Here’s the hard part.

I confided in her honestly and I dared her to kick the terrorist’s weapon away from her–the SP. I was sure she was used to handling guns.

Of course, I had also properly sensed the signs that they were creeping toward me.

It’s not hard to imagine that when you decide to fight off terrorists, you will be watched closely. So I knew that I would surely be interviewed.

The question was whether or not my words would work…….

I would hold up my hands to prove that I had no intention of resisting.

“You’re not acting like the person you are….turn around slowly this way.”

I do as I’m told and slowly turn around.

My 《Sensitive sense of smell》picks up the scent of caution.

She’s probably going to ask me some questions through my eyes.

I hope so.

“Answer with yes or no. Are you involved in this attack?”


I look her straight in the eye and answer immediately.

If I misunderstood that it was a lie and she tried to fire a warning shot, I was planning to have her certified as a piece of crap, but,

“I see. So you’re not.”

It seemed that she had a good eye.

Well, her job is to protect important people, so she’d be in trouble if she didn’t do this level of identification.

“Do you know who is in surgery in the central operating room right now?”


Of course, this immediate answer might raise alarm.

After all, I had just confessed that I knew that a member of the royal family was undergoing surgery.

However, it would not be good to tell a strange lie here. The SP in front of me seemed to have a good eye and nose for things, and I decided to answer truthfully.

Even if it was information that I saw through my 《Evil Eyes of Guidance》


“How do you know?”

“I can’t answer with yes or no.”

“Tsk. Don’t play word games with me.”

The SP’s language changes blatantly. It seems that this is her true nature.

She must be very irritated. That’s right.

If I were to put myself in the opposite position, I’d say that she’s suffering a lot.

The date and location of the royal family’s surgery has been leaked to the outside world, and to dangerous people at that–in other words, not only is there a traitor in the organization who is supposed to be a colleague, but the only person who can act properly under these circumstances is a person who can secretly obtain information from the Public Security Bureau and act on her own. In the end, the ordinary-looking high school student, instantly killed the terrorist.

It’s more than enough to make her head hurt.

I sympathize with her, but under the circumstances, I would have to describe her as a small person if she let go of me, who had at least fought off a terrorist right in front of her and could have been an asset in her own right.

In order for one SP to contain this emergency situation, she should have the guts to swallow a foreign object. Well, this idea may be controversial.

For example, no harm should ever come to the members of the imperial family, even if they are the enemy of an enemy. That is why she should not take help from unknown persons.


Are you the straight-laced type or the quick-witted type? This is the borderline between whether we can cooperate or not.

Having nearly lost my life many times in other worlds, I can tell you that the survival rate of those who follow their instincts increases dramatically.

“I am aware that His Imperial Highness Prince Akina is undergoing surgery. I cannot tell you why I know this information. Because you won’t believe me when I tell you. It would be a waste of time. Similarly, I cannot reveal my true identity. I am just a good student. Secondly, I have no intention of harming you or His Highness. If I wanted to, I would just stand by and watch. Finally, I am willing to cooperate with you. I will give you all the results after we settle the matter. In fact, I would rather you keep my existence a secret. That is all I can tell you. Now, please decide whether you will swallow this foreign information or not.”

It would be meaningless to talk about the fact that I had been in another world for three years and that I had returned with a different ability in this tense situation.

If it were the other way around, I would steal her consciousness and restrain her somewhere before heading out to rescue His Highness.

But the SP must be desperate for military strength.

It would not be easy to call for backup. After all, a civilian is being held hostage.

If they were to give priority to the royal family and force their way in, the police would lose all dignity.

Bashing from all sides would be inevitable.

In other words, no matter what she does, she is required to make an unusual decision.

The SP’s response was—,

“You little shit. Don’t you dare blame me for your death.”

She put the gun in her pocket and sucked on a cigarette.

For better or worse, she is the type of person with her head screwed on straight.

A decision that seems like a good fit under the circumstances. Thank goodness.

“Um, you can’t smoke in here.”

“Shut up. You’re a hundred years too young to be paying attention to me. I’m about to collapse from stress.”

SP takes a swig while steaming the smoke.

“May I ask your name?”

“My name is Kujo Renka. Who are you?”

“My name is Sakuma Ryunosuke.”

“……Okay. Sakuboy, can you use a gun?”

“Sakuboy !?”

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