We came to a new country, and with the mayor’s permission, we opened a lunch wagon in a park square.

Although I had inherited the skills from Master Io, I had only been trained as a chef for about three months.

I’ve managed to learn how to make everything, and I’ve even received his approval for some of my dishes, but I still feel uneasy.

Every day I struggle to improve my cooking skills by reading and repeating the recipe notes that my master left me before his death.

I’ve acquired the know-how to run the business, and now that I’ve decided to do it, I have no choice but to do my best.

“Seti onii chan, it’s almost noon, so I’m going to take Shabazo to call in the customers.”

“All right, Hina. Be careful.”

Hina pulls Shabazo’s leash and leads him away.

The young dragon is only fond of Hina, but he has an outstanding ability to detect danger.

He is usually cocky and boisterous, but he is a coward at heart, so I guess he is skilled at such skills.

Therefore, I tell her to take Shabazo with her when she leaves me.

I think Hina has changed a little since she lost Master Io, who had been with her as a father.

She has not shown any tears since then, and has not mentioned anything about me or Master Io being former assassins.

She just seemed to be growing taller and taller, wanting to become an adult as soon as possible.

Even a few days ago.

“Hey, onii chan, …… I have a favor to ask you, I want you to teach Hina some skills.’”

“Skill? Cooking?”

I asked, and Hina shook her thin head with a serious expression on her face.

“…… No, the art of fighting. Hina, I want to be strong like Seti oni chan.”

“Hina ……”

I am unable to say anything.

There’s no way you could teach a child like this the art of killing. In fact, I’d rather seal it away forever.

However, it is the power necessary to escape from the organization, and it may be necessary for Hina as well.

She is also being targeted by the “Dark Nine Dragons.”

Because of what happened to Master Io, Hina herself must learn how to protect herself from now on.

I took out the “something” I had hidden in the cooking cabinet and handed it to Hina.

“What is this?”

“It’s a pistol. It’s a weapon that can kill an enemy just by taking aim and pulling the trigger. It’s enough to fight and protect yourself.”

It was taken from Johnny, the assassin who had tried to attack me earlier.

“…… handgun.”

“It’s a little tricky to hit. When you shoot, there is also a shock, so you also need to train your body,……. It is a rare weapon here, but bullets can be easily obtained on the black market, so it is not a problem. Do you want to try to learn it, Hina?”

“Yes! Seti oni chan, please!”

With strong determination, Hina bowed her head deeply.

Her healthy appearance squeezed my heart.

I am sure it is my own responsibility to teach the “art of killing” to such a child.

And even now, the training continues. ……

“Onii chan! Our guest will be here soon!”

Hina waves her hand at me in a bright voice in the distance.

Her smile, like that of a sunflower, was the only thing that dispelled my guilty conscience.

“I understand. Come on in.”

Later that evening, the lunch wagon closed for the day.

I decided to pitch my tent nearby and take a rest.

I straighten my back and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, moderate fatigue, and contentment that comes after a day’s work.

I felt that I was living a normal life as a human being.

I wish these days could go on forever,…… and I would be happy to think so.

“Is it happiness,……?”

Each time I chew on that, I end up remembering the girls.

The beautiful and lovely girls who were the fiancées of the hero Alta and who gave me the chance to regain my heart.

Karina, Fiala, Manisa, and Miriel.

What are they doing now? Is Alta supporting them properly?

“I wish I could return the favor …….”

However, these are the girls who will be the queens of the Holy Land of Grateca.

My own fears are probably unfounded,……,

After setting up the tent, it was time to take a rest.

Shabazzo started barking again.

“Shabazo, what’s wrong? Ah!”

Hina noticed something and pointed her finger.

She looked in that direction and saw an elderly person walking near an exterior light in the plaza.

A small, elderly woman with a cane and a slow walk.

On her back she is carrying a long shaped package wrapped in a cloth, looking heavy.

She looks …… like she’s going to fall down at any moment.

“I’m going to go talk to her. Hina can take a rest. Please feed the shabazo and the donkey.”

“Yeah, okay. Take care.”

I left the carriage and ran to the old woman.

