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“Stay away from my brother, you bitch!

“Oh my, you’re still as childish as ever~ Can’t you see I’m in love with Kanata kun?”

“H-hey, you two, stop it…….”

[ [Shut up, Onii chan (Kanata kun) ! !] ]

In the recording booth, the A part of the second episode of Ore Kano was being recorded.

Even so, that’s a lot of spirit……

Usually, before the recording of an anime, a test recording is done to check the recording before the actual recording.

At that point, the recording usually proceeds in a relaxed atmosphere, but this time it was different.

Yes, Elena, who played the younger sister, and Shiorin, who played the girlfriend, were in serious mode, just as they would be in a real situation

Perhaps being hit by this, the atmosphere around them also became serious, and the momentum carried them into the A part (the first half before the commercials), which still continues to this day.

……It’s about time for me to come in.

“Kakeru kun, can you say something to this kid for me?”

“Huh? Don’t act all neat and tidy, you bitch.”

“Now, now, you two, calm down ! I know you’re annoyed at being sent to such a strange place, but Kanata is troubled , okay?”

It’s indeed a line that sounds like a main character’s best friend would say.

Now I’m about to get serious–

“Good work ! This is it for everyone except for those who were instructed to record separately.”

[ [ [Good work~] ] ]

The sound director gave the OK, and this time we finished without incident.

I had the feeling that I was more involved in the role than last time, and personally, I could give the performance a passing grade.

“Phew…….whoa !”

I was sitting on a bench in the break room, taking a breather, when I felt a cold touch on my cheek.

I was surprised and turned around to see a smiling face with a can of juice in her hand.

“Ryo kun, good work♪ Here you go.”

“T-thank you very much……. Um, how much is it?”

“It’s fine, more importantly, honorifics.”

“Ah, Sorry……Shi-Shiori.”

“Fufu. Well done♪”

Saying so, Shiorin comes to sit next to me.

She snuggled up to me.

“H-hey, you’re a little close to me……”

“Is that so? I’m sure it’s just Ryo kun’s imagination.”

Shiorin said so and closed the distance further.

It’s too close, and I feel a soft touch on my arm…

No, no, no, what am I thinking?


I suddenly look at the other side and there is Elena, who looks grumpy.

“G-good work, Elena.”


“Your performance was great, you know?”

“I don’t need flattery. Just tell me which one was better.”

“Which was it, Ryo kun?”

Do I have to tell them?

To be honest, the result was obvious.

I knew that because Elena was in a bad mood.

“……I liked Shiori’s better.”

“I did it ! I’ll be able to go out to dinner with Ryo kun now.”

She makes a small gut-pose in front of her chest.

She must be happy to have won against Elena, who is a rival of the same age.

I don’t think she’s happy that she can go out to dinner with me……

“Give me that.”

The juice in my hand was snatched away from me.


“Here, drink this later. I’m going home now……I won’t lose next time.”

Elena got up and left after saying that.

Elena hates to lose, so she will probably practice hard for the next recording.

I said [do your best] in my mind.

“Shijou san, she left…….”

“Yeah. I’m sorry, she hates losing. If you want, you can give her another shot.”

“I’d like that.”

Saying that, she smiled fearlessly.

It wasn’t that Elena’s performance was bad.

Rather, she was in pretty good shape and it was a good performance.

It was just that the opponent was too dangerous.

Himemiya Shiori.

This was the first time for me to see her in a performance, and she was truly amazing.

Her concentration was so strong that the audience forgot that they were watching a play.

The passionate performance was as if the soul of the character she was playing had been transferred to her.

—She’s truly a [Prodigy].

I, too, must practice……

I was about to go home and drink a can of juice when my hand was stopped by Shiorin.

“No, you can’t.”

“Eh, what?”

Shiorin pointed to my mouth.

W-what does that mean?

“It’s an indirect kiss. So let’s trade, okay?”

“Ah, I see.”

Saying that, Shiorin handed me her own tea.


I drank the tea and quenched my dry throat.

“Then, shall we go home too?”

“Yeah, right.”

Thus, Shiori and I headed home.

….Come to think of it, wasn’t that tea half-drunk by Shiori?

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