We opened our lunch wagon in a village square ruled by a certain country.

We were operating our food stall as usual.

“Gyaho! Gyaoogh! Gyaooooo!!!!”

The white juvenile dragon, tied to the post of the wagon with a rope, was howling.

“Hey, Shabazo. You’ve been making a lot of noise since a while ago.”

I, who was in charge of cooking, warned him, but he didn’t stop barking.

This baby dragon is only attached to Hina

Therefore, he is not only friendly to me, but also to his master, Io san, and he shows his attitude to me.

I basically leave him alone, but when Io-san gets mad and shakes his ladle at him, Shabazo gets scared and hides in a corner, showing only his rainbow-colored tail and shaking. It’s called “hide your head and show only your tail.”

But today he’s barking especially …… something looks desperate.

Also, I’m concerned about the fact that Hina went shopping for groceries and never came back.

Don’t tell me something’s wrong with that girl?

“–Seti. I need you to take care of the store for a minute.”

“Master, where are you going?”

“I’m going to check on her.”

“Shall I go then?”

“No, you concentrate on the cooking. …… There are still customers here, and I think it’s time to leave the store to you.”

“Y-yes. ……”

It’s nice to be recognized by a respected master, but …… I don’t know what’s making my heart flutter.

My assassin’s instincts are tingling.

“No, I’m going! Shabazo, I’ll ask you to take care of the store!”

Without receiving any payment, I hurriedly folded up the store and ran out.

I activated my “Tracking Magic” as I ran. As if wearing glasses, a geometric magic circle emerges from both eyes. A faintly luminous trail of footprints dotted along the road in my field of vision.

This is the magic that tracks and navigates the route taken by the designated subject.

Most first-rate assassins would wear it.

Of course, Io san, who was a well-known assassin in Japan, must have mastered it.

He must have used the same method to track Hina’s footsteps.

I followed the trail left by Io san.

The footprints led me to a large abandoned building a short distance away.

I sneak into the building, making my presence invisible, and follow the footprints to a room.

The door was open, and I quietly peeked inside.

The worst had already happened.

“–Master Io!”

I run up to Io-san, who is lying face down on the floor.

Io san was bleeding from his chest, and the fresh blood had spread to the floor.

I turn him onto his back, hold him in my arms, and check his condition.

The stab wound was deeply gouged out, clearly a fatal wound.

“Ugh …… seti? W-What are you doing here?”

“Master, come on!”

“Don’t worry about me ……, more importantly …..Hinas.”

Io san indicated with a trembling hand, pointing toward the back window.

There were about six men there, all dressed in black. They were assimilated into the darkness and all seemed to be armed in some way.

In the middle of them is Hina, gagged and bound.

Hina was groaning “Nngh! She was roaring and desperately appealing for something.

“…… you guys took that girl hostage and stabbed an unarmed master?”

“Who are you, boy? Why are you working with him? What is your relationship with Io?”

“What’s it to you!? Leave Hina alone!”

“No. The girl was originally going to be killed. If only Io had not betrayed us out of love.”

“That’s why I used her as bait to lure out the traitor! And we will kill them both! And you, the boy who knows of our existence!”

No questions asked.

They were vindictive, even though it was nine years ago.

I lay Io on the floor. I used healing magic to stop the bleeding so that it wouldn’t continue.

But I’m not a priest like Fiala, so this was the best I could do.

I need to get him to a doctor or church as soon as possible. ……

“……I’m sorry, Master, I just need a minute of your time.”

I stood up and faced the black-clad assassins.

An impatience that I had never felt before became an impulse, filling my whole body and overflowing.

Something wells up from the depths of my heart and seems to boil over and explode.

“What is this …… guy?”

He is a pro, after all. Did he notice the change in me?

But it’s too late! You have stepped into an area you should not have stepped into!

“Activate biofunction amplification and enhancement–limiter deactivation!”

I released the greatest power I had received from the boss of the organization, Mors.

It could be called the “Grace” skill given to me by the Grim Reaper.

The power of my entire body is filled with extraordinary dynamism, and I am becoming more and more agitated.

The words of the ancient magic spells that had been sealed throughout her skin began to emerge like an array of tattoos, glowing red and sparkling.

Pupils turn red, and aggressive impulses surge forth.

“—Don’t think you’re going to have an easy death!”

I transformed into Seti, the God of Death.

“D-don’t care! Kill him!!!”

The man holding Hina in the middle shouts out instructions.

He is the leader of the group.

The three black-robed men on either side of the group attack with one-handed curved-blade swords and spear-shaped scimitars.

All of these weapons can be found on the continent of Eurus.

But it doesn’t matter to me.

I sprinted with the two daggers held in opposite hands in both arms.

The daggers were drawn in a bright red trailing afterglow, clinging to the attacking black-armored men and slipping past them.


The three black-clad men screamed in unison.

Behind me as I passed, their limbs and heads were severed and splattered with blood before I could blink.

I tried not to show the gruesome scene to Hina, only to tell her

“Hina, this will all be over soon, so just close your eyes for a moment.”

Hina nodded and closed her eyes. This girl is very honest, which is a big help.

“W-What the hell did you do?!”

the leader of the group shouted and asked.

“Nothing. I just killed the scum. It’s impossible for you guys to see my serious moves.”

Yes, this is the original fighting style.

The skill of “bio-enhancement” is the ability to increase and amplify the bio-functions to the utmost limit.

Not only does it strengthen the body, but it also targets and amplifies the five senses, intuition, and all other functions.

Furthermore, by lifting the limiter, one can expect an unlimited amplification, which in a sense can be called a cheat.

It is not simply called the strongest assassination organization that rules the underworld.

Incidentally, when one is in this state, one’s tone of voice also changes, albeit slightly.

I am in a state of extreme excitement, and my temperament becomes more aggressive and violent, so it is inevitable.

I’m going to approach the black-suited men at ease.

“……The remaining three.”

“You’re getting ahead of yourself, you know that?—Gueee!!”


The dagger in both hands is thrown at the same time, firstly into the faces of the two men on both sides.

The speed of the projectiles in the “bio-enhanced” state is faster than bullets.

The two men collapsed to their knees and fell to the floor with a thud.


“…There’s only one left.”

I approached the last one, the leader of the group.

The man’s exposed eyes widened in shock and horror.

“Don’t come! We have hostages!”

The man pointed the blade of his dagger at Hina as he said.

“Do it. I’ll kill you first.”

I push forward, unfazed.

“A-Aaah–I’ll kill this kid first!”

“-That’s why it’s too late. You’re dead already.”

I disappear and move at super speed to get behind the leader.


I quickly strangle him naked and lightly crush his cervical vertebrae and slaughter him.

Throwing the dead corpse of the man who is weakening in my arms to the side, I release the restraints of Hina who is in front of me.

With the limiter released, no one can follow my movements.

By the time I realize it, the target is dead – as if hunted by the scythe of the god of death.

–That is the reason why the organization calls me ” Seti the Grim Reaper”.

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