Episode 1 – Why I want to be a friend character



I, Kajiyama Nagito, have always been popular with girls.

“I like you, Nagito-kun.”

“Ah, me too, me too!”

“I like you more than you like him!”

When I was in elementary school, most of the girls in my class liked me, and I got so much chocolate for Valentine’s Day that I thought I was going to get diabetes.

And that hasn’t changed at all now that I’m in the second year of junior high school.

“Ka, Kajiyama-senpai! I like you! Please go out with me!”

It was a junior high school student one year younger than me,

“Kajiyama-kun. If you don’t have a girlfriend right now, I’ll go out with you.”

Even a senpai who was a year older than me.

Beautiful girls that all the boys in my junior high school admire are confessing their feelings to me, regardless of their grade.

Hmm? Why am I so popular?

The reason is simple.

I was born with a good face.

Luckily, my parents were a couple of beautiful men and women, and I, as well as my sister, were born into this world as a beautiful boy and a beautiful girl.

Let me tell you, there is such a thing as parental mess in this world.

No matter how smart you are and how good you are at studying, if you have a bad face, you will not be popular.

In my case, I am popular because I can study and do sports and have a good face.

And in my case, I am tall and good-looking.

Since I was a kid, I have had offers from idol agencies and magazines to be a model, but I have turned them all down because of the creepy rules about not being allowed to fall in love.

I have the talent to sell myself as much as I want without being under someone else’s thumb.

“I mean I was born with everything in the world …… hahaha! Hahahaha !!!”

On the way home from junior high school.

Sitting alone on a riverside field in the dazzling evening sun, I raise my voice in high spirits.

Life is easy mode.

I’m going to use this handsome face to gain wealth to the death, be popular with women, have sex with pretty girls to the death, and live a life of indulging in pleasure.

The moment I’m born into this world, I’m a winner

“Kuuuuuh!! My life is really too good to be true.”

That’s what I thought.



I was sitting on the riverbank, watching the sunset and smiling, when a long shadow suddenly stretched out from behind me.

I stood up from the field and turned around to face the shadow.

“U-Umm, you are…Komiya-san, we’re in the same class, right? ”


Komiya Michiko.

I’ve been in the same class as her, and she’s a literature girl with glasses who’s always reading books.

Just the other day, she also confessed to me….., which means, no way.

“I came to …… ask you because you still hadn’t responded to my confession the other day.”


What, is this woman following me?

That doesn’t feel right…well, I have to reply for now.

I don’t have a girlfriend just now.

I have been going out with and breaking up with girls who have confessed to me since I entered junior high school, and just last time in rotation, I broke up with a girl, so now I’m free.

So I have all the cute girls I want to choose from. …… Now I’m also getting a confession from a senior, a beautiful girl with big boobs from the 3rd year.

Well, no matter how I look at it, if I were to date her, I’d rather have a Senpai with a beautiful busty girl than this plain girl.

“I-I’m sorry, but I’m going out with a senpai in the third year.”


“I’m sorry!”

I bow deeply as I utter an apology.

“Of course, I was happy about Komiya-san’s feelings, but–“

“I wonder why ……, don’t you understand?”

Eh ……?

The moment I lifted my head.

Something glaring appeared in my field of vision.

“Even though, I love you so much, so much.”

The silver blade reflecting the red of the setting sun.

The sharp tip is saying “Hello” to me.

“I watched Kajiyama-kun every day! I secretly put 1,000 yen in Kajiyama-kun’s wallet every month! I was the one who delivered Kajiyama’s lost items to his desk when he dropped them! I’ve done so much for you, so why ……!”

“I-I don’t know anything about that!

“Then …..die!”


In Komiya-san’s hand was a simple kitchen knife from our junior high school home economics room,……! This is not the time for such a cerebral explanation!

“H-hey ……, stop it!”

With the impulse to get scared and fall on my buttocks with my eyes fluttering open, I sit down on the riverbed field.

Oh, no, it’s not true.

This woman is trying to kill me.

“I don’t want Kajiyama-kun who doesn’t like me!”


It was as if she was hugging me, and I felt as if my stomach was being gouged.

My stomach feels sticky and something bitter comes out of my mouth all at once… Oee.

“Bye, Kajiyama,…….kun”

I don’t want to die.

Even though I was on easy mode in my life, being killed by a yandere like this just…..?

“Hey, what are you doing? Hey, wait!”

Suddenly, a man in a suit appeared and tried to chase after Komiya, who was running away.

“Are you okay?!”

My vision went completely black.


I don’t …… want to die


–I don’t need to be popular anymore.

Just because I am a good-looking guy, I don’t have to be criticized by people around.

I don’t need a girlfriend, nor do I want to have sex.

