“Oh, why don’t we all take a picture together at the end?”

After everyone had finished eating, it was time to pay the bill.

The cheerful Miyu made this suggestion.

“I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture in the place where we met again for the first time in over ten years. Do you dislike it, Yuuto Nii?”

“No, of course not.”

“Okay ! Then I’ll take the picture !”

The reason he didn’t ask Mashiro and Kokono for confirmation is because they’re probably feeling the same way.

Miyu uses her smartphone’s internal camera to measure the distances as she is accustomed to, and adjusts so that everyone fits within the screen.

“Then let’s shout, okay? Keep your voice down though.”

“Miyu, take it slow.”


“Got it ! Okay, here I go. Now”


“Eh !?”



“Say cheese !”


The snap sounded twice in total, and the phone that was taking the picture was put down.

“You just took two pictures, didn’t you !?”

Mashiro naturally asked.

“Nihihi, I’m sorry, I just pressed the wrong button. But I still got a good picture. See?”

Miyu shows them all a picture that looks good in the photo, with everyone smiling.

While the three of them are surprised at the plain expressions on their faces, Miyu gently covers up the second photo, in which she is the only one who is smiling.

Her favorite photo with a lively expression that can later be displayed on the home screen of her smartphone…….

With this feeling of exclusivity, Miyu glances at Yuuto.

“Hey, if I say I want to put this on Insta, will you…dislike it?”

“Ahaha, I don’t mind that either, so feel free to do so.”

“Thanks ! I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable in many ways. I had a great time and I wanted to brag about it to everyone.”

“Geez…… I’m sorry about my Miyu, Yuuto Onii san.”

“…..I’m sorry.”

“Yeah? I really don’t mind, it’s fine.”

He gladly gave permission, but Mashiro and Kokono still apologized.

This time, he emphasized back, but Yuuto didn’t know why he apologized.

[A super easy date♡] is what Miyu typed in and pasted the first photo on insta.

Although the account only mumbles about daily life, it has more than 20,000 followers.

She was proud to complete her post on her account, which has seen an even greater increase in followers since she entered university.

* * * *

After leaving the family restaurant.

It was in the convenience store nearest to Yuuto’s home, using the train.

“This……. This too……. This too…….can you eat it, Yuuto san?”

“I-I’ll probably eat it.”


Yuuto holds a shopping basket. With chocolates, potato chips, and cookies in that basket. Kokono put a variety of products into the basket.

“You treated us at the family restaurant, so we will pay you back at the convenience store ! You can eat the rest, Yuuto Onii san.”

Ah, y-yeah……. Thank you.”

Mashiro should have been watching the situation, but he wasn’t surprised by his little sister’s actions.

Rather, he even feels like she’s going to put it in more and more.

“Hey, how empty is your refrigerator, Yuuto Nii?”

At that time, Miyu, who was in the drink corner, appears.

“There’s plenty of room in the fridge.”

“Then let’s put in a lot of drinks. What is Yuuto Nii’s favorite drink?”

“Tea and coffee, I guess.”

“Coffee with a little sugar?”

“Yes, I like coffee with a little sugar.”

“Okay, I’ll bring about six bottles.”

“Thank you. …….Eh?”

I didn’t notice the number of bottles because she said it so naturally.

When I heard back, Miyu opened the drink corner door and started holding the drinks in both hands.

“Yuuto Onii san, how about ice cream? The one over here is a new release !”

“E-erm……I wonder if buying this much is okay….”

“……Don’t be shy, Onii chan.”

“——Whoa, the basket is already full.”

Mashiro and Kokono pulled him strongly.

Furthermore, Yuuto realizes when he sees Miyu holding a lot of drinks in both hands and trying to fill them up as she approaches.

He is no match for them.

“Then, I’ll go get a new basket”

He never thought of it at the family restaurant, but when these three sisters cooperate with each other, he experiences a transformation from them into an opponent he can no longer resist.

“I mean, Yuuto Nii, aren’t you going to pick out an ice cream? What do you like?”

Miyu brings a new basket and asks in the same way as before.

“Let’s see,…..I like chocolate ice cream.”

“I like chocolate too. Then let’s try everything around here.”

“I-isn’t that too much !? I-I guess I’ll leave it to you here…..”

“Yeah, yeah ! You don’t have to be shy about it〜”

It is seen that there was a restrained movement, and as a result it becomes like this.

“Yuuto Onii chan, do you want to look at this too?”


It was almost a one-to-three situation.

Yuuto gets busy and moves to the next corner with Kokono pulling his hem.

The quiet Kokono follows her step brother while sticking to his back.

She is still unaware that she is gradually becoming possessive of him.

And then it was time to pay the bill.

The price was of course outrageous, but Yuuto realized. He thought that he had tried to make the price as reasonable as possible to match the price at the family restaurant.

Since there was no indication that they were discussing the matter, they must have acted in accordance with each other’s ideas.

It was a cooperation that could only be done by the triplets.

“Thank you very much for your kindness”

“No, no, don’t worry about it.”

“You treated all of us drinks at the family restaurant, so this is no big deal.”


While we were on our way home, we exchanged such words.


Yuuto’s smartphone in his pocket made LAIN’s notification sound.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Let me check something.”

It might be a call from his part-time job.

He checked immediately and it was.

[I’ll kill you]


For some reason, a deadly and dangerous message was sent from his friend.

“Yuuto Onii san……?”

“N-no, it’s….ahaha……. Yeah, it’s nothing.”

What I just saw must have been my imagination.

Yuuto deleted the message by sliding the notification column.

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