At any rate, today’s online was also fun to the extent that I lost track of time and got absorbed in it.

No problem since tomorrow is my day off, but I find myself in a situation where the time display on my computer has already changed to the next day as usual.

Anyway, I’ll discuss the woman’s case with him when I see him next week….

Well, I’m talking about talking to people I’ll never meet again, and I’m talking about people I never thought I’d be able to have a relationship with in the first place.

First of all, we are different as humans. Of course, I’m not above or below, and I don’t have any advice, and it looks like he’s already logged out, but I’m not asking for that type of advice from you in the first place.

But what kind of guy is that guy, really?

When the time comes for us to meet, I don’t get nervous, but I do start to get nervous. I am 27 and he is 25.

The only information I have about him in the game is that he is a junior in college, but he is the guy he brought with him. I would definitely be upset if a good-looking guy showed up or a thug-like guy showed up, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen.

It will probably just be a guy of the same race as me and him anyway, and that’s the best thing because I don’t have to worry about it at all.

I’m honestly looking forward to it.

Well, the meeting place is not a place I have good memories of, but that doesn’t matter to him, and I don’t have a problem with that because it’s not a problem for me.

But still…. But back to the story.

I’m usually curious, and I did a quick search on the net for the price of the snacks I got from the girls earlier, but the price was still quite expensive, and once again I felt indescribable.

At least, it wasn’t something I could eat like a rice cracker while playing a game.

But yes…

I had a good talk with that guy in the game.

[Once again, you don’t want a girlfriend?]

I’ve told him many times that I don’t want one. … I can’t have one. So I gave up. That’s the clear answer.

Even I used to have the vitality to confess my feelings to a girl I liked, but I’ve been rejected by all of them, and now I’m a respectable adult, 27 years old.

And someone once told me that an adult’s confession is made when he knows that 99% of the time the other person likes him, and finally to make sure of that remaining 1% to make it 100%.

Well, I don’t have a single such person in my life right now… And there is no sign that I can.

Every day I am plagued by the gap between my ideals and reality, and my feelings just keep falling away on their own.

Unlike in the past, I am conscious of my overall appearance and cleanliness, and I even get my hair cut at a hair salon. I also pay attention to my shape and health, and have lost about 10 kg in the past six months through muscle training, jogging, and other activities. I try not to get frustrated at any time.

However, if I open my eyes, I realize that it is normal for me to be concerned about my appearance as an adult, and that my weight has only gone from overweight to a reasonable weight.

After all, I’m finally getting close to the same level as other people, and my work is as unappealing as ever.

The total is usually negative.

To be honest, I have completely lost the luxury of wanting to have a girlfriend in my current situation, where I am not even able to support myself satisfactorily.

In fact, even if a man does not have a good face, a funny guy will probably be popular regardless of his age, but I have none of that funny quality. I can make people smile, but I can’t make them laugh. The word “kind” has always been used to describe me, but it’s not a compliment.

Kindness = [a word of praise for a boring man who is a passive-aggressive, and has nothing to say about it].

Anyway, it means that a popular guy can fall in love, get married, or whatever, and an unattractive guy like me would probably be happier if I stay single for the rest of my life.

Well, I was thinking about such unimportant things in vain again, but I decided to go to bed, so I just registered the girls as my friends on line and quietly closed my heavy eyelids in my bed.

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