Episode 56 – Junior ②



“Um…..is Nekura senpai here?”

The moment Yanagi Erika said that, all eyes in the class turned to me.



The blonde girl is coming straight towards me.

……And before I knew it, she was right in front of me.

“Nice to meet you, Nekura senpai–“

–No, Ryoga sama,・・・・・.


The words whispered in my ear froze my thoughts for a moment.

Y-you’re kidding, right……?

“N-Nekura kun. Are you acquainted with……Yanagi san?”

“N-no. Of course not, Yamada kun.”

It’s impossible for a shady guy like me to be acquainted with such a beautiful girl……

“I-I see……”

Yamada kun looks at me with a skeptical look as he says that.

“What’s with Nekura?”

“Tch, even though he’s like that, to know such a cute girl……he’s looking down on us.”

“That’s right.”

Kuh, but still, this situation is not good.

What on earth should I……


“Yanagi san, let’s move somewhere else.”

“Fufu, okay.”


And I took Yanagi san’s hand and walked out of the classroom–

“G-good morning ! Ryoga kun.”

“H-Hazuki san !?”

There was Hazuki san, an angel, waving her hand at me.

“G-good morning.”

“I’ve made lunch again today–eh? W-what’s going on?”

Hazuki san looks puzzled when she sees Yanagi Erika behind me.

But as expected, I don’t have time to explain.

“I-I’m sorry, Hazuki san. I’ll see you later.”

“W-wait, Ryoga kun !”

About five minutes later, Yanagi san and I arrived behind the school building.As expected, no one could see us here……


I caught my breath once.

No, it’s not like I’m completely exposed yet. I should’ve fooled them somehow.

“…..So, Yanagi san. Erm, Who’s Ryoga you’re talking about?”

“Are you still trying to hide it, Ryoga sama?”

Yanagi Erika stares at me with a wry smile as if she can see right through me.

Kuh, I knew it…….


I sigh and look right at her.

“–Yeah, I’m Ryoga. So, how do you know me…..Yanagi Erika?”

“Fufu, I wonder how. I’d be happy to tell you, but……well, I have one condition.”

“Condition? What do you want?”

“It’s easy, Nekura senpai–“


“Are you ready?”


I reply to Yanagi Erika, who is closing her eyes.

Same situation as before, with one difference—

(Showing my face, huh……)

–I have taken off my glasses and mask and am in work mode.

And the beautiful blonde girl in front of me opens her eyes.


She looks frozen with her mouth open.


The reaction is as expected, but it makes me sad.

Hazuki san fainted when she saw my real face. Well, somehow I realized.

“……Are you done?”

“Eh? Ah, y-yeah ! I’m fine now.”

Just as I was about to put my glasses back on, a thought popped into my head.

No, I see. If I do this–

I put my glasses back in my pocket again and approach Yanagi Erika.

“W-what is it?”


The blonde girl backs away as if to keep her distance from me.

The distance between the two of us is getting closer and closer, and I notice that Yanagi Erika’s back is against the wall.

Okay, here it is.



I thrust my hand toward the wall and brought my face toward her.

“W-wait a minute !”

I grab her hand as she pushes it back.


“Listen, don’t reveal my true identity to anyone, okay?”

“I-I understand. All right, I get it, so please move away !”


“I-I won’t tell anyone ! So please–“


I take my hand away from her whose face is red and keep a distance.

“I-I can’t take it anymore…….”

Saying that, Yanagi san sits down flat on her back.

Fufu, the strategy worked.

Yes, I came up with the rough trick of forcing her to keep her promise by bringing my ugly face close to hers.

Well, as expected, it was mentally tough to be rejected with all her might, but I managed to complete the plan.

“Well, I’m going to go now. If you have any problems, please contact me.”

Well, I don’t think she’ll ever talk to a shady person like me again, but I say this as a social comment and start to walk back to the classroom.

Poof !


I’m grabbed by the wrist from behind and pulled back.


“What do you want? Yanagi san.”



“L-like I said. Please call me Erika……”

“W-what are you talking about?”

“You don’t….like it?”

“I-it’s not like that, but……”

The beautiful blonde girl muttered with wet eyes and her still red face.

W-what kind of atmosphere is this?

My likeness should definitely be negative with that thing just now…..

“Please pull out your phone.”

“Eh? Y-yeah.”

And before I knew it, the name “Yanagi Erika” was added to my line.

“T-then, I’ll go back…..”

“N-no. Wait a second–“


She returned to the school building without listening to me.


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