I don’t need the desire for approval or the element of being popular, so…!

I want to still live…!!!!


The moment I wished so – a light shines in my vision.

I’m …… not dead …..?

“Na, na, Nagito’s awake!”

“I’m so glad! Thank God, Nagito!”


My blurred vision became clearer and clearer.

I was lying on a hospital bed, with my family members beside me peering at me.


My sister Anna rubs her cheek against my face as she cries with happiness.

Every time Anna rubbed her cheeks against me, her twin-tail hairs would flop against me, a little depressing, but the warmth of Anna’s cheeks made me realize that I was alive.

“I …… got stabbed by a girl, as I recall.”

I mutter this with a vague recollection and at the same time, the whole family looks gloomy.

This reaction …… apparently wasn’t a nightmare.

“The truth is, Nagito.”

My father told me everything that had happened up to this point.

According to what he told me, I was rushed to the emergency room right after I was stabbed by my classmate Komiya, and I wandered between life and death, and now I am awake like this.

Once I completely lost consciousness, and it is a miracle that I am alive like this.

However, there was still a feeling of discomfort in my abdomen.

“Stabbed by a classmate. That should ring a bell, don’t you think?”

Dad asked in a gentle, admonishing tone.

Of course it was because I turned down her confession.

I’ve been on a roll for a long time.

Replacing girls …….


Next time, if the same thing happens to me, this time I might die. …… I don’t want to go through this kind of painful experience again.

“Popular is scary, Popular is scary……”

I bit my lip as I thought about it sincerely.

I never realized how scary it was to be favored by someone. ……

“Nagito, is there a reason you can’t talk?”

“Popular is scary……Popular is scary”

“Hey, Dad! Onii just woke up, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask him about it too much!”

“That’s right… Nagito is popular, so I’m sure there are things that are difficult to say.”

I’m the popular ……?

“Anyway, after being discharged from the hospital, the whole family will move to Tokyo due to Father’s transfer. Don’t worry, Nagito.”

“We are moving ……? Tokyo?”

“I can’t let Nagito and Anna stay in a junior high school with such barbaric classmates.”

It might be convenient …… to start all over again, but I have some old friends over here,

[I’m not interested in Kajiyama-kun, who doesn’t like me!]

No, I don’t want to go through that …… again.

Let’s go to Tokyo.

“Okay, mom and dad will have to talk to the police and doctors. Anna, take care of Nagito.”


Mom and Dad left the hospital room with tears in their eyes.

“I’m so glad you’re awake, Onii.”

Anna, a pampered little girl, smiles a big smile and rubs her cheek against my hand.

“Anna ……”

Anna might be in the same boat as me.

Like me, Anna is a popular girl with a good face and good figure, and in junior high school she is called the female version of Kajiyama Nagito.

She is only one year younger than me, but she has better language skills than I do, and she has talked about her dream of modeling abroad in the future.

Had my case been overseas, I might have been …… shot and killed.

“……Anna, be careful.”


“Because being popular will hurt you. ……”


I don’t want Anna to go through this.

“Tokyo. Isn’t that exciting? Aren’t you looking forward to seducing all the city girls in Tokyo?”

“…… nothing.”

I’ve decided I won’t do that again.

I’m happy just to be alive like this.

I’m not interested in being popular….

If I move to Tokyo, I want to be in the corner of the class and just talk to my friends once in a while.

I don’t want to get stabbed anymore.

“Onii…… maybe something happened with the girl you were dating this one time?”

“I don’t talk about women anymore.”

“Muuu…..Well, since I have some free time, I’ll read a manga”

Anna took out a manga from her bag and started reading it next to her bed.

Anna, manga? that’s unusual.

Normally she only watches youth reality shows or short video app tictax. ……

“Is that manga funny?”

“Yeah! It’s a Sheishun thing that’s popular in my class right now, but the friend’s character is so cool that it really made me cry.”

“Friend, the character?”

“He’s the one who brings the hero and heroine together and plays the role of a person. He is a friend character who is ridiculed as a friend character, but he is a better character than the hero.”

Friend …… character …….

“Even though he is a good-looking guy, I feel bad that he’s standing up for the main character and isn’t popular because he’s a friend character, but that’s cool!”

I’ve never heard the term “friend character” before, I’ve never found it so appealing.

He’s handsome, but for the hero’s sake ……also unattractive.

In other words, it’s a safe …… place to spend my school days!

“…… T-that’s it.”

“Nn, do you want to read it too, Onii?”

Isn’t it the best …… friend character ……?

This is it! This is the way I’m going to live my life from now on!

This is how I started to become a “friend character” ………… instead of a popular guy.

But a beautiful girl I was going to school with asked me a certain request, and my life, which was supposed to be a friend character, changed drastically.

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