(Date …… What is a date?)

Busy students leaving pass in front of me.

Some of my classmates, finally freed from their bonds after a long lesson, have left the classroom at once.

In the midst of all this, I remained alone in my seat and racked my brains.

In any case —-.

“…… Hey, what’s a date?”

“Even if you suddenly make such a childish comment.”

Ikuto appeared in front of me and tilted his head with a straight face.

For some reason, I regret that I don’t have a stock sack on hand right now.

“So, what’s up with the date? Don’t tell me, with Minase-san?”

“No, I don’t really know either, but…”

It was when I was about to say that.

I felt a light tap from behind, and a shiny blonde hair appeared in my field of vision.

“T-Tsukkun! Let’s go home together!”

The voice is somewhat scratchy.

When turned a little to the side, there was the figure of the lovely face of Yuzuha.

However, the two buttons on the chest are undone and the contents are about to be seen.

“It’s fine to dress down, but at least use one button.”

“I-it’s an appeal. ……”

“Don’t worry, a man can be struck enough with just one button.”

I-I see, she said. I close one of the buttons on Yuzuha’s shirt.

It’s fine if you look like a gal, but if you don’t look too modest, strange guys will come to you.

“(…… They look like a first-time couple, don’t they?)”

In a whisper, Ikuto seems to have said something, but …… well, it’s not a big deal.

“So, Tsukkun,…… umm, do you want to go home with me?”

“Ah,…… sorry, it seems I have some kind of date today.”

“A date?!”

Maybe because I closed the button on her chest, Yuzuha, with tears in her eyes, grabbed my chest instead.

Even though the button is firmly closed here. This is just one step away.

“DDDDDDDDddddate, With who!? No way, Ku-chan!?”

The fact that Kirishima’s name is mentioned here shows that these girls are really quick to pass on information.

“…… hmm? Hey, but what do you mean by ’somekind’?”

“No, actually. I don’t really understand it either because of the sudden development…”

It was when I was about to say that.

“Um, is Irie-san still here?”

A beautiful girl appears from the entrance of the classroom.

The elegant appearance and ladylike atmosphere. The girl’s appearance naturally caught my attention, even though she was only showing herself to me.

[H-hey ……, why the student council president?]

[S-she’s still really beautiful …….]

[I mean, why would the three most beautiful girls towards Irie?]

Sure enough, the eyes of the remaining students in the classroom shift and begin to murmur.

After all, she is a popular person who is not unknown in the school. If the place and time were even slightly different, they would probably cheer.

“Ah, Shi-chan-senpai!”

As soon as Yuzuha, who was holding onto my chest, saw Shiori-san, she ran out at once and jumped

“Fufu, you’re as energetic as ever, Yuzuha-san.”


I guess she really admires her.

A happy expression clearly appeared on Yuzuha’s face, and Shiori-san also had a soft look on her face, as if she was looking at her younger sister.

It may be the first time to see the three major beautiful girls embracing each other in this way.

That’s why…

“…… this composition, it’s perfect.”

“It’s a sight you don’t see very often.”

Beautiful girl x beautiful girl.

For some reason, I feel as if my eyes are being washed even though I’m just capturing it in my field of vision.

“So, Shi-chan-senpai,……, do you have some business with Tsukkun?”

“Yes, a little lecture.”

“Did you peek into the changing room, Tsukkun?!”

Hey, you guys, tell that kind of joke to your fellow family.

“I’m just joking. I’m going on a date with Irie-san.”


Yuzuha’s loud voice echoed throughout the class.

Thanks to that, the gaze that had been directed at the composition of the beautiful girls was now directed towards me.

“Ee, eeeeee …… um, Ku-chan is right, after all, Shi-chan-senpai is …… ah …….”

Nevertheless, Yuzuha was unaware of such a gaze and her head was short-circuited, or she couldn’t remember where she was going.

But after that, Shiori san secretly put her mouth close to her ear and —.

“(Don’t worry, I won’t try to senak away.)”


”(I’m just meddling with a cute junior student.)”

After saying something, Shiori-san gently patted Yuzuha’s head.

There must be a lot of things she wants to say about her cute little cheeks. However, Yuzuha persevered and slowly came over to me and gradually grabbed my hand.

What’s wrong? When I was wondering that, this time Yuzuha put her mouth close to my ear.

“(Ah, let’s go to school together tomorrow ……)”

The reason why I unintentionally got a little nervous at those words was probably because of Yuzuha’s neat face, which was red, looming to the side.

I don’t know if she felt embarrassed after bringing her face close to mine herself, but she hurriedly pushed me back and urged me towards Shiori san.

“Fufu, Yuzuha-san is also clever, isn’t she?”

“..I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t push the conversation too far from that side. Even though I am a party to it, the appearance of the situation is amazing.”

However, I do know that girls have things they don’t want men to hear.

I didn’t listen too deeply and left the classroom with Shiori san.

Then, this time…


Bam, I met Kirishima san at the entrance to the classroom.

I really feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of the three beautiful girls in the past week.

“Hello, Kurusu-san.”

Shiori-san smiles elegantly.

Kirishima san alternately looks at me and Shiori-san, and for some reason she sighs abruptly.

“Haa…… well, I guess I expected it, but it’s just as I thought it would be.”

“As expected? I mean, did you want something from our class?”

“I just came here to appeal to you.”

I’m at a loss for a reaction.

“…… but I’ve decided not to do that. I’m just going to play with Yuzuha today.”

“Ara, are you sure?”

“It’s okay, we may be competing with each other, but I trust Shiori-san. You won’t try to do anything without telling us properly.”

“I’m happy when my cute junior trusts me…For some reason, I just want to hug you.”

“…… you’ll have to do it another time.”

Apparently, she doesn’t say no.

Kirishima san patted me on the shoulder and walked straight into our classroom.

When I saw them off, I finally noticed the eyes of the students gathered from the hallway.

The most popular person in the school. The school council president.

A person who has never had a flirtatious conversation before is standing side by side with a man. It is impossible not to be concerned.

However, the person in question, in direct contrast to those around her, doesn’t seem to be bothered by it…

“Come on, Irie-san ……, let’s go on a date with me♪”

She gave me a lovely smile that made me fawn over her.

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