The time is past 22:00.

The three sisters returned home by train.

The inside of their room looked like this.

“–Yeah, yeah ! I got to meet my Yuuto Onii san ! He was just as kind as he used to be ! And, he ate my food deliciously !”

Mashiro is bouncing around in the living room, calling her mother to tell her about her day with a big smile on her face.

There were two shadows in the workroom, trying not to disturb the eldest daughter.

“Whoa, you’ve already started to draw a rough sketch.”

“Yeah, I wanted to draw while I still can.”

Kokono sits in a white Aeron chair, facing the LCD tablet for her illustration equipment.

A printed group photo of the family restaurant is placed on the desk.

“Even if you don’t, you’re trying to use Yuuto Nii’s role as a man, right? And, of all people, he’s the one who is supposed to be patting your head.”

“……N-not good?”

“No, no, I’m not complaining, but if you wanted him to do that, you could’ve just said so. You could be honest, okay? Because you have such a sweet atmosphere back there.”

“…..You’re noisy.”

“I don’t think it’s particularly noisy though.”

Kokono was often stroked on the head when she was little. Perhaps it is precisely because she herself remembers that, now she is trying to draw this composition.

“Isn’t that when you were praised for being ‘cute’? That’s what I thought.”

“……I won’t tell.”


The fact that she doesn’t deny it is a good sign.

“Kokono, If you draw that kind of thing, I’ll copy it and post it too. I have a composition I want to draw.”

“What kind of composition…..?”

“Feelings of guilty pleasure. The two sisters are secretly communicating with each other.”

“….I get it already.”

Kokono lowered her voice and turned her eyes.

Kokono was told by Miyu herself that she had received (secretly) Yuuto’s contact information.

Speaking of “guilty pleasure”, that’s about it.

“Of course, we’ll change the situation, but if we push for a secret relationship, don’t you think we’ll hit the jackpot?”

“If we hit the jackpot, would you draw something….naughty?”

“Huh !? Model is model, you can’t do that.”


Kokono averted her gaze at the obvious retort.

“W-well, well….I guess it can’t be helped if I’m in Kokono’s position, yeah? That’s what everyone expects of you.”

“…….The fans, I’m really troubled by all the pervert people……”

The third daughter shoots from the bottom of her heart without changing her facial expression, but even here, she still says [Huh? “What are you talking about?].

“Well, it’s because you’re so perverted that your comrades gathered around you.”

“I-I’m not…..”

“You are.”

“E-even if you say that, you’re the same Miyu Onee chan, you’ve been updating naughty things a lot lately….”

“I’ve been updating a lot, but it’s different from Kokono’s.”


It was at the point where such an argument was going on.

Footsteps approaching as if it were running down the hallway.

“–A-a fight !? Fighting is not good !”

She must have just finished a phone call with her mother. Mashiro appeared, her eyes wide and forward.

Standing in the middle of the doorway, the eldest daughter’s tiny figure stood out even more.

“No, we’re not fighting. We’re just playing with each other.”


“I’m glad to hear that ! ‘ve already started, Kokono !?”

“I am.”

Mashiro has the same reaction as Miyu. They were really similar to each other…..the three “professionals” have finally gathered in this room.

Pen name, Masshiro.

Twitto has 274,731 followers. Monthly memberships include 20,571 followers.

Pen name, Miyyu.

Twitto has 241,813 followers. Monthly memberships include 30,713.

Pen name Kokkono.

Twitto has 204,951 followers. Monthly memberships include 66,381.

The three sisters are well-known illustrators in the industry, each with over 200,000 followers, as they disclose in their profiles that they are working together.

And the reason there is such a difference in membership–is the difference in the number of R-18 submissions.

“Ah, are you trying to draw with Yuuto Onii san as your material?”

“You too, Mashiro Onee chan?”

“Yeah ! I’m also trying to draw a scene with Yuuto Onii san !”

“Hee. By the way, I’m planning to draw it too, so why don’t we all post it at the same time to get more impressions and to get followers? Like, “I reunited with my long-lost brother (1), (2), (3).”

“Sounds good !”

“……I agree.”

Guided by three illustrators with over 200,000 followers. The fact that this kind of approach can be taken so easily is the strength of these three sisters.

“Well, after that, if you want to draw erotica, you can draw it.”

“Eh !? You’re using Yuuto Onii san as your material, but you’re drawing something lewd !?”

“In Kokono’s case, if you don’t do that, wouldn’t it be impossible to meet the demand? Of course, you have to think about how to make it look like that.”



Hearing Mashiro’s response, which was as if she couldn’t finish the sentence, the three girls fell flat on their faces and turned red to their ears.

“B-but ! You know !? If Yuuto Onii san finds out about it, wouldn’t it be terrible !?”

“If he doesn’t find out, it’s fine…… If he sees our past drawings, it’s no good anyway…..”

“I mean, we’ve published each of our IDs on our profile, so if one person gets caught, we all get caught, right? Just really be careful with this one.”

“O-of course !”


If they had drawn only wholesome things, they could have told him proudly.

However, the content that they stepped into to expand their income and range is content.

The moment he finds out that the three of them are drawing that kind of illustration, that would make it impossible for them to face each other.

“C- come to think of it, Miyu Onee chan……”


“How was your insta post?”

It’s an embarrassing topic, so she went off the subject.

“Insta? Ah. I haven’t looked at it yet since I posted it.”

I guess she means how the response has been.

The second daughter pulls her phone out of her pocket and opens the app.



“What’s wrong……?”

The first and third daughters looked at Miyu, who rubbed her eyes, looked at the screen, rubbed her eyes again, and looked at the screen again.

“Y-you know…..? There’s something ridiculously buzzy about it, but it’s okay, right……?”



“B-But, didn’t Yuto Nii say we can do whatever you want?”

The moment she pointed the phone at them, the eldest and third daughters rolled their eyes and their faces turned pale.

What they saw was an unusual number of comments and an unusual number of likes.

“U-um, I knew you were going to title it as a joke,, but I didn’t think you’d make it a ‘Date ♡♡’……Onee chan.”

“L-look at this comment. Yuuto Onii chan is supposed to be three-timing……”

“There are so many comments about how he’s a seducer……”

“It looks like we will be in trouble tomorrow on campus……? Especially Yuuto Nii.”

The three sisters look at each other as if they agree.

The “three-timing” is something that would not be possible if they were not dating Yuuto.

The “seducer” is something that can only be done if they are in love with Yuuto.

The three sisters, who did not feel any discomfort and did not comment on these kinds of comments, were unaware of it.

That is how much they like their step brother.

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