ignited the jealousy of a maiden in love?’

What a thing to say, Kirisaki-san.

“Even just Minamino-san alone is a strong enemy. …… Please don’t want even Kirisaki-san join in the fight. ……”
“I’m going to be honest with you. I think Sakurai kun is a good guy, but I don’t think I want get in between the two of you. ……”

I laugh bitterly.

“Besides, I’ve seen the horror of the ‘muddle’ in my own people. ……”

Kirisaki-san said and turned his gaze to Master and Kurose-senpai.

“Hm? Oh, you mean …… us. It may look like a ‘muddle’ from the side, but we’re doing pretty well even with this, you know?”

The master said this with a goofy grin, and Kurose-senpai looked a little dissatisfied.

“Hee….. Yuto-kun, you think so, don’t you?”
“…… Eh?”

Kurose-senpai quickly approached the master.


They kissed right in front of us.

Wha!t? What are these people suddenly doing?

We were astonished. After a little while, Kurose-senpai pulled her lips away from Master.

“……You’re just trying to make it look like you’re doing well, right?”
“……Yes. Sorry.”

Kurose-senpai, a senpai who is a mature adult. Kurose-senpai’s sneer was like an adult’s sex appeal.

It was an act that made me feel like I had a better understanding of the power relationship between the two.

I mean, Master is dating Fujisaki Akari-senpai, right?
Why is he kissing Kurose-senpai? ……

The three of us were shown a shocking sight, and the master said to us with a bitter smile.

“Well, I don’t know if I should be the one to tell you this,……”

“You guys don’t want this to happen.”

“”We won’t!!!!””

Our three voices filled the student council chambers.

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