“Haaa…… I’m so tired. I’m going to bed.”
“Haa!? What about school!!”

I shouted at Rinne, who was lying down to sleep with the covers over her head.

“Of course I’m going to take the day off.”
“It’s going to affect your grades …….”
“You are an idiot. The top class of the school year, I have to take at most one day off, it will not affect my grades. I have more important things to do.”
“W-What’s more important?”

When I tilted my head, Rinne said in a serious voice.

“It’s time to sleep. I’ve lost two days because of you. I am still growing up. I need to sleep for that.
I can’t let you widen the gap between me and Kitajima Towa any further”
“I-I don’t think so, but haven’t you given up hope yet?”

Rinne says in response to my words.

“It’s not a matter of course! Fujisaki Shuri said those things, but I’ll never admit it!”
“Give it up! Your ‘Breasts’ ain’t gonna grow no more!”

Rinne, bouncing off the futon, glares at me.

“Rude! I’m only a freshman in high school! These three years have been a period of growth for me!”
“How can you change in three years of high school when you barely changed in three years of junior high school! Give it up!”
“I don’t want to! I want to be at least as good as Kitajima Towa.”
“You’re asking too much …… No, but that was really nice. ……”

I remember that soft feeling of being hugged twice.

“…… you’re not remembering the ‘feel’, are you?”
“Well, I’ve had you on the back of my bike a couple of times, but I didn’t feel anything. That was …… the first time I felt it.”
“H-Haaa! That’s not true! It’s solid! Just ‘a little’ not enough right now!”
“Don’t you dare laugh at me! Okay! Stand right there!”
“…… what?”

I stood up like Rinne told me to and she got up from the bed and stood in front of me.
She got up from the bed and stood in front of me.

Rinne hugged me saying so.

It’s not soft ……!
It hurts! It’s kind of bony!
You should eat more meat!

“It’s not soft at all! It’s so painful!!What you need is meat, not sleep!”
“Haaa! What do you think this beautiful girl’s embrace is!”
“A beautiful girl? Hahaha”
“Don’t you dare laugh at me!”

I’ve seen your face for ten years.
I don’t get nervous about your face anymore.

“……Ha, that’s enough.”

Rinne said that and went back into bed.
And then, she put the covers over her head and said.

“I’m going to bed.”

I’m getting kind of sleepy when she said that.

I was absentminded.

“What, you look sleepy too.”
“Well, yeah. I haven’t slept either.”

When I said that, Rinne lifted up the futon that was covering her and said

“Come on, why don’t you come over here?”
“Haa!? What kind of nonsense are you talking!”

Rinne was taken aback by those words.

“What are you talking about? When we were in elementary school, we used to sleep side by side on this bed, remember?”
“When we were in elementary school! Now we are high school students!”

Rinne smiles at me, seeing that I am in a great panic.

“Ara? Kirito. You said I was a ‘stranger,’ and now you think I’m a ‘woman’?”

As if enjoying my reaction, Rinne says.

“I’ve never seen you as a man.”

Y-You say that line now!

“Come on, get your ass over here. I’m cold.”
“……Haa, okay, I get it. I’m not sure Kitajima Towa-san is the best person to sleep with, but sleeping with you, with your poor breast, won’t move my troubles one bit.”

With that said, I’m going to get into Rinne’s futon.


I can’t. Something smells good!

I feel like something is being scraped off!

“Ara? There’s a cuddle pillow in here, isn’t there?”
“Haa!? ……!!”

Rinne hugs me from behind.
Unlike before. I feel a little softness.
Ah, this person even locks my legs!

“Good night”
Saying that, Rinne immediately began to sleep soundly.

“…… seriously?”

Yes, this person is a crazy good sleeper when she sleeps with me. ……

“Haaa…… I should go to sleep too,……”

It’s less damaging to your rational mind than staying awake, right?

I thought about that and closed my eyes.

“Kirito-kun and Rinne-chan…… have made up?”

It was the first time I saw Rinne so exhausted.

But I knew Kirito-kun would come soon after all.

After seeing the expression on his face, I felt relieved.
But just now it seemed like there was some kind of argument going on upstairs. ……

“Let’s see what’s going on. ……”

I go in front of Rinne-chan’s room and knock on the door.


“Rinne-chan? Kirito-kun?”

There was no response from inside.
I wonder what’s wrong?

It was so noisy just now. ……

I opened the door out of curiosity.

Inside I found ……

“Ara ara…”

There they were, huddled together on the bed, sleeping.

It was like they were in elementary school again.

I guess they are more like “sister and brother” than “lovers” in this situation.

“Good night. Rinne chan, Kirito-kun.”

I said and closed the door

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