“p-plase …… for the poor beggar.”

“Hey, nii chan! You’re talking too loud! You’ll never get any blessings from anyone that way!”

“I’m sorry …… tsk. Bless the poor beggar! If you feel sorry for me, give me money!”

“Oh, you can do it. You’ve got a good heart after all, nii chan. You’ll make a great beggar. …… hehheheheh.”

Shut up, this old man! Who would like to be a beggar?

I am Alta, prince of the Holy Land of Grateka!

In a certain country.

Alta, a former hero, was hiding out as a vagabond in the red-light district.

He has sold his blue armor and red cape to a pawn shop, and carries his holy sword wrapped in a ragged cloth for protection.

He has dark blond hair, a dark face, and wears tattered cloth clothing.

He has been targeted by assassins from Hades, an assassination organization, and has since been unable to become an adventurer or find a good job.

But it was not all bad.

By becoming a beggar, he is able to keep his eyes off the street.

In addition, the vagabonds have communities all over the Grand Line continent, and they are highly united.

Many of them have their own reasons for being here, so they never try to sell other people out, but rather have someone who will kindly take care of them.

Although they cannot afford luxuries, they are barely able to survive on their own.

But it is Alta.

There is no way he is satisfied with this environment, and he is getting more and more dissatisfied every day.

He was reluctant to beg for money, but he was still irritated by the advice of Rumpe, an old man who was kind enough to help him out.

“Kyaha. Takapi, look at that! Beggars!”

“Whoopee! That’s disgusting!”

A young male-female couple, who looked like commoners, approached with their arms around each other in a friendly manner, their voices bubbling with excitement.

The man in particular has flirtatious blonde hair, a nice atmosphere, and a face that somewhat resembles Alta’s.

Damn it! Don’t come, go that way!

Alta thought desperately.

“Hey, Arken. Call out to that couple.”

Rumpe whispered next to him.

Eh? I don’t want to! They’re not going to give me any money! Look who you’re talking to!

Alta thinks so in his heart, but the elder’s words are absolute.

And if he doesn’t make a certain amount of money, he will be expelled from the town. If that happens, there will be nothing left to live for.

Incidentally, “Arken” is a pseudonym, a play on Alta’s full name.

“U-Ugh. ……, bless the poor beggar. ……”

“Ah? I can’t hear you. What’s he talking about?”

“If you feel sorry for me, give me money!!!”

“Hahahaha, that’s funny! No one is feeling sorry for you! Hey, Takapii♡!”

“Well, Noririn. Don’t be so disrespectful. Here’s the money. Take it gratefully.~”

The man named “Takapi” threw down a copper coin, but deliberately took it out of the money box and rolled it away.

Alta hurriedly reached out his arm and grabbed the copper coin, when the sole of Takapi’s shoe stepped hard on his hand.


“Oh, I’m so sorry, I thought it was dog shit!”

“Oh no, the sole of Takapi’s shoe will get dirty! Hahahaha!”

Alta’s hands trembled as the couple sneered at him.

I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you—!

Chanting curses incessantly, he desperately endured the situation.

A couple of idiots leave with a sneer.

Alta glared behind them with a sharp murderous intent.

Damn! I want to take out my holy sword and cut the bastard’s head off! I want to rape the woman on the spot, too!

But I don’t want to get into any trouble …… where the assassins of the organization might be watching!

The organization…… I looked up the name “Hades” after that.

The “Seti, the God of Death” is no stranger to the area and is said to have been the most powerful assassin on the Grand Line continent. At the same time, the fake I hired was him.

Damn! I blame my sister Eliza and her “Seti the Grim Reaper” for the misery I’m being subjected to!

It is undeniably true that my own sister Eliza has brought me down, but as far as Seti is concerned, it is a false accusation.

However, Alta’s glorious future was trampled upon, and his heart became completely desolate and sick, as he was reduced from being a hero to a beggar.

“Alken, you have endured well. That’s good. …… We who have abandoned the world are no better than rats. Even rats have the ability to survive on their own, but we do not. We have no other choice but to abandon our pride and subsist on someone else’s charity.”

