Volume 2 Episode 6 – A Time Alone for Two (Kairi version)



Something has been wrong with Onee-chan since a while ago.
She never interrupted me when I was talking so much with Onii, and she was very much wringing Oni’s right hand and loosening her mouth.

Earlier, just by putting his hand on her forehead, the perverted onee chan became flustered,……, which is surely a sign that there is something going on.
Even if onii don’t notice it, my eyes can’t be fooled. I’m sure she’s up to something.

“Kairi? Are you okay?”

I glare at Onee-chan, and Onii interrupts my gaze.

“O-Onii-i ……”
“We came all the way here to see the illumination, but what’s wrong with your stern face? perhaps you need to go to the restroom?”
“N-No delicacy! Don’t ask girls that kind of question!”
“Eeh,……, you’re my sister, that’s fine. And when we were children, Kairi had a leak on the way home from the amusement park.”
“Don’t talk about it! No delicacy!”

I was so embarrassed that I punched him with my slack hand.

“You’re really creepy like that, Onii, stop it!”
“You suddenly became so violent, …… is it really your black history?”
“It’s obvious!”

…huh, but Onii, surprisingly, remembers the old days (of me),…….

“Onii chan, Kairi. I’m going to go to the bathroom, okay?”
“Why don’t you go to the bathroom, too?”
“Im’ fine. Onee-chan, I’m talking with Onii-chan here, so take your time.”
“….Thank you, Kairi.”

The firm onee-chan go to toilet ……?
Maybe she just got a cold tummy, so maybe I’m overthinking it, but did she wet herself in a weird way or ……?

“Look, Kairi. You don’t often see so many illuminations in a flower garden.”
“Woww. ……?”

I happened to be alone with Onii, leaning against the fence surrounding the flower garden and looking toward the illumination set up in the flower garden.
“Are you happy that you get to spend Christmas with me…..?”

I asked Onii boldly as I looked at the illumination, and Onii put a warmer on my cheek.

“Hyaa! What are you doing?”
“I’m honestly glad,…… because ever since junior high school I’ve been thinking that Kairi hated me.”
“……, oni.”
“I don’t think we have much time left to be together as siblings. When I went to college, I would be living on my own, and I would only have two years left to be with Yuri and Kairi like this.”

Onii muttered with a somewhat lonely white breath.
Going to the same high school as Onii was all I could think about, so I forgot that Onii will be graduating in two years.

“So I wanted to get to know you guys a little bit better.”
“I,……, I thought you didn’t like me either.”
“I …… was a rebel and said bad things about how dirty your laundry was and how your hair smelled,…… so I don’t really think you’re dirty! It smells so good!”
“No, I don’t think it smells good.”
“O Onii! Even though he says he’s been through a traumatic experience, he’s normally very kind to us, and always acts like a brother! I, towards onii”
“Thank you for waiting~”

…!? O-Onee chan
At this perfect moment, monster, whose name is Onee-chan, showed up.
No way, she was intentionally trying to make me swim …….

“Kairi, why don’t you go to the bathroom too? It’s right there in the facility.”

When I tried to refuse, she quickly put her face close to my ear.

“I gave you my time too, so it’s give and take, isn’t it? Kairi-san, who scored 98 in English?”

I-Is it already calculated ……?

“What are you two doing?”
“No. I was just handing Kairi a handkerchief.”
“I see. Kairi, don’t get lost.”

I was unwillingly put in the flow of going to the bathroom.
…… I had no choice. It would be bad if I left Onee-chan and Oni-chan alone, but I’ll just have to monitor them from afar.

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