“Come on, guys! Eat as much as you want! The Japanese cuisine here is excellent! By the way, you pay for your own food!”

Karina was telling the adventurers she had brought with her as if she was treating them to a meal.

The adventurers also accepted it and said, ‘I see, nee san. I’m looking forward to that.’ Their hearts swelled with anticipation.

In just a few hours, she had become friends with adventurers from other countries and was even called “nee san. ……” (the admiration form of nee san, like ‘aniki’)

Karina is the second princess of the Kingdom of Woana and the highest-ranking princess knight of the former hero party.

On the other hand, unlike her noble, dignified, and beautiful appearance, she has a generous personality and treats those she recognizes equally, regardless of their status.

Therefore, her unique charisma may also be a factor in her attracting people.

When I was playing the role of a hero impostor, I was supported by Karina many times outside of battle.

But, I still don’t have enough material. ……

“Seti onii chan! Hina going to buy ingredients!”

“All right, I’m counting on you. You must go with Shabazo!”

“All right!”

Hina replied honestly and went to the market with Shabazo.

“Then I will fill in for you, Hina dono.”

“Thank you, Karina. I appreciate it.”

“I don’t mind, Seti-dono,……, I guess I could say it’s part of my training to be a bride.”


“N-Nothing! Leave it to me, I’ll carry it all the way! ”

Karina suddenly became more shy, and I noticed that Fiala was staring at me with sharp eyes behind me.

“It’s against the rules to run without permission, Pun!”

While cooking, she was mumbling something in frustration with her cheeks puffed out.

What’s wrong with Fiala?

“Hey, what about the urgent quest in Atsumi Village?”

I suddenly overheard the voices of a group of adventurers eating at a nearby table.

“Yeah, The village was suddenly attacked by demonic beasts that devoured a large number of villagers.”

“The Knights of the country who went to defeat them were also wiped out,……, so we adventurers were asked to do an emergency quest.”

“The village of Atsumi is a resort area in the Kingdom of Izura that is famous for its natural hot springs, isn’t it? If we don’t do anything about it, the number of tourists who come here for the hot springs will plummet.”

“If that happens, it will be the end of the Kingdom of Izlaa. That’s why the king wants to exterminate the demonic beasts as soon as possible.”

“But if they’re vicious enough to destroy the Knights,……, it’s going to take a party of heroes to do it. It’s clearly a “Demon King” level.”

“The Kingdom of Izula and its surrounding countries have never had any disasters, so I don’t think there were any “heroes” who were prepared for a “Demon King.””

They are talking about something serious.

A Demon King-level demon beast…In this era, the term ‘Demon King’ is a general term for evil beings who are an enemy to humans and other intelligent races, and it was used to refer to gigantic evil beings that appear like natural disasters.

As I recall, a “Demon King” is a name given to a being who is recognized as “Demon King Class” in several neighboring countries.

The multi-headed dragon called “Galvoron,” which I killed as a fake hero in the past, is also in this category.

Therefore, the heroes representing each country and their party, selected from each country and other races, are the experts in the fight against the Demon King.

According to the adventurers’ conversation, it seems impossible for us to go to the hot springs.

It is nighttime. The lunch wagon is no longer open.

I cook a meal with my own food, and everyone sits around the table eating.

I told them what I had heard during the day, just for the sake of conversation.


“Eh! we can’t go in the hot spring! mixed bathing with Seti!”

Miriel was the first to let out a loud complaint.

“It can’t be helped, Miiri. That’s the way things are. …… And I never said anything about taking a mixed bath.”

“But it’s unforgivable to eat and kill innocent villagers. …… Are the survivors safe?”

“Yes, Fiala. The Knights have let them go and they’re taking shelter in another village.”

“I heard from a guest that the main source of income for the Kingdom of Izla is the hot springs in the village of Atumi,…… and this country is going to be in trouble.”

Karina nodded at Manisa’s words.

“Fumu, I’d like to do it somehow, but unfortunately I’ve decided to limit myself to quests that can be done solo… It would be a shame if I were outnumbered.”

