“From now on, it would be smoother to have Reo and Asahina communicate directly with each other to approach Otsuki-san. I don’t think there’s any point in having me in the middle.”

“Hey, Kogure-kun.”

Asahina-san’s eyes aren’t smiling for some reason. Did I say something funny?
“It’s no good. The only condition is that you have to bring Kogure kun with you when you go through me, Hirasawa-kun. That is the only condition.”

“Eh!? Doesn’t that make no sense?”

“It does.”

“What does it mean?”

“….I can’t tell you.”


Asahina-san blushed and turned away. It’s cute, but I don’t really know what it means.

“Ryoma, I’m afraid I’m going to get into a fight with Asahina too if we’re alone, so if you can, stay with me.”

“Y-yes!.That’s what I meant. Fighting is not good.”

“That’s definitely not what you meant. I understand. Let’s all work together and do our best.”

“I want to get to know you better too, ……. Don’t go away now.”

Of course, I couldn’t hear Asahina-san’s muttering, so I stopped worrying about it.
A few days after Asahina-san and Reo joined hands, Reo’s grand romance strategy began after a certain amount of meetings.

In earnest, Asahina-san began to help out so that the male and female teams could work well together.

For the first shot, I decided to take advantage of the gardening club’s soil tinkering that Otsuki-san does every day behind the school building.

Tomorrow morning, as usual, I talk to Otsuki-san.

After some conversation, Asahina-san would join the conversation between me and Otsuki-san, and then Reo would take me as bait and join the conversation so that the four of us would become friends.

The proposer of this strategy is Asahina-san. ……

“Was there any reason for Asahina-san to come here?”

“Yes, it does.”

“There’s no harm in skipping this scene, is there?”

“I’m curious to see what you and Shizuku talk about alone.”


When I was talking quietly with Asahina-san, Otsuki-san suddenly approached me.

“Recently, Arisa and Kogure-kun have been on good terms. After all, when you play with imouto san, your relationship has changed”

“Eh~ Mouu shizuku, it’s not like that at all ehehe”

“Yes, that’s not true at all.”

She pinched my thighs with all her might.


“Why do you say that?”

“Wait, we don’t care about us right now, you see, Reo is in trouble because he can’t get in!”

I tell Asahina-san, who has a serious face, that it is a strategy, even though I am afraid.
It doesn’t make sense if we get excited about our story.

The purpose is to get Reo and Otsuki san to talk.

I sent a message to Reo on my phone. Reo, who was ready to go, arrived immediately.

“O-ou…… Ryoma, there you are.”

“Reo, good morning.”

“Well, Hirasawa-kun. I’m sorry, but could you not come any closer? I’m sure you’ve heard me yell at you in the cafeteria the other day. I haven’t forgiven you yet.”

As expected of Asahina-san, she puts in a lot of words without any stagnation. But that thing feels like a stiff complaint.

Reo pretended to hesitate a little and bowed strongly.

“I’m sorry.”

“Apologize to …… Shizuku too. you scared her.”

“Arisa! I’m fine.”

“No, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for what I did to Otsuki.”

“Ah, …… yeah.”

Otsuki accepted the apology in a puzzled manner.

It went better than I expected. Maybe it was good that Asahina-san put a stop to Reo’s share.

Maybe you were anticipating that? 

In a whisper so that only Asahina-san can hear me, I say. 

“So this is why you came here, Asahina-san. I was originally going to end it with Reo apologizing directly to Otsuki-san, but I could force the relationship a little more if I went through Asahina-san.”

“Eh? I didn’t really think that far ahead.”

“Here, if Asahina-san arrogantly says to buy pancakes as a punishment, Reo will be forced to do it. And that means a point of contact is created. Now, Asahina-san, as usual, please be arrogant and tell Reo to do it.”

“Kogure-kun, I didn’t realize you thought that about me. I’m a little …… hurt.”

“When we first met, you said something about walking five meters away from me.”


I mean, Asahina-san seems to be actively talking to me. I feel like I’m having twice as many conversations with her these days as I used to.

“Well then, Hirasawa-kun, as punishment, buy crepes for me and Shizuku and we’ll call it even. That way we’ll call it even.”

“Eh, wait, Arisa. That’s a little too much!”

“No it’s okay. I don’t think It was immature either…”

“But ……”

“Otsuki san, will you let Reo buy you a drink? Reo is the type that does this kind of thing. If he buys you a drink, you can end the day with a clean slate. ……”

“Okay, but it wouldn’t have to be that nice.”

“Well, I’ll see you after school when I’m done with club activities for the day.”

It worked. This confirms that Reo will be leaving school with Otsuki-san today.

They can talk about …… various things while they are eating until they get to the crepe shop. Good luck, Reo. I’m going home alone.

“Kogure-kun, you’ll go out with me after school too, right?”

“Eh? I’m sure you don’t need me for this.”

“You said you’d definitely come when I asked you.”

“This …… is Reo and Otsuki san’s problem, and Asahina-san shouldn’t have to go too.”

“I don’t want to. I want to eat crepes.”

“Is that what you after ……?”

“And I’ll decide here whether or not Hirasawa Reo will be accepted. Whether it will be a plus for Shizuku.”

“Yes, it will be. Because Reo is the best friend I’ve ever had.”

(TL/N : Arisa becomes cuter each chapter…)

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