“Ignorance is a sin. It’s disgusting that a mere ex-hero party can challenge me! I hate you! What a hateful little girls!…Hiiiii!!!”

A caged voice screams through the hood of a jet-black cloak.

This is a line from Kale, the self-proclaimed demon sage.

While screaming madly, Kale strips off her cloak and reveals hhers appearance.

“Ugh, is this person ……?”

Princess Knight Karina, who was leading the way with her greatsword raised, stopped in her tracks.

“Is it a demon? Or perhaps an evil spirit,……, but I sense ‘life’!”

“But…. skeleton?”

While Fiala and Miriel, who had also stopped, speculated, only Maneesa shook her head sharply to the side.

“No! That’s the one who broke the taboo–the ‘Sage of the Dead’!”

“……Houu. You know who I am, you are a person of considerable knowledge. It seems that you are not just a useless breast mob sorcerer.”

The figure is a skeletal woman wearing a magical suit.

The reason why she was so unusually thin was because she had no flesh and only bones.

It is said that there are sorcerers who are so intent on mastering magic even in death that they perform forbidden secret arts on their own bodies.

Kale was one of them.

However, after death, most of them lose their ego and become mere “evil spirits”. This is because that is the end of those who have fallen prey to forbidden magic.

After that, they are usually hunted by adventurers as roaming monsters wandering around in a mansion or dungeon somewhere.

Therefore, there can be no one who has feelings and will like Kale.

It was impossible for her to skillfully manipulate powerful magic as one of the highest-ranking members of the “Four Pillars of Hell”.

“This body is the grace and skill given by the boss. Eternal life, an immortal body, capable of endlessly continuing the quest for magic without ever losing its ego. …… How’s that, don’t you envy me, sorcerer?”

Kale’s jaw is not moving as she speaks.

She seems to be speaking directly to him with her thoughts all the time.

“I don’t envy you at all, you have a body like that! It’s too creepy for Seti-kun to love me! It’s creepy!”

“Ha, you…… sorcerer, you choose men over the magical path! Don’t you want to become more knowledgeable and wise?!”

“Nothing. I’m looking at my father, but he’s just so difficult to take care of! I’d much rather enjoy the slow life with Seti kun! Magic is the power to do that for me!”

“Ugh! Don’t appeal all the time! I would give up my country to be with Seti dono! I don’t need royalty! It is with this resolve that we are fighting together!”

“I am ready to do the same! Even if I have to disobey the Goddess Mersana, I will walk with my beloved Seti san!”

“You’ve never been in love, have you? We all love Seti! We are here with the determination to fight for the person we love, risking our lives together!”

Manisa, Kalina, Fiala, and Miriel all expressed their stubborn feelings for Seti and their determination to love her.

Kale, who had given up her physical body to attain immortality in order to master the ways of magic, listened with her skeletal body trembling slightly.

“…What is love… What is it that I have never been in love with… What’s the matter? I’m much healthier than a perpetually horny bitch like you, I am working hard to master the art of magic! After all, it’s normal for a magician! I’m beyond disgusted, you idiot!”

Kale curses and begins to cast a spell.

The bone palm is held out, and magic power like never before is condensed from it.

“Die, bitches! Dark Destruction Artillery!”

High-powered particles of destruction are released and strike the beautiful girls.

“Manisa, please!”


Karina stepped forward and raised her large sword in the air, while Manisa chanted a simplified incantation and applied the “Counter Magic Sword” of the granting magic.

Just like that, Karina swung her large sword and completely cut the approaching destructive particles in two.

“Don’t underestimate us, Sage of the Dead! Unlike Alta, who became a hero through his parents’ connections, everyone present here is a fierce warrior who has been selected for the hero party through a combination of hard work and ability! The ability to defeat the Demon King with Seti dono at the center is not a fake!”

Karina shouted as she sprinted toward Kale.

The large sword, having gained anti-magic effects, emitted a dazzling flash and was held out wide.

Due to its anti-magic effect, the large sword emitted a dazzling flash and was swung wide.

What’s more, she is a princess knight who boasts the party’s greatest attack power and is nicknamed the Slasher Princess.

I’m sure one swing of Bone Kale will shatter her body.

“Let’s see if you can do it! Come on out, Fang of the Earth!”