“Onee chan, it seems like it would be impossible to defeat those demonic beasts without an expert hero party, right?”


The four girls stiffened at Hina’s words, raising their voices.

“What’s wrong, everyone?”

“No, Seti-dono,……, if you think about it, aren’t we a party of heroes?”

“Well, yes, we are. But, Karina, there is no hero here.”

“we have Seti, right?”

Miriel stared at me with cat-like eyes wide open.

“I’m not a hero……, I’m a former assassin.”

“But it was unquestionably Seti san who killed Garvoron.”

“Fiala,…… it was only that I had been asked to do so by Alta and was pretending to be a hero,…….”

“So Seti onii chan isn’t the hero?”


“Hina chan is right,…… though it’s crazy of us to realize after all this time that we have the best members in the group.”

“……Manisa, you mean we’re going to go to Atsumi village and defeat the demonic beasts?”

“Of course, it’s up to you, Seti kun. I know your position and I can’t force you to do anything,……, but honestly, I don’t feel like I can overlook someone in trouble.”

The other three nodded with a serious look on their faces as Manisa put her feelings into action.

It seems that everyone is ready to fight.

They are the chosen heroes of the party, after all.

I don’t owe anything to this country and there is no reason for me, a commoner and a cook, to go out of my way to help. ……

But I want to take care of everyone’s feelings.

And maybe I should use my power now for the innocent and weak.

I am beginning to think that I can atone for the many people I have killed in the past as “Seti, the God of Death.”

“–Okay. Let’s go to Atsumi Village first thing tomorrow morning. And since I can’t register as an adventurer, I don’t need the reward for the quest.”

The four girls’ faces brightened at my decision.

Their smiles lifted my spirits. I can believe that I made the right decision.

“Yes, as expected My Lord. Seti dono, don’t worry about the quest rewards. I have already registered as my own adventurer, so there is no problem. All of you will be treated as guests without names. Of course, I would like to give all the rewards equally ……, no, all of them to Seti dono.”

“Karina, The full amount… why? ”

“I would like it to go toward the renovation of the lunch wagon and the carriages. We will also need a tent for everyone to rest and another donkey,…… because of the trouble we have caused. Please think of it as how we feel …… and everyone here feels the same way.”

Following Karina, Fiala, Miriel, and Manisa nodded with gentle smiles.

“You are not a nuisance,…….”

As I said this, my eyes became hot and my heart sank.

I’m really happy about how they feel…they’re all really good girls.

Also, I think my tears glands have become weaker since my heart returned.

The next morning, we headed to the village of Atsumi.

Thinking about it, this is the first quest I’m going on with everyone as Seti, not as a fake Hero.

Although it was inappropriate, my heart was filled with excitement.

Hina and Shabazo were staying at home.

I told Hina to leave the carriage and run away immediately in case Shabazo barked

When we arrived at the village, there was a smell of iron rust mixed with sulfur.

“…… the smell of blood.”

My intuition whispered to me.

It must be the slaughtered villagers and knights.

Looking around, I see that the area is completely desolate and most of the buildings have collapsed into rubble.

There are swords and armor with blood on them lying around. They must have been the equipment of the knights.

However, strangely enough, there are no bodies to be seen.

“Based on the claw marks on the armor, it seems to be a demonic beast…If so, is the corpse being preyed upon?”

Just as I was muttering that.

Ten large objects appeared from the rubble, as if they were sticking out of the rubble.

They were huge bears with large arms and sharp, enlarged claws.

They were big bears.

It is a ferocious magical beast that overflows with magical power from within its body, strengthening its muscles and attacking with its claws.

But it is weird.

Big bears do not swarm in groups.

They are too powerful to do so, so they usually work alone.

And they approach us slowly, in formation, making the ground rumble.

Perhaps it was a stunt to incite our fear.

Their movements are well trained and organized. It is not a wild animal.

So that’s what it is.

“There’s someone controlling a monster somewhere. Probably a monster user.”

I was convinced of that.

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