“……Come on. Please wake up.”

Little by little, the light behind my eyelids becomes brighter. It’s like a fish being pulled up from the bottom of the sea to the surface.

I wanted to be in the dark, but it seems that I was forcibly removed from my original place, and I don’t feel very good.

“Let me sleep a little more……”

I turn over and try to move from the light and voices away as much as possible.

I wanted to be immersed in the slumber for just a little more.

“I understand your feelings, but it’s about time……”

“No one cares if I overslept anyway…”

“It’s not true.”

“It is, in fact…..”

“That’s not true. You see, you will be late if you don’t get up.”

However, someone keeps talking to me.

I want you to leave me alone, but there is no sign of leaving. Eventually, my body will begin to sway, which is good as it will disturb my sleep.

“That’s enough…..let me sleep ……”

“Enough. Nii sa–.”


When I unconsciously mumbled that name, my body stopped shaking completely.

Ah, it was Amane after all. Amane is so kind that she listens to what I have to say. It’s very different from my family.

“Thank you, Amane……”

As I thanked her with a vague head, I tried to fall asleep again――

“I’m not that person.”

At that moment, a strong pain ran in my shoulder.


I received a feeling that I was grasped by something, and my consciousness was awakened at once.

I feel sleepy and open my eyes. The view of the brightly lit room jumps out at me.

“Did you wake up, Nii san?”

But there are things that can’t be there.

The sign of the person in my room that should be only me. And the voice.

While lying on the bed, I slowly raise my face.


“Good morning, Nii san. It seems you slept quite well.”

Beyond my line of sight. Alice was there, looking down at me.

“Alice, why……?”

“Because Nii san did not wake up today, I came to wake you directly.”

For some reason, her eyes are extremely cold, as if in inverse proportion to her bright, shining silver hair.

But that doesn’t matter. That’s not what I want to hear.

“No, why are you in my room? My room is locked……”

“Ah, it looks like the lock is broken.”

She shouldn’t be able to enter. As if to interrupt me as I was about to continue, Alice spoke her answer.


“When I pushed the door a little hard, it opened easily.”

“……You’re lying, right?”

“If it was a lie, then either I’m here because I used my supernatural powers to slip through the wall, or I’m a ghost. Of course I’m not either of them.”

Alice might be joking, but I can’t laugh at all.

It should not be that it opened just by pressing hard. Then there is no meaning of the key.

“I just moved in……”

“Maybe there was a flaw in the installation. Well, there will be such a thing.”

“It is said that there will be…..”

I’d be in trouble if there was. Damn it !

I want to strike my tongue involuntarily.

“Okay, then I have to contact the landlord. Replace the lock with a new one…”

“It’s fine, isn’t it?”


“I don’t need a lock. If I wake up Nii san like this, it’s the fastest way.”

Alice said, as she raised her hair.

I can say that it is a good proposal, but I can not accept it.

“No, that is.”


So I tried to refuse, but Alice interrupted my words again. And then,

“It’s okay if someone else wakes you up. Are you saying you don’t want me, your younger sister, to wake you up, Nii san?”

Alice’s eyes seemed dark and stagnant as she spoke as if it was nothing.

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