I spent the morning sloppily yawning in the university library.

Libraries are quiet and I can concentrate. There are also books related to composition, and I like being surrounded by books because I feel like something is going to rain down on me.

But unfortunately, perhaps because of lack of sleep, my consciousness has fainted and I don’t feel much inspiration.

“You seem to be quite sleepy, Kobayakawa kun.”

“Ah, Misumi senpai.”

Misumi senpai came.

Senpai sat next to me, mindlessly lowering her brow.

“You’ve been yawning since morning. Are you lacking sleep? I feel like you have dark circles under your eyes.”

“Ahaha……you noticed. Actually, I started composing on Saturday, but I didn’t make any progress. But I want to let you both listen to it as soon as possible, so I’ve been staying up all night.”

“Eh, are you staying up all night for two days !?”

“Senpai, too loud !”

I whispered. Senpai huffed and covered her mouth. When I looked around, I saw students raising their heads and glancing at me suspiciously.

Sorry for being noisy. Please be quiet in the library.

“Well, I’m glad you’re working hard, but I really need to get some sleep.”

“Right. As expected, I got dizzy after spending two hours. Fwuah〜…..ah, sorry.”

I was hoping for ideas that could be obtained by driving myself into sleep deprivation.  I thought that by forcing my mind and body into a so-called hazy trance state, I would have an epiphany.

In other words, it is impasse so much as to hold on spiritually.

“I’ve finally created something that looks like a song. Please listen to it if you’d like.”

I asked Senpai to put on a wireless earphone paired with my smartphone and tap the play button.

Senpai began to listen with expectations in her face, but her face gradually shrank, and she took off her earphones without listening to it until the end.

“Um…..I’m an amateur when it comes to music, but I’m being presumptuous. I think this is wrong.”

“I guess so-“

That’s an expected reaction.

The song that was finished last night was a ton of demo music with intense drumming and high-chord backing and effects such as Shikotama electronic echo.

“This kind of genre is called psychedelic rock. It’s a genre that uses music to express the hallucinogenic effects of drugs.”

“I will confirm with you, Nonoi is not that kind of band, right?”

As you said. The result is like a song made while in a trance state.

“Anyway, Kobayakawa kun should get a good night’s sleep and rest his body. You can’t do anything if you force yourself.”

“I’ll sleep tonight.”

“Also, please make sure you eat properly. Or rather, did you eat properly yesterday and the day before yesterday?”

“Yes, I ate a lunch box from the supermarket.”

“Do you eat three meals a day?”

“That’s right.”

Senpai’s turns pale. Did I say something wrong?

“Won’t that kind of diet destroy your body !?”

“Senpai, too loud !”

Part two.

“Diet is the foundation of health. Eat a nutritionally balanced diet every day. Kobayakawa kun, do you usually cook for yourself?」

“Well…..I was willing to try to keep in mind when I had time and motivation.”

“So you didn’t.”


At the local supermarket, discount stickers are posted around 8pm, so I take advantage of those when I shop. It is economical because it saves money, but the problem is that it tastes unbalanced.

Haaa, Senpai said with an exasperated look on her face. It’s embarrassing to make such a kind Senpai frown so much.

“I-I will cook for myself from tonight.”

“No, the first thing Kobayakawa kun needs is rest. It’s dangerous to use a knife or fire while you’re unaware of what’s going on.”

“There is no word to return”

It would be dangerous if there was a fire, and I might injure my hands. As a guitarist, my hands are my life.

“I decided. For a while from today, I will take care of Kobayakawa kun’s meal.”


What did you say now?

“Therefore, I will go to Kobayakawa kun’s house and take care of his meals.”

“No, no, excuse me !? To put such a burden on Senpai…….!”

As expected, I feel bad about that. Even though I knew her well, I was reluctant to ask her to take care of my life. I’m even more humbled because she’s older than me.

“I’m also the one who’s putting a burden on you. It’s because of my selfishness that I’m putting the burden on Kobayakawa kun. If you end up hurting your body because of it, I won’t be able to help.”

I see. Is that what Senpai wants to say? Senpai is in a position to have her lyrics adopted, so she would like to help. That act cannot be ignored.

And for me, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a good thing because it makes a nutritious meal for me.

“I understand. Ah, I will pay the material cost later.”

“Don’t worry about that.  I’ll make it with the family meal. Even if there’s one more serving, it won’t make much of a difference.”

“I see. Then, may I ask you a favor while I finish composing?”

“Of course. So if you can make a song with my lyrics, it’s a cheap deal.”

Senpai smiled and accepted the contract. Who would have imagined that the day would come when Senpai would visit my room again in such a way?

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