The ground cracks under Kale’s feet, and multiple clay-craft-like tentacles appear.

The tentacles, with their tips pointed like fangs, charging at Karina.

Karina exclaimed, “Hmph!” and slashed at the group of tentacles, wiping them out like a piece of paper.

Her mouth hung open slightly and she smiled.

“That’s it! It’s a decoy! here to get your attention!”


At that moment, an arrow of light pierced Kale’s forehead.

It was Miriel’s Grace Skill, the Light Sniper.

“flash shot! Don’t be distracted by Karina all the time!”

“Ugh… I told you I was immortal! Is it possible for me, a dead spirit sage, to die at this level! Even so, you guys are so cowardly against one person! You should fight one-on-one like an ally of justice, you’re so disgusting!”

“…What are you talking about? Didn’t you from the Four Pillars of Hell also stand against Seti-san alone and challenge him to a fight?”

Suddenly, a voice was heard from behind Kale.

She turned around in a hurry and before I knew it, Fiala was standing there.

“T-the priestess! S-stupid ……, when did you start this?!”

“It’s been since you unleashed a magic attack on Karina. Manisa used Illusion Magic on me beforehand and temporarily disappeared. You said so Kale-san…to ensure that your soul ascends to heaven. Even if I can’t physically kill you, I can purify your unclean soul.”

“Wait a minute! Do you have divine power? ? The ultimate type of divine spirit magic that summons and uses gods… This little girl is!?”

“It doesn’t matter what you think. Then disperse–《Purification of Souls》!”

The moment Fiala prays, the “Virgin Goddess Mersana” descends from behind her.

She embraced Kale’s body and transformed it into light.

It seems that she is about to return to the heavenly world with the “defiled souls”.

Normally, the light would be warm and compassionate, but for Kale, who has violated the forbidden and become a “Sage of the Dead,” it is now nothing short of terrifying.

A pillar of light descends from the sky and tries to lure Kale along with the Virgin Melsana.

“T-This is definitely a bad idea! Wait, wait, wait! no, no, no!!!!!”

Kale’s screams were empty, and a group of small, thick, naked angels descended from the heavens.

They look happy and grab Kale’s body and try to carry her up into the sky.

“Let go, youu! It doesn’t taste good… It’s too effective for me, a dead spirit sage! If things continue like this, I’ll ascend to heaven with my whole body… Shit, if this happens…

Kale wondered what she was thinking.

She separated the skull part from the body and dropped it to the ground.

Only the rest of the body ascends, and the pillar of the sky disappears in a flash.

“Gah… I managed to escape from ascension, leaving only my skull behind… Was this the goal of those bitches from the beginning? Damn! Hateful, how hateful! Remember, remember, Hiiii!!!!!”

Kale, having narrowly escaped the difficulty, was relieved, and her resentment was in full swing, and her usual negative switch was flipped and she was going crazy.


“So. How can you fight us with only your head?”

“I’m done with you. I’m not scared at all~”

“It’s a dead end. Checkmate.”

“Kale, you’ve lost. Give up.”

Karina, Miriel, Manisa, and Fiala stand around the skull lying on the ground.

Kale comes to herself with a huff and bursts out laughing, “Hahaha ha.”

“No, I don’t like this, senpai-tachi~. I’ve already lost my will to fight~ I can’t do anything in this condition~.”

Kale suddenly starts to talk in a childish tone and to deceive.

However, the eyes of Karina and the others are not smiling at all.

Manisa opened her mouth and said, “It can’t be helped.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, Seti kun asked me to let this person live. You’re in luck, …… we’re willing to let you live if you help us.”

“Yes, of course! I will cooperate with you! I won’t say anything against anyone anymore! I will reflect on the fact that I deserved this appearance as well!”

“That’s a good attitude. Then, Kale, I’m going to freeze your skull with the highest grade of ice magic for a while.”

“Eh? What?”

“I’ll only defrost your skull when I have something to do. …… It’s practically a permanent seal. That’s punishment for burning down the forest!”

“Eee!? Stop it! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Hiiiiiii!!!”

Thus, the “demon sage” Kale was defeated by the beautiful girls.

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4 months ago

Wao, this girls are the real deal. Although we all knew about their abilities, this is the first time they have the opportunity to show their full power. The fight with the bears wasn’t that impressive.