Episode 57 – The reason for the fight



It was recess, and I pulled Tsumugi by the hand out of the classroom.

My classmates cheered, but it was better than being questioned. How did this happen? I had been considered a mere air until a few months ago, but now I was the center of attention in class.

I think it’s because I got involved with Reo, Arisa and Tsumugi.

We stopped at a stairway where there were few people.

“Mouu, Ryouma is so pushy.”

“You look so happy for that …….”

“You used to hold my hand like this before. I was really excited at that time too.”

“I remember the time when Tsumugi was chased by a big dog because she startled it.”

I was nervous too at that time. I really thought I was going to get eaten.

Tsumugi was smiling even though she was a little out of breath from running in such a hurry.
The girl’s calm demeanor and long black hair may give the impression that she’s a neat and tidy girl, but she’s surprisingly active.

If she hasn’t changed in the past 10 years, that is.

“Even so, what a thing to say”

I couldn’t help but think about it.

“You mean about my self-introduction earlier. I didn’t lie.”

“You didn’t have to tell about the bath!”


Tumugi blushes in embarrassment.

“Ryoma used to force me into the bathroom when I didn’t want to go. I’ll never forget how forceful he was.”

“That’s strange. There are differences from my memory. I remember that I was forced to go with Tsumugi, who was afraid of water and refused to go into the bathtub. She tried to run away from me, so I had to pull her along.”

“Mouu~. You change those memories for your convenience.”

“Please don’t make it convenient for Tsumugi!?”

“Was it that bad? Perhaps….Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I don’t have ……”

For a moment, Arisa’s face came to mind, but I hurriedly shook my head to drown it out and deny it.

Arisa is just my best friend, and we don’t have that kind of relationship. …But it’s rude and arrogant to be afraid of her finding out.

“Even if I don’t have one, I wouldn’t want anyone to misunderstood. Give me a break with that kind of thing.”

‘“…I see. I’m sorry.”

Tsumugi seems to be disappointed and apologizes.

If it were Tsumugi from 10 years ago, she would have laughed and apologized, but she seemed to be truly remorseful.

Maybe I said too much too.

“I want to do well at this school.”

“Eh? What do you mean by that?”

“What do you mean by that? Ryoma and Tsumugi.”


It was Rep, a childhood friend of Tsumugi and me, who appeared. He hadn’t seen Tsumugi in 10 years.

Not exactly 10 years, but we always spent time together from the time we graduated from kindergarten until just before we entered elementary school.

Tsumugi’s face changed from a softly smiling pretty girl to a cold one.

“You are Reo huh. It’s amazing how a crying, peeing, running Reo can grow up to be such a big Reo.”

“Hans, you’ve been the same for 10 years. You are still as bad-natured as you’ve been for 10 years, aren’t you? You’ve been causing trouble for Ryoma ever since you transferred to the new school.”

There seems to be an invisible spark.

It’s supposed to be a common theory that childhood friends are good friends, but Reo and Tsumugi have had this kind of relationship for a long time.

Ten years ago, they were like this, fighting every day. Imagine the trouble I had to go through as a go-between.

“Reo-kun, are you all right?”

And so Otsuki san came as well

Hearing the friendly conversation between Reo and Otsuki san, Tsumugi listened silently with her eyes flying.

Then she clapped her hands and grasped something.

“Are you two dating?”

“Yes though”

“Hee…… that Reo is with such a cute girl. She’s a little bit like Ryoma, and I think I’m going to like her.”

“Kogure-kun-like? Eh, I don’t like that.”

Otsuki san makes a very unpleasant face. I think it’s rude ?!

“I was only half joking when I said I don’t want to be like Kogure-kun”

“What’s the half of it? ……”

“Hiiragi san, right? ……. The one Kogure-kun was talking about before is Reo kun and Hiiragi-san, isn’t it?:

“Yes. From Otsuki-san’s point of view, it’s a similar relationship to Arisa and Mizuhara-san.”

“But Reo-kun and Hiiragi-san said they had a big fight and parted ways.”

Yes, I know. I had told that story to Otsuki-san.

I didn’t expect Tsumugi to come back, so I kept it normal.

“From the sound of it, it wasn’t that big of a fight?”

“No, it wasn’t!”

“Yes, it was very important for us!”

Reo and Tsumugi appealed to Otsuki san in a strong voice.

That big fight, if possible, please don’t rehash it. It was indeed a big fight.

But I don’t want to talk about it. Especially for me.

Well, …… even the two people who fought over such a thing wouldn’t say it now.

“What was the reason for the fight?”

That expectation was overturned, and the two of them shouted loudly at Otsuki san’s question.

“Which one of us to be..”

“We argued over who should be Ryouma’s wife!”

“Eh, wha …….”

Otsuki-san said halfway through and kept her mouth shut.

I can understand if you say that much. It’s certainly silly.

But these two really had a big fight over it. I want you to understand how I was feeling at that time. I should have said, “Don’t fight for me”. What an idiot.

And I can’t say that it’s my wife.

“I’m telling you, I still don’t think I lost in that fight.”

Reo also hates to lose, so he says his rivalry against Tsumugi.

But …… that was not good.

“Eh, so Reo-kun is going to choose Kogure-kun instead of me?”

“N-No! Shizuku!”

You shouldn’t say such a thing when you have a girlfriend.

Reo was flustered by Otsuki san’s lonely face, sweating like a waterfall, and eventually dropped to the ground.

“! I-I have to choose Shizuku as my …… girlfriend.”

Why do you look so distressed?

“Hey, then Reo will give up on Ryoma. That means I win.”

Tsumugi was sure of her victory.

Reo put his hands on my shoulders.

“I’m sorry, Ryoma. I can’t make Ryoma my wife.”

“Yes, you don’t have to. No, just don’t do that.”

“I have Shizuku.”

I want to do something about this meaningless farce.

Otsuki-san is looking at me and feeling superior, and everyone is pretty out of character!

“It’s …… me who will make Ryoma my wife.”

“No, you can’t!”

I was startled by the loud voice and Arisa rushed in.

It’s already absurd!

“You are ……”

“I won’t let you have Ryoma!”

To have Arisa yell out and call my name. It was very heartwarming.

It shouldn’t have been a big story, but it made me very happy.

It was time to stop this meaningless talk. Just as she was about to say it out loud, Tsumugi grabbed both of Arisa’s hands.

“Um…I’d like you to be my friend!”


Everyone except Tsumugi raised their voices.

“When I saw you for the first time, I was so surprised. You have shiny platinum blonde hair, soft white skin,……, good style, and I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl.”

“Wait,……, um…”

Arisa was also panicked by the sudden incident

“That’s why!”

Arisa quickly moves away and distances herself from Tsumugi.
“I-I don’t deny it, but… do you by any chance like people of the same sex? ”

At those words, Tsumugi looked shocked.

“no, The only person I like is Ryoma.”

I thought I heard a heavy bass sound from Arisa.

Maybe I’m mistaken.

Tsumugi gently moved closer to Arisa.

“If I have someone more beautiful than me by my side, I think I can enjoy my school life this time.”

At that time, Tsumugi’s lovely eyes seemed to be a little cloudy.

It could be a misunderstanding, or perhaps a mistaken look since it was only for a brief moment.

But…what if that was Tsumugi’s 10 years living life

I may have to unravel the past 10 years of my childhood friend little by little.

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