When I Saw the Reality, I Decided to Break up With Her Because I Wasn’t Worthy of Her

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As a high school student, Manato has a girlfriend whom he loves and has been dating for about three months. She is called the “madonna” of the school year, and jealous glances are an everyday occurrence.

While his girlfriend is very popular, Manato is an ordinary student who does not excel in anything special.

One day, he comes to the conclusion that he is not a good match for her. So he decides to break up with her for her happiness.

Episode 1 – Nothing gives a person more energy for action than a broken heart

Episode 2 – Whoever dares to love will certainly have the courage to suffer

Episode 3 – When you break up, the next love has already begun

Episode 4 – If we do not part, we cannot meet

Episode 5 – People are driven into a corner without knowing it

Episode 6 – Love, that is eternal

Episode 7 – Everything that happens has meaning.

Episode 8 – Cooperation, like love and friendship, is a matter of giving

Side Story – The appearance of things is filled with deception

Episode 9 – Lies are not only untrue, they always have a struggle within them

Episode 10 – encirclement

Episode 11

Episode 12