Episode 24 – Former hero Alta on the run 3



Seti is getting along well with her four ex-fiancées.

Alta, who used to have a brilliant future as a brave warrior, was insulated from his father, King Arlos, and banished from the Holy Land of Grateka because of his own foolishness.

In the end, he was followed by assassins of the assassination organization “Hades,” and he spent his days on the run, drifting through the streets of a country as a hobo and a beggar.


“Schwaperi is here!~’

Alta was serving female customers at an interracial host club in the downtown area.

“Interracial” refers to a brothel that caters mainly to women of the demon tribe other than human women.

Incidentally, “schwaperi” is said to refer to champagne, which is more expensive than ale.

Unlike when he was begging, Alta was dressed in a very gorgeous and beautiful formal wear, and had the same dazzling and well-groomed blond hair as before.

But this was only a temporary appearance.

It is not that his life has been turned around, or that something lucky has happened to improve things.

It is just a necessary means to survive.

Alta is still a hobo on the street.

The reason why he is working at a host club is because of the introduction of an old man, Rumpe, who is an elder in the town.

Since the last “Takapi & Norilyn’s idiot couple Incident,” Alta and Rumpe have become closer friends.

Alta trusts Rumpe, who has protected him and not sold him out, and he tells him his real name, his true identity, and why he became a hobo and drifted to the town.

“……It’s your fault, you know. Even though your sister tricked you, aren’t you too stupid?”

“Haa!? No! I just didn’t have any good people around me! Like my sister who framed me, my dad and mom abandoned me without defending me! My fiancées also gave up on me easily! And the ‘fake’ …… ‘Seti the Grim Reaper’ who was masquerading as me, he’s just as guilty!”

“No, “Seti the Reaper” has nothing to do with this. You’re responsible for not reading the pledge and firing him without permission,……, but Alken, or should I call you Alta? You didn’t hurt anyone or cause any trouble. That’s the truth.”

“Alken is fine. Right, Elder! It’s true that I hired a “fake” because I wanted to have fun, or because I believed that if I worked, I would lose! That’s why! Well, it wouldn’t be helped if some crazy guy stole a childhood friend and decapitated as revenge, but that’s not the case right! ? It would be better if I was stripped of my position and punished for insulting the glorious position of a hero who received an oracle from the country! But there’s no reason for me to be expelled! ? What’s that!”

“I’m no stranger to the organization ……, the giant assassination market that dominates the underworld. There are assassination guilds all over the continent that are controlled by them. To make an enemy of them, a single country can’t protect you ……, so they must have cut you off as a target.”

“I knew they abandoned me! And the bounty on me is only 3,000 G (3,000 Japanese yen)…..they underestimate me!”

“Fufufu…..3 thousand G, even I, a beggar, have that much money!”

“This is not the time to hold back your laughter, Elder! Aaah damn! I don’t want to end up like this! I don’t want it to end like this! Please give that back! That older sister, parents, and my fiancé are all with ‘Seti, the god of death’! I’ll take revenge on everyone who made fun of me!!!”

“Well, some of it is self-inflicted, but some of it …… should be sympathized with. Alken, what do you want?”

“What do I want? …… I just told you. I want to come back! No, I want power! I don’t want to be defeated by anything, I don’t want to be intimidated! I want the power to be more than just the best assassin!”

“So, how about a night job at a host club?”

“Haa!? What are you talking about, Elder?”

“You need money to do anything. If you just beg, you’ll be stuck in this situation for the rest of your life. …… Fortunately, you’re royalty and you have a pretty good-looking face. I’ll take care of your appearance with my help.”

“Hey, wait a minute! I haven’t said anything about working. ……”

“Alta, are you sure you want to stay here?”

Suddenly, the quality of Rumpe’s voice changes. From an old, wrinkled voice, the tone is 30 years younger.

Even Alta notices the change and rolls his eyes.

“Eh? W-What?”

“I’m asking if it’s okay to continue like this. I’m asking if it’s okay that you just remain a man who spends his days complaining, being chased by the lowest ranking assassin, and freaking out.”

“You want me to work at a host club because that ……? No, I don’t understand.”

“That’s an order. You start working today. I order you to start working today, or you will die.”

Rumpe stood up quickly.

He stood up straight and strong, though his hips were usually bent and his knees were shaking.

He looked old, with a bright white beard, but something was different.

He then picked up something long and distorted in shape, wrapped in a cloth that had been set aside.

Alta immediately recognized it as a “two-handed sword,” since he had his own “holy sword” hidden in the same way.

“Elder …… what the hell are you?”

“I’m not a problem for you, Alta. Don’t worry about me, Alta, I expect you to be a …… good ‘vessel’.”

“A vessel?”

“I mean the capacity to be a …… man. Hang on, I’ll have you ready in a minute.”

“Yeah, …… I understand. Who the hell are you, Elder?”

“–A man of a thousand bodies.”

“Eh? Thousand?”

“Nothing. I’m just an old man.”

Suddenly, Rumple’s voice returned to its original husky tone and he bent over at the waist.

He walked away with unsteady steps.

Alta stared at the back of him in amazement.

“…… What the hell is that guy? I feel like I’ve gotten involved with something terrible.”

Even the easygoing Alta was horrified by the unknown elder of the town.

But for now, he had no choice but to comply. If he did not obey, he thought, he would die.

Soon after, Rumpe comes in with clothes for the hosts.

He also brings in artisans who claim to be his acquaintances and begins to shape Alta’s appearance.

He just watches his changing appearance in no time, as if he were a stranger.

And now…

“Alken, you’ve been assigned to ~! Table 18!”

“Oui~! Thanks a lot~!”

Was this his talent as a charmer?

Alta was familiar with the host club from the first day.


“Buhii, you are a cute host! I want to suck his thing so bad~”

Gee, isn’t she a female orc!

Alta was disgusted.

Orcs, by the way, are a large demon tribe with a face like an ugly pig.

They have a very high sex drive and have a habit of raping any other species they like on the spot.

It seems that Alta has been spotted by a female orc.

“I-I’m Arken, …… N-nice to meet you~!

He regained his composure and managed to raise his motivation by putting on a sales smile.

“Buhii! I love it! I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to eat you right here!~~”

The female orc rutted and stripped off her own clothes.

She exposed her muscular naked body.

In the blink of an eye, Alta is pushed down.

“Hey, what are you doing? so powerful! Haaaaa Let go of me!!!!!”

“Don’t worry~, I’ll be gentle, Buhiiiiii!!!!!”

The female orc is so excited that she dexterously pulls off his pants with her other hand while holding him down with great force.

“Customer, you can’t do this here! You are disturbing other customers!”

Even the clerk, seeing the female orc’s behavior, stops her.

“Stuff! Thank God! Stop this girl!”

“customer. Please go to the private room.”

“What?! That’s not what I said! I’m telling you to stop this situation! Are you stupid?!”

Buhii! I’m a member of this club and have paid for the options, so there’s no problem, buu! I’m eating a lot of male prostitutes!~~”

M-Male prostitutes!? What, this isn’t just a host club?

Damn! Old Rumpe, you tricked me!!!

Alta struggled desperately to escape, but was helpless against the she-orc’s power.

He is carried and carried to another room.

“Let go of me! Don’t touch me! Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t!!!!!”

“Buhiii! Then, Arken-chan~! Itadakimasu!!!”

“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaa —-………”

The ex-hero Alta’s getaway drama continues.

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23 days ago

This guy, if not for his previous complains, I would have felt pity for him. I don’t know what Mors is trying to do, but Alta is on a path to become a villain. How much damage will he cause later?