Only Rumpe rubbed Alta’s back and praised her. The only people who understand him now are these street hobos.

Shut up, I’m different  The real me is different!

Alta nods his head, but in his heart he is not convinced and does not accept it at all.

He vowed that one day he would come back.

Then one day.

“Hey, old beggar. Is there a man named Alta here in this dilly-dallying town? He has blond hair, wears blue armor, and has a holy sword on his waist.”

As I was begging as usual, I heard a boy’s voice that sounded like he was stalling.

Alta’s eyes widen and he glances up through his hood at the familiar tone of voice.

–It is Pomple of the dwarf fairy tribe.

He is an assassin with a tiny amount of strength, just like his appearance, who is chasing a bounty of only 3,000 G (3,000 Japanese yen).

B-bastard! He’s finally come to our town!

He seems to have come here on the assumption that Alta, who has no regular job, would be drifting to the nightlife district.

“I don’t know anything about ……. . We’re all a bunch of misfits, you know.”

“Maybe he changed his name. Is there a young man who has recently entered the red-light district?”

“I don’t remember every one. I’m sorry.”

He is an elder of the town. Even if they knew him, they would never sell out their friends.

So Alta, no matter how humiliating it was, only followed his instructions and endured.

“I see. ……Well, I’ve been told by the organization not to get into trouble with you guys. ……I’ll listen to you.”

Pomple reluctantly showed his understanding.

The number of vagabonds with communities in each country on the continent is as large as the organization, as mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Assassins, among others, sometimes obtain information from them and in some cases use them as a front.

As tools of the underworld, it was natural for them to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

And with a bounty of only 3,000 G (3,000 Japanese yen), there was no need to weigh the pros and cons.

“Onii chan over there do you know?”

Pomple called out to Alta.

For a moment, his heart jumps, but he is relieved that he is not recognized.

At the same time, a good idea popped into Alta’s mind.

“B-bless me, …….”

“Information fee, right? Yes, I’ll pay for it.”

Pomple smiled and tossed a gold coin (worth 10,000 G) into the coinage box.

Y-you! That’s a lot more than my head (3,000 G’s)! What’s the point of following me if you have money!

Alta was extremely dissatisfied with the situation, but he accepted it for the time being.

“A man who calls himself …… Takapi has very similar features. He is always accompanied by a daughter named Noririn, so I think it must be someone named Alta who is playing the role of Takapi, and she is hiding him.”

“Takapi… I see. Using a stupid woman’s string to keep him fed, it seems like something that Alta, who loves women, would do.”

I’m sorry for being a womanizer. But I’m not a pimp, I’m a beggar.

“Thank you! Last time I talked for nothing and he got away, so this time I’m going to kill him from behind, no questions asked! The stupid woman who hid him is just as guilty!”

Hearing Pomple’s enthusiasm, Alta smiles and chuckles.

That night.

“I found her, Alta! I’m ready for you and the stupid bitch! Kieee!”

“What the hell is this kid? What are you doing—gahhhh!”

“T-Takapi?! No, no, no, don’t—kyaaaaahhhh!”

The next day, the bodies of Takapi and Noririn are found in a back alley downtown.

The cause of death seems to be that they were decapitated or poked with a sharp blade.

The investigation is underway to determine whether the deaths were not the work of a pervert or a thief.

Rumors of his death have even circulated in the area.

“…… I hear nothing, Arken.”

“Thank you, Elder.”

Alta handed Rumpe a gold coin as thanks.

Many of the fairy folk are easygoing and cerebral.

Pomple of the Hobbits is a perfect example.

Thinking that he would kill them immediately without checking, he gave him false information.

As revenge against the annoying couple.

It worked so well that it was almost comical.

And then Alta thought.

The organization will find out that Takapi was not me.

I’ll be safe here for a while, but I can’t keep begging.

We’ll see! I’ll break through and make a comeback!

The ex-hero Alta’s escape continues.

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Roll that’s actually hilarious. Idk if the author intended for this chapter to be a comedy.

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It was comical.

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Wao, Alta is not a complete idiot, that was a little surprising. And it was quite funny.