At the command of an outraged Alta, a hundred assassins, including Pomple, who had been standing behind him, leaned forward.

The Holy Knights braced themselves with enthusiasm, “Let’s protect the king and queen!”

The number of the knights was 30, which was clearly a disadvantage, no matter how strong they boasted of their strength.

“Prince Alta…… no, Alta the rebel! I offer you single combat!”

Euro came forward alone.

“What, single combat? This cuckold bastard has the courage to abandon me, a member of the royal family. haa!?”

“You are cowardly, Alta! You’re still a coward who can’t fight on your own!”

“You …… I’m not the same man I was before! I’ve come up from the bottom of the ditch! I’m not with you guys who are lounging around in your castles! I’ll take my chances, you bastard!”

Alta took up the challenge and started walking alone, his face contorted.

Confronting Euro in the center of the spacious audience hall, he pulled out the “Magic Sword Ansalar” from its distorted sheath.

The sword is enveloped in an evil atmosphere that distorts the space.

(Alta, you’re getting emotional so quickly. Well, it’s good that you are filled with negative emotions. …… And it’s not enough to be wary of an opponent of that caliber.)

Mors, who shares half of his body with Alta, mutters in thought and decides to leave the matter to Alta.

“Let’s go, Alta! I will strike you down and make an apology to His Majesty for betraying him! After that, I shall be punished as much as I want!”

Euro also drew his sword from its sheath and readied it.

He is a fearless knight who cuckolded the king and queen, but he was originally regarded as one of the best swordsmiths in the Holy Land of Grateka.

Even Alta, who used to live in the royal castle, is aware of Euro’s abilities.

But he never shies away from a challenge.

“Shut up. Come at me, you pick-up knight!”

On the contrary, he is showing a calmness that is hard to believe for someone who had just surrendered himself to anger, and he even smiles with a smile of composure.

The fusion with Mors has made it easier for him to switch from one emotion to another, unlike in the past when he was still inexperienced.

A moment later, Euro steps in first.


A sharp, well-trained sword flash approaches Alta’s neck.



Euro was astonished.

Alta held the sword blade with the tip of his finger and performed the “Shirahadatori,”

It was the same technique shown by Seti, the god of death, the man who had once stolen his fiancee from him.

“It’s shocking to have your sword, the one you’re so proud of, held up like this, isn’t it, Euro? I’ve been humiliated more than this by him, …… like this!”


Alta let go of the sword and simultaneously slammed his fist into it, slicing it in two.

This is what Seti did to him.


“I’ll return it, and at the same time—doom!”

He throws the broken sword blade at Euro.

The blade spun at high speed and went straight into the top of his head.

“Gufu…… Eliza-sama……”

Euro fell to the ground, blood dripping from his head, nostrils, and mouth, as the sword remained lodged in him.


Eliza was the first to shout his name.She understood that, despite the infidelity, Euro’s love for her was genuine.

Even though they had mutually agreed, it was a fact that the indiscreet action she took without regard for her position as queen had ruined the life of one holy knight.

“Hehehe. I wanted to try it once against a guy who boasts of his swordsmanship. …… See that, Seti the Grim Reaper? I’m so strong now! I’ve got the same …… or even more power than you! How about that, Seti!”

Alta shouted the name of someone who was not here.

He didn’t dare to use the “Magic Sword Unsullied” because he was aware of Seti.

–The fake hero who was pretending to be him.

The man who had stolen the four beautiful fiancées and the position of the next king.

Damn, he pisses me off. …… But he’s strong! Too strong!

I have to admit that, even if I don’t like it!

No matter how hard I train, I will never be able to beat that monster. I thought so for a while and despaired.

But not now!

Alta is definitely in the same boat as Seti.

His magical power and body have been greatly enhanced by his fusion with Mors, the head of Hades, an assassination organization that controls the underworld of the Grand Line continent.

“Hey, you bastards! understand!? you and the others, kill all the Holy Knights! Then bring Rotakka and Eliza before me! Don’t show mercy to anyone who gets in your way!”

At Alta’s command, the assassins silently sprang into action.

The holy knights also fought back, but they were outnumbered and skilled.

