Episode 12 – I don’t know what I would have done without Misuzu




I open the locked front door.

How long have I been outside? I wonder if I was outside ……

Maybe a minute. It could be ten minutes. Thirty minutes……Not an hour. ……

Haha…… my sense of time is fuzzy……

“Welcome back Onii chan! Mooo! You’re late, I’m worried about you. …………”
“…… I’m home, Misuzu.”

I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find a way.
I wonder if I’m …… smiling.

“……What’s wrong, Onii chan? You’re soaking wet,…….”
“I just came back from a visit to Rinne’s house.”
“R-Rin chan’s home…..It’s next door. Why are you so wet…”

I take off my shoes and go up to the house.

My shoes are soaked to the inside. When I step on the floor, I leave footprints.

Then, as I’m about to walk down the hallway, I …… fall.

Slam! And my big figure rolls down the hallway.

Thank God……I would have died of guilt if I had gotten Misuzu involved.

“W-Wait! O-onii chan!! Are you okay!!?”

I say to Misuzu, who runs up to me in worry.

“……, I think I’m all right.”

I was so worried about her that I asked her if she was okay. I was so happy to see her.

Misuzu must have sensed something in my appearance. She asked me

“What happened with Rinne chan?”
“It’s not a good story, ……. Is that okay?”

To my words, Misuzu shook her head.

Let’s talk about it. I’ll tell her everything. I just hope Misuzu doesn’t hate Rinne after that. ……

After removing my soaked uniform and taking a light shower, I slip into the underwear and pajamas that Misuzu had prepared for me.

When I went to the living room, Misuzu had prepared drinks for me.

“Here you go. Warm lemonade. You stayed outside until you were soaking wet, didn’t you? You mustn’t catch a cold.”
“Thank you, Misuzu.”

I sat down on a chair and took a sip of lemonade.
Warm ……

A flurry….. and tears fell on the desk.

No good. My tear gland is loose……

“I’m sorry …… for being such a pathetic man ……”
“No problem Onii chan.”
“…… what?”

Misuzu gently forgave the pathetic man who shed tears even in high school.

“I’m not going to tell you what to do,think the fact that you cry in front of me shows that you trust me. I’m happy for you, Onii chan”
“……I see. Thank you, Misuzu.”

I was saved by those words.

“………… Rinne dumped me.”

I slowly began to talk to Misuzu.

Slowly, I began to talk to Misuzu.

“She told me at the beginning. I’m not a childhood friend, I’m family.”
“Yeah. Rinne told me, too, that Onii chan is her ‘precious family.”

Important …… family

That’s right. If she thinks of me as her blood brother, then that’s what I’m supposed to be. ……

“If that ‘family’ was a ‘husband’ I thought I still had a chance, I could do my best. I had hope. ……”
“…… Yeah, but it wasn’t like that”

I shook my head at those words.
Then I tell Misuzu.

“It’s like I was the ‘bad brother’ to her.”

Bang !!!!

Misuzu tapped the table and stood up.

“Where are you going?”
“I’m going to see Rinne chan!!”

She seemed to be serious, so I stopped her.

“Why! I’m not convinced!”

I had never seen Misuzu so angry.

“I don’t want you to hate Rinne.”

At those words, Misuzu sat down on the chair as if she had given up.

‘You’re an idiot,…… you’re too kind,……Onii chan,…….”
“I’m sorry. But I mean it.”

I continued to Misuzu.

“I’m such a stupid, pathetic, uncool, lousy guy, but there’s this girl who told me she likes me like this.”
“………… what?”

At my words, Misuzu opened her mouth.

“When I was in fifth grade. I helped a girl who was being bullied. They hid her writing utensils and scribbled graffiti on her gym clothes. I couldn’t stand to watch. I couldn’t turn a blind eye to it. So I told them to quit doing that, and I ran to help them.”

“The kid then transferred to a different school because of a relocation tangle. Instead, I was about to be bullied, and Rinne snapped and hit them. That’s how it all ended.”
“I know about that. Onii chan is about to be bullied! It is well known that Rinne chan was screaming that onii chan was going to be bullied.”

Rinne is known to have cried out, “My brother is going to be bullied! I’m sure it was unforgivable for an ‘older sister’ to do that. ……
Now I can better understand why she beat them up.

“The girl I saved at that time is called Kitajima Towa san. I met her again today.”
“…………I see”

Misuzu rolls her eyes, and I continue.

“It seems we went to the same high school, Kaiho High School. We are in the same class and sit next to each other. And Kitajima san told me about this.”

[From the time I was in elementary school to this day, there has not been a day that I have forgotten you. You may say that my love is heavy, but this is me.]
[Kitajima Towa loves Sakurai Kirito kun with all her heart. Please make me your girlfriend.]

“…… I got a confession like that the day after Rinne dumped me.”

Misuzu is silent. I ask her.

“Is it ‘disloyal’ to fall in love with Kitajima san?”
“…… Eh?”

I continue to Misuzu, who looks up.

“It’s not like we’re going to become lovers right away or anything. But, you know, the day after Rinne dumped me, a very pretty girl confesses her feelings for me, and I try to love with her on the premise of becoming her boyfriend, that’s disloyal …….”
“It’s not disloyal !!”
“………… Misuzu.”

The unexpectedly loud voice startles me.

“Absolutely not disloyal!!! If anyone says that to my brother now, I will never forgive them!”
“Misuzu ……

“…………I like you, Onii chan”
“………… what?”

Misuzu said and flusteredly laughed.

“Absolutely not disloyal!!! If anyone says that to my brother now, I will never forgive them!”
“Misuzu ……

“…………I like you, Onii chan”
“………… what?”

Misuzu said and flusteredly laughed.

“If we weren’t related by blood, I’d marry you. I love you that much. But you know, I’m your sister, so I can’t marry my brother.”
“You used to say that a lot, you know. [I’m going to marry my brother].”

I say this with a laugh.

“Next time. Bring Kitajima-san.”
“Yeah. I understand.”

I shake my head at Misuzu’s words.

“I’ll see if she’s the right woman to marry my brother on my behalf.”

Misuzu smiled as she said this.

“Come on, brother, fall in love. With that Kitajima-san.”
“Is it okay?”
“Of course I’m sure. And I’m going to make Rinne chan regret it.”

Misuzu nodded at my words.

“The fish that got away was big! It was a mistake not to make my brother her lover! It’s too late for regrets now! Let her think so!”
“Haha. Yes, I’ll be such a good guy that she’ll regret it.”

Misuzu laughs at my words.

“What are you talking about, big brother!”

“My big brother is the coolest, most awesome guy in the world!”

Those words brought tears to my eyes for I don’t know how many times already.

Thank you, Misuzu.

I’m so glad you’re here. ……

I’m going to …… love Kitajima Towa san

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