[Kaa! Seti, the god of death, betrayed the organization! Kaa! Get rid of him! Finish the traitor! In the name of the organization, kill Seti, the god of death! The one who kills him will receive a reward of 2 billion G (equivalent to 2 billion Japanese yen)! I repeat…]

The assassins hiding on the Grand Line continent are ordered by the secret agent, Raven, to be eliminated, along with an unprecedented bounty.

From now on, Seti will be in constant pursuit of assassins hiding in various countries.

This is what it means to betray Hades, which boasts a continental scale.

But, in spite of all that

“I’m hungry. ……”

The man in question was camped out in front of a campfire.

He was dressed in a black leather cloak and matching color clothing, with thick-soled combat boots on his feet. He was dressed for ease of movement.

“I should have taken my share of the commission before I did this …… Haa.”

Admiring the swaying flames, I sigh and hold back my hunger.

If I think about it carefully, I realize that I am penniless.

It’s funny to be a top-notch assassin and have no money, isn’t it?

There is a reason for that.

I donated all the filthy money I earned from my kills to orphanages around the world so that they could be cleaned up.


The reason is that I was from an orphanage.

It was 12 years ago.

A war broke out in a country, and the orphanage where I lived was caught in the fire of the war.

Everyone died and I was the only one who miraculously survived.

However, as a young child, I was unable to do anything on my own and ended up on the streets.

I was starving and had half given up on the idea that I would soon starve to death when the boss of the organization, “Mors,” appeared before me.

“Kid, if you want to eat a lot of food, come to my house. I will give you the strength to live.”

When I first met him, he was a skinny old man with a cane.

But I remember that he had the “magic sword Ansalar” at his waist.

I strongly wished to live and held the devil’s hand that was offered to me.

I joined the assassination organization “Hades,” was trained under the direct supervision of the boss, and emerged as a first-rate assassin.

I performed numerous missions such as assassinating royalty and important people, escorting people, and defeating demons, and always accomplished them flawlessly.

I have even taken on entire nations single-handedly, sometimes driving them to the brink of destruction in the course of my missions.

Because of my relentless fighting style, I was called “Seti, the God of Death” by the members of the same organization, and came to be revered as the symbol of “Hades”.

However, no matter how much I am called the strongest assassin, I have never felt happy.

No, I think I had even forgotten the feeling of happiness at that time.

My heart was already broken and dead when I joined the organization.

The boss had made me that way, and I had become a mere killing machine.

I felt no pain, no suffering, no sorrow. I just went on with my duties, always killing someone.

My only conscience is that I don’t spend any of the money I get from killing, but donate it to orphanages and volunteer facilities in the countries I visit.

A self-satisfied meddling that I did with the hope that no more children like myself would be picked up by bad organizations.

I will probably never get out of this business. I had given up on it.

Until I met these women.

At the request of the hero Alta, I often fought alongside a party of four people who were his fiancees, acting as the heroes themselves.

As I have told you before, Alta often let me take his place for nightlife purposes outside of battle.

I was dressed up as a fake hero, and I was in contact with the girls as requested.

Karina, Fiala, Miriel, and Manisa.

All four of them are beautiful, beautiful and very attractive, and they have joined the brave party with conviction and pride.

I knew that they were not the kind of girls who would be dominated by the heroic Alta with a very light heart.

As expected, each of the girls had their own circumstances, and they had unavoidable backgrounds that led to their engagement.

Still, they believed in the hero, Alta, and depending on his success, …….

But in the end, Alta betrayed them. I was the one who took his place as a fake.

But for me, the encounter with the four of them must have been a fate-changing event.

In the beginning, they were wary of me as Alta the hero, but as we fought and interacted together, we became friends and I was able to experience their kindness.

Their warmth melted my frozen heart, and feelings I thought I had lost began to come back.

I found myself laughing with them and trusting them so much that I could rely on them to have my back during battle.

Even if the relationship was a lie, it was a very happy and joyful time for me.

At the same time, I felt guilty for deceiving them.

But I couldn’t confide in them.

I did have some requests, but nothing would change if I told the truth.

Immediately after I killed the Demon King, I was dismissed by the hero Alta.

Having regained my heart, I had no desire to return to the organization, so I accepted the situation as a blessing and betrayed the boss.

The man I killed at the guild headquarters …… was definitely the boss, Mors.

But it was him and not him.

He will appear again in a different form anyway. He will appear again with that “Magic Sword Ansalar”.

I’ll kill him then. ……but


The stomach rumbles.

“I’m hungry after all. …… When push comes to shove, I’ll just have to hunt and eat a demon.”

I used to be able to eat rather anything because I didn’t have a sense of taste, but now I’ve become a total gourmet.

Thanks to these girls, I guess.

The next day, I visited the Kingdom of Woana, a neighboring country of the Holy Land of Grateka.

This country, I believe, is the birthplace of Princess Knight Carina, one of the hero of the party, and I heard that she is a genuine third princess.

Her full name is Carina von Alambard.

It seems that she was betrothed to Alta as his bride in a political marriage.

She is a princess but also an excellent holy knight, and at first she challenged me, a fake hero, to a duel, saying, “If you are worthy of me, then of course you must be stronger than me.”

I thought that if I lost here and the hero Alta gave up on me, the mission would have failed, so I went easy on her and managed to win.

After that, I think Karina’s eyes on me, or rather on Alta, have changed.

“It’s just recently, but it makes me feel nostalgic. …… And it’s a good country, isn’t it?”

After entering the country, I looked around the streets of the royal city and muttered to myself.

I’m hungry though,…… I haven’t eaten anything since then.

First of all, I need to find a job,…….

Just when I was thinking that.

In the crowd, I noticed a strange man following a girl.

The girl was about 9 years old and cute, with black hair in pigtails that looked very nice on her.

The man, on the other hand, was clearly suspicious.

He has a large bag slung over his shoulder and is breathing heavily anyway.

There is a slight smell of blood coming from the bag. From the bulge, I guessed that there was a large cloth bag outside of the weapon.

Is this guy …… definitely a kidnapper, or even an assassin?

He’s a little girl-specialist pervert, but he smells like blood. The movements are stealthy, as if someone had taught him, but the pursuit itself is still amateurish, even from here it’s obvious.

At the very least, he’s not a member of any organization. A stray?

My assassin’s instincts tingle and whisper.

I’ve seen enough assholes in my day to know one when I see one.

I can tell by the deadly energy emanating from their bodies, especially if they are about to kill or commit a crime.

Most likely, he’s going to follow her to an unpopular place and kidnap her.

Either way.

“Hey, you. What are you doing to her?”

I approach him with my presence off and talk to him behind his back.

“What the hell are you–Ugoh!”

As soon as the man turns around, I stick my pre-hardened middle finger into his forehead up to the root and quickly pull it out.

Of course, I move too fast for anyone to notice, even in broad daylight.

“Don’t be so proud to be stinking in the street, you lowlife. You’re a lowlife.”

I have betrayed the organization, and at the same time, I have vowed to use the power I have acquired as an assassin to help the weak and the good.

It is the least I can do to atone for those whose lives I have taken.

The man fell to the ground, bleeding from the forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth.

The people around him noticed something was wrong and gathered around the prone man.

I walked briskly away with a nonchalant look on my face.

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