Episode 26 –  Creepy Nerd ②



“This formula is often used to find solutions to quadratic equations. This is important, okay? Remember it. Specifically, in the textbook, page 69–“

The fourth period is math. Next is lunch break.


I, Himukai Ayaka, was listening to the class while humming a tune.

I can stay awake even in math class, where I usually fall asleep.

Phew, even so, it feels good…

Because this morning, after the commotion, I told the guidance counselor teacher about the creepy nerd.

Afterwards, when I went to tell him that I had tipped him off, the look on the creep’s face was a masterpiece.

He had his head in his hands and his face was blank. It’s really nice.

I have no idea what I’m doing in class right now, but that doesn’t matter.

(What should I do for lunch today~? Sandwiches at the store? No, I wonder if there’s a grilled fish set meal at the cafeteria. Fufu, I’m puzzled–)

Ding dong, ding dong 


I got up from my seat at the same time as the chime went off and went to lunch in high energy.

“Hey, why don’t we go out?”

Behind the school building during lunch break. I was confessed by Suzuki.

“I’ve been telling you this for a while now, right? I can’t go out with you, Suzuki kun.”

“Hey, hey, don’t be shy, Ayaka. Even if you said that, you actually care about me, don’t you?”

This is seriously the worst……

The flirtatious man in front of me, this guy’s name is Suzuki Shun.

He’s my least favorite type of guy, a typical “frog in the well,” kind of guy who’s arrogant in his small group, Class A of the second grade.

The girls in my class say he’s cool or something, but to me, as someone who reads “men’s magazines,” he’s no more than a middle-schooler who’s just trying to be cool. Unbelievable, or rather, it’s impossible.

“No, like I said–“

“You know, class caste? We’re a good match. You think so too, right, Ayaka? Besides, I’m the one who found that creep in the morning.”


I’m somewhat grateful for the morning incident, but that’s a different matter, right?

And it hurts too much that he really thinks he’s good looking.

Besides, I haven’t had lunch yet because of the misunderstood bastard in front of me.

Ah, I’m getting frustrated already…….

“Hey, I haven’t had my lunch yet.”

“If Ayaka would just be honest with me, it’ll be over soon, okay?”

“Like I said, I can’t.”

“Sigh, I get it. I want to hear a good answer next time, okay?”

“Ah,wait !”

Suzuki ran away. It’s really unbelievable for someone to run away as soon as they know they’re going to be rejected…….

Today is really a bad day for me.

This morning, the creepy guy stole my gym clothes, and in the afternoon, the no-delicacy guy who pretends to be a benefactor and told me he’s good-looking.

There are no good men out there.

I wonder if he’s out there somewhere, my ideal prince.

He should be dark-haired, fresh, good-looking, and over 170cm tall. And if I’m in a pinch, he would come to my rescue and gently give me a hand.

But there’s no such prince……

At least, I don’t think there is in this school.

“Sigh……. Let’s just return.”

I turn on my heel towards the classroom.

—At the time, I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that not too long from now I would meet my real prince.

And to become obsessed with him to such an extent that the tiny sense of values ​​that he had until now changed.

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