“Old lady, are you all right?”

“Eh? Yes,……, I just wanted to deliver this package I’m carrying to the mayor.”

“I know where the mayor lives. Let’s go together.”

“You are very impressive for such a young man. Please come as close as you can.”


I pulled the old woman’s hand and led the way.

We walked through the back alleys in the dark.

The old woman looked around anxiously in the darkness, where even the moonlight was closed off.

“Is this …… really going to lead to the mayor’s house?”

“–No, of course not”

I let go of her hand and push her away.

The old woman screams, “Hyah!” fell on her butt on the ground.

“W-What are you doing, youngster?!”

“Shut up! I’ve already seen through you. Who are you? Which organization are you with?”

Then, the old woman’s expression changed.

Her eyes, which were about to wither away, turned sharp.

“…When did you notice that?”

“Since Shabazzo started barking. Also, that’s when I saw something strange on your back. Little by little, negative magic power is leaking out.”

“Good grief,……, I just can’t let go of this one. It’s my weakness.”

“You’re not an old person, are you?”

“A good old person, …… have you forgotten that already, Seti?”

The old woman stood up as she said this and took out the cloth package she had been carrying on her back.

She peeled off the cloth that had been wrapped around her, revealing her figure.

A familiar two-handed sword with a distorted shape filled with horrifying negative magic power.

The one who responds – the magic sword Ansler.

“—Boss! Mors?!”

“Yeah. It’s been a long time, Seti ……, more than three months since you killed me, hasn’t it?”

The voice is still that of a wrinkled old woman, but the tone is definitely that of Mors himself.

“You are still a wanderer,……, but this time in that form? What do you want from me?”

“It’s already decided, right? It’s the end of the traitor…do you know that there’s a bounty on you within the organization?”

“Yeah, two billion G’s. That’s a lot of money to pay to get rid of an ex-assassin.”

“No, you’re worth it. But it’s still too cheap for me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Before you answer that, you’re going to have to answer our question.”

“What is it?”

“….Why did you kill me back then?”

“Because you were in my way. You’re in the way of the second life I’m trying to lead, boss.”

“….You’re a selfish man.”

“Well said. So, boss, where is your body? Or is your sword, the Ansalar, in your hand?”

“Hmm? This one…… is a little different. This magic sword is an indicator for me to recognize me. It is also a trademark. I’m not going to let go of it no matter how much I change my body.”

“I’ve always wondered …… who you are!”

“You’ve changed, Seti,……, didn’t you kill me with impunity and without a trace of doubt before?”

Mors, in the form of an old woman, smirks.

I bit my back teeth and shut my mouth, “Ugh ……”.

The reason is that I just remembered something unpleasant.

Yes, I have known this for a long time.

I have known for a long time that Mors has had several bodies, and that he has changed his appearance.

As an orphan, I was picked up by Mors and raised as an assassin.

Not only did I have to undergo rigorous killing training, but I was also forced to undergo considerable pain as my body adjusted to the grace I had been given, [Biological Function Amplification Enhancement]

But I can still endure and put up with it,……, if I think about it as a way to live.

But the most painful and heartbreaking …… was the one that broke my heart.

“–Seti, take that dagger and cut off my head.”

Mors, who looked like the infertile old person he had been when we first met, handed me, a young man, a dagger.

Naturally, I shook my head and refused.

I had thought that Mors was like a nurturing parent to me.

He was strict in his teachings, but other than that, I felt his kindness and even affection.

But I realized for the first time that this was part of my training.

“Seti, you are too kind. That is harmful and unnecessary for an assassin. Let go of your heart. Be ruthless. You must have the capacity and coolness to kill without hesitation, no matter what kind of being you are. There is no one like you. Seti can do it–break my heart!”

Thus, as I was urged, I killed Mors for the first time. 

After that, I continued to kill Mors.

Each time he appeared in a different form.

Young men and women, middle-aged men and women, boys and girls of the same generation, and even younger people. And not only humans, but also fairies, demons, and many others.

–A person with a thousand bodies.

That is Mors, the head of the assassination organization Hades.

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A true final boss character.