Chapter 3 Episode 9 – Each


“I love you, I love you so much, Kouki kun ! 16-year-old Kouki-kun is also cute~ ! At this rate~I’m going to be come a shotacon~”

“Agent, what’s with this déjà vu?”

While ignoring Nobu Nobu who hugged me forcefully, I asked the agent who appeared in the school pond.

“I’m pretty sure the past has changed and Hikari came to the past instead of Shinobu san, right? So why……?”

“It’s not as if that role is set to just one person.”

“Yes, but……it’s just that, how should I put it, Shinobu san is in love……with me…….”

“Hmm~? Kouki kun, are you embarrassed~? It’s only natural that I’m in love with you, Kouki kun~”

What’s so fun about this, Nobu Nobu is poking my cheek. She’s treating me like a child. Or maybe in the future we’re doing this kind of thing in public…….We’re already in our 26 and 27…..

“As I have said many times, I wouldn’t know the  information I don’t have input into. All I can say is that the Shinobu sama here and now is a different being than the Shinobu sama we know.”

“Is that what you call…..a parallel universe?”

“To put it bluntly, yes. As I have said before, I adjust the time paradox so that it does not occur in a way similar to transferring you to another parallel world each time the past changes. So now she’s going out with you due to a different factor from when you protected her, and she’s falling in love with you just like before.”

“I see…… then you mean this adult shinobu san is not Nobu Nobu……”

“…… Nobu Nobu? A nickname? Isn’t that kind of lame? We’re already 26 and 27 years old, you know~”

“You’re the one who told me to call you that…….”

Well, I understand the situation to some extent. So then, this person is not that Shinobu san …… It’s a little sad…….

“You don’t have to look like that, Kouki sama. She is a different being, but it is closer to saying that she is the same person.”

“Well, that’s probably true, but …..what do you mean?”

“There are countless parallel worlds in this world. For example, if you just move your ring finger now, it will branch off into another future. Then, just because of that difference, can you say that the Kouki sama in the two worlds is a different person? No, right? Even if her memories have changed a little, Shinobu sama is still Shinobu sama and Kouki sama is still Kouki sama. No matter what the past may have been like, if the future that you have arrived at is the same happiness, then that is fine, isn’t it?”

“Oh….. Are you a wedding officiant?”

I’m honestly impressed by the agent who gave me some nice words. I’m feeling like she’s becoming less and less like a machine.

“Then I’ll be dating Shinobu san in the future.”

“Yeah ! Me and Kouki kun will always be in love~!”

I remember the words that Shinobu san said to me during the sports festival. [I’m sure that the future me will love Kouki kun no matter what the past will be.] In other words, that’s whats she meant. If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter what kind of Shinobu san she is If she love me, I will only respond to that. I can’t say that I love Shinobu san with all my heart yet, but I will return the favor as much as I can.

“I’m glad to see you again, Shinobu san……”

“That’s not good !”

Just as the conversation seemed to be coming together in a good way, a scream was heard. Hikari, who had been silent the whole time, screamed.

“Do you understand, senpai !? You’re in a relationship with me now !?”

“We’re not in a relationship, we’re just a couple, that’s all.:

“It’s the same thing ! And now you’re dating Shinobu senpai, you’re cheating on me !”

I want to say that it’s not, but if you say it’s cheating….I can’t strongly reply. things you I don’t want to do much more than murder. And that is cheating.

“Don’t you worry about that~ Kouki kun and I will be going out after  Pikarin Channel disband.”

“Disband !?”

“I think it happened next year~ If I’m not wrong, Kouki kun took a break to focus on his entrance exams~ That’s how you guys disbanded~ Hikari chan started to do it by herself~ After that, it became less and less popular~ And it fell apart~?”

“If that’s the case, I won’t hand him over !”

“Eh~? Does that mean you’re using him as a tool to gain popularity~?”

“That’s not it…… I can’t say it clearly. But that can’t be helped…..any couple has that side, right !? I’m talking about the kind of couple who like each other but can’t get married because they’re unemployed…..something like that !”

“I would marry Kouki kun even if he was unemployed though~. Ah, listen~? We’re going to get married soon~ Kouki kun is on a long business trip right now, but we’re getting married when he gets back ! That’s why I talked to my boss~ I’m lonely by myself, so I want to support him~”

“I didn’t say that !”

Somehow, Shinobu san and Hikari are fighting over me……. I’m not even aware that I’m dating either of them, which is weird…….

“Agent-san ! At this rate, Kouki senpai and Shinobu senpai will be dating, right !?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Shinobu senpai ! What triggered you to decide to go out with Kouki senpai !?”

“Trigger…..I don’t think I have those~ The two of us became college students and we had more and more opportunities to be together, so it was like a natural progression~?”

Hee……there’s no special trigger…. Last time it was so dramatic that I covered her when she was about to be killed… ……I mean,……I can go out with Shinobu-san without such a special event…….

“Nishishi.., In other words, if we don’t disband, Kouki senpai and I will be together forever….?”

“Maybe so~but the fact that I’m here now is proof that it won’t happen~”

Hikari, who’s smiling like a little devil with a plan to do something, and Shinobu san, who brushed it off without a second thought. But still Hikari doesn’t give up.

“I feel bad about it……. I feel bad for Shinobu senpai, but it’s about a future that’s just as important to me ! I want to become famous,…… be blessed by everyone, and spend the rest of my life with a wonderful partner……! Because it’s Kouki senpai, I want to be with him ! That’s why I won’t hand over Kouki senpai !”

“Hmm……. Well, do whatever you want~ But can you endure it, Hikari chan~? Kouki kun is surprisingly intense at night~….I guess he has strong sadistic side~ehehe. That’s what makes him so cool and makes me feel loved~…..”

“Wait, Shinobu san, don’t say any more !?”


The same as sometime ago, there are four different sides. Hikari declared war, Shinobu san started talking about the night, I stopped her, and the agent hurries back into the pond. It was right after that that I understood the meaning of that agent’s actions.

“Hm~? Who’s that person~?”

“Shi……Shinobu san……!”

The person who appeared in front of us was Shinobu san. However, she wasn’t the adult one.

The high school Shinobu san and the 27 years old Shinobu san met each other.

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