To be honest, it wasn’t much of a shopping experience.
This is because as soon as I entered the supermarket, Senpai held my hand.
Senpai’s small, cold hand.
I was so focused on her hand the whole time that I barely remember where I walked and what I bought.

And when we left the supermarket after shopping, we were still holding hands.

“What? Is it heavy?”
“N-no. It’s not heavy.”
“Well, can we just leave it like this?”

There were indeed many people in the supermarket.
She was a little uncomfortable, and I think that’s probably why she was holding my hand.
Now there is no one on the roadside but us.
We came out before I had time to let her go, but I’m worried that Senpai will be okay with this.
I wonder if Senpai will scold me after she comes to her senses.

“Um, Senpai, you don’t like being around other people?”
“Yeah. I’m not very good with strangers.”
“Haha, no one is good at that. I’m not good at it either.”
“I see. Hey, is it not heavy?”
“I’m fine. It doesn’t bother me at all.”

She has been holding my hand since a while ago, always worrying about my baggage.
It’s actually a bit heavy to hold with one hand, but I felt like saying that would cause the hand that had taken the trouble to hold me to let go, so I tensed up a little.

I felt guilty for taking advantage of her fear, but it was like a dream come true to be able to hold hands with her like this.
If I could, I’d probably keep going on….but I don’t think that would be such a convenient thing to say.
But let me soak in this happiness at least for now.
Her hands are so nice and cold.

It’s not heavy.
I’m not heavy.
Even a woman like me, who holds hands in a crowded place and doesn’t let go persistently, isn’t heavy.

Tokiwa kun, you must really like me.
Yeah, me too. That’s why I don’t mind what Tokiwa kun does to me.
I’m even happy when I’m restrained.
So, Tokiwa kun is actually the person you want to be tied down, right?
Because we are similar.
I’m sure that what makes me happy will make Tokiwa kun happy too.

Ehehe, I feel more confident now.
I’ve come to think that it’s okay for me to be like this because Tokiwa kun is affirming me.

Please don’t ever let go of me after we go home, okay?
I don’t want to let go of you.
Can I go to your room with you?
I thought I would refrain from doing so because it would be too brazen, but Tokiwa kun loves me too, so I’m sure he’ll forgive me, right?
You’ll be happy to do it, won’t you?

“Senpai, we’ll be home soon.”
“U-um……is it okay if you don’t go home?”
“W-where you say, your house.”
“My house……?
“N-no, I’m not asking you to go home.”
“My house…….ah, I see. Yeah, it’s fine.”
“I see. Well then, let’s head over to my house.”

When I said [my house] it didn’t hit me right away.
I thought it was a strange thing to say since we were supposed to be going home together right now.
Come to think of it, my house was over there.
Ahaha, I had forgotten because I felt like I had completely moved out.
But, well, I certainly have to go home at least once.

I have to bring Panda san.
I have to return his jacket.
I had to bring back the cups.
And I had to move all my clothes.

“I’m home.”

As soon as Tokiwa kun arrived home, he tried to get the key to the front door, and his grip on my hand weakened.
So I said, [I’ll get the key] and opened the front door with a duplicate key.

Then we returned home, still holding hands.
Tokiwa kun looked so cute as he took off his shoes in the quiet entranceway, his hands still closed, looking as if he were crippled.
After putting the food on the kitchen table, we walk to the living room together, still holding hands.
I even feel as if our hands are about to get attached to each other.
And I myself am hoping for that.

But then, Tokiwa kun abruptly untied my hand.

“S-sorry, it was hot, wasn’t it? I had to go to the bathroom.”
“No, I’m sorry too. Did I bother you?”
“N-no, of course not. If you don’t mind my hand, we can do it…..n-no, I’m going to the bathroom now.”

Tokiwa kun seemed to be at the limit of embarrassment and ran off to the bathroom.
I feel lonely as I look at my palm, which still has his warmth on it.

The loneliness makes my feet unconsciously go forward.

I found myself standing in front of the restroom.

“……I wouldn’t mind following Tokiwa kun to the restroom at all.”

If it’s for you, I don’t care about excrement or vomit.
But I guess it’s embarrassing to be seen by the girl you like.
Hehe, I guess you’re naive after all. I like it.
And besides,

“I can do whatever I want with Tokiwa kun’s hands anytime I want. Well then, I’ll start doing it tonight.”

He took a long time in the toilet.
I wonder if he had a stomach ache.
I wish you would come out soon.

I can’t wait because I’ll miss you, okay?
Come out soon, Tokiwa kun.

“Hey, hurry up.”

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