In the blink of an eye, all the assassins were killed, and the audience hall was overrun. 

Alta’s wish was granted, and the king, Rotakka, and queen, Eliza, were dragged out by his men.

The two were on their knees in front of their own brother, huddled together, and crouched on the floor.

Alta held out his “Magic Sword Ansalar” and held out the tip of his cut toward the two of them

His lips lifted up in a wry smile.

“Nice try, you pig bastard Rotakka and Onee chan ……, no, Eliza! I’m going to kill you first! Prepare yourself!”

“Wait, Alta-kun! Don’t kill Eliza chan! If you cut off my head, you’ll inevitably take over the throne!”

“Rotakka,… are,…… sorry… I’m sorry …… Uuuu.”

Eliza is moved to tears by her husband’s willingness to stand up for his erring wife, and she continues to apologize.

The surrounding overlords who survived also changed their minds, saying, “What a compassionate man you are,…… Great the Pig,” and had previously called him a foolish king who was only interested in eating.

Alta clicked his tongue in front of his sister and her husband, “Tsk”.

“No good, Rotakka. There is nothing in it for me if I cut off the head of you, the son-in-law! But Eliza, as a woman, she will not inherit the throne, but if she has a child and it is a boy, there is a good chance that he will inherit the throne! If I am deprived of the throne, I will have to cut off all the bloodlines of “Yukein” in order to get the throne again, no?”

“…… I understand, Alta. Please cut off my head. That is my atonement for betraying Rotakka.”

“Eliza chan?~!”

I was the most foolish woman I ever met. I cursed my own sexuality, I used you, I used even the loyal Euro as a distraction,…… and even though I brought it all on myself, I can’t believe that I finally realized my love for you,…… even after all this time. I love you. I love you,…… Uuuu.”

“…… Eliza-chan.”

“Ahhhh, shut up. Can’t you do it somewhere else? You’re done anyway, Eliza. This world is not equal, it’s all about appearances. When the people find out what you’ve done, you’ll be blamed for it, and it will spread like wildfire. That’s because you are a woman. That’s the way it is now! There is no redemption in this revenge drama!~”

Alta spat out the words and raised his magic sword high in the air.

With that, he aimed to slash at Eliza’s neck.

“Wait, Your Highness Alta!”

A man’s voice echoed throughout the audience hall.

Alta turned in the direction of the voice and saw a white-haired, elderly-looking nobleman standing in front of him.

He was well known.

“…You is the Duke of Murrand?”

He is an important figure known as the pocket of the Holy Land of Grateka.

He was also once Alta’s teacher.

Murand nodded his head in agreement.

“If you kill Queen Eliza now, no one in the country, including us, will recognize you as king. Even if you ruled the country with violence, it would never last. If the neighboring Kingdom of Woana finds out about this, won’t that give them an excuse to attack us?”

The Kingdom of Woana is the home country of his former fiancée, Karina.

Like her, a princess knight, it is known as a powerful country.

Although they are allied now, if Alta were to forcefully become the capital of the kingdom by plundering it, the balance of power would be upset, and that could create an excuse for an immediate invasion.

The reason is simple: Alta is disliked by the kings of neighboring countries.

The person whose engagement was unilaterally broken understands this better than anyone else.

If things go wrong, other countries and the parents of the ex-fiancées may join forces.

If a war were to break out, there is no way they could win with their current strength.

In fact, the assassins that Alta can direct are at best low-level, below the level of the top brass.

Even if they could surprise the enemy, they would be no match for them in an all-out war.

“…… What are you trying to say, Murand?”

“First of all, you must succeed to the throne and ascend to the throne in a legitimate manner. To do so, the king must sign the King’s seal.”

“The throne seal?. All right, Rotakka, bring it to me right now!”

“Sorry~, Alta-kun. I don’t have it~”

“Ah! What did you say, you pig?”

Alta was furious with Rotakka who said in a peaceful tone.

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5 months ago

Is this the way author-sama is making Eliza atone? I feel like he doesn’t want Alta to feel he got any type of big accomplishment. Alta is just getting the worse over and over again.