I try to keep my composure as I sip the coffee that Arisa, dressed in a frilly black dress, has made for me.

That huge marshmallow feels so soft to the touch. It’s nothing compared to the girl I used to date in college. If that’s the case, then Arisa is also ……

No,. No, I can’t do that. Don’t look at them like that.

I shook my head and chased away the evil thoughts. Then, Arisa giggles, as if she thought my behavior was funny.

“Yu is as gentle as ever. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Sera’s expression like that.”
“N-no, I just remembered the old days. ……”
“The old days……”

She looked at the day after tomorrow with a thoughtful face and put her hand on her chin as if she was thinking back to the days of her life.

Yes, that’s right. The old days.

The past is the past.

Not now.

As I was thinking that, Arisa and Sera were talking to me with a meaningful expression on their faces.

“Yu was and still is a necessary part of our lives.”
“When Ai onee chan told me, I was so surprised. Yu niichan is a system developer and is looking for a new job. …… I felt it was fate.”
“F-Fate is …… such an exaggeration.”

I laugh and say in a joking tone of voice, just enough to not offend the two of them. But they heard what I said and gave me heavy glances again.

“No. Yu, this is fate.”
“Yes, it is. Yuu niichan, this is undeniably destiny. This is undeniably fate.”

I was speechless. Sure, the two of them still have their old faces, but there is a mysterious power that far outweighs that.

What in the world have they seen and experienced in the 15 years I’ve been gone? That was what I wanted to ask, but before I could pose the question, Arisa and Sera were closing in on me sitting on the sofa.

“W-What’s going on? Both of you?”

Arisa, with her flaxen hair flowing and red eyes gazing wistfully at me, grabs my right hand and brings it to the voluptuous marshmallow encased in her own black dress. And Sera, who shakes her short blonde hair and makes me freeze with her emerald eyes, also pulls my left hand to the huge bulge in her white shirt that shows through her blue bra.


My sinking fingertips felt extremely soft. At the same time, unnameable pheromones entwine my nostrils and don’t let go easily.

“Yu, I’m so happy …… so happy …… that I want to …….”
“Can you feel it? My heart is beating …… harder and harder.”
“! W-What’s wrong with you two …… all of a sudden?”

I ask them both, writhing in mysterious discomfort as I feel the soft flesh. But when the two of them put more pressure on my hands…

“Yuu niichan…… love you.”
“Yuu…… don’t leave me anymore”

Her voice is like electricity, numbing my head. I had goosebumps long ago, and for some reason, I suddenly feel sleepy.

“Ah, ……”
“What’s wrong? Yuu-niichan?”
“Yuu, you look kind of pale.”

My head is hinging. The two voices kept on echoing in my brain, and my mind went blank. ……

I don’t know what to do, I don’t even know why I’m here, at that moment, they put their faces close to my ears and blurted out.

“”I’ll always be with you.””

My body convulsed, my consciousness fading away, and after a few seconds

I lost consciousness.

They stare at him as if he were an ideal prince as he passes out, and they start talking with sexy expressions on their faces.

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1 year ago

Good game well played
I’ll pray for bro’s soul

1 year ago

It was faster than I expected. Oh well, Yuma can’t escape from them anyway, so he must make up his mind.