<Masuda Ayaka’s point of view>

I found a nostalgic and memorable book while cleaning my house.

[The moon I saw that day was beautiful.]

This book is Kiuyu’s first novel, and I love it.

The synopsis of the book is as follows.

There is a guy who is a high school student and a girl he has known since childhood.

At school, they hide the fact that they have known each other since childhood and do not get involved, but they have a daily routine of exchanging diaries since they were small children, and it is the only connection they have.

Then, the girl developed an incurable disease, and the exchange diary stopped with the girl’s passing it on.

They learned that the girl had an incurable disease that would kill her within a week of its onset.

The main character’s feelings for the girl, which he had been suppressing, overflow and he rushes to her.

The story follows the love between these two childhood friends.

I was very moved at the end of this story.

It seems that tomorrow’s moon will be a full moon.

When I learned that, I involuntarily contacted 《him》.

“Tomorrow night, I want to talk with you again.”

Without waiting for a reply, I fell asleep.

The next day, I went to school as usual and attended my classes.

I was having a hard time concentrating because I couldn’t wait for after-school, so I looked at him, Kakuta Shoma.

He too seemed to be having trouble concentrating and was looking around.

My eyes meet Shoma’s, but I quickly look away.

After a long, long day of school, I head to the park near the bookstore at night with a book I found yesterday.

Shoma is already there.

He was thinking about something, but as soon as he saw me, he smiled and waved at me.

I sat down next to Shoma, thinking, “That’s what I like about him, too.”

“Sorry, did you have to wait?”

“No, I’m totally fine. But, what’s wrong? You said you wanted to talk to me.”

“Yesterday I was cleaning the house and I found this book. Do you remember this book?”

Saying that, I held out the book “The moon I saw that day was beautiful”. Shoma accepted the book.

As soon as Shoma received the book, he immediately shouted.

“Ah I know. I love this book!”

“I mean, doesn’t this book remind you of something?”

Shoma pondered for a bit before answering my question,

“Ah!, Ayaka used to read it in the first grade, too, right?”

“Y-Yes! Do you remember what we talked about then?”

“At that time, I talked to Ayaka for the first time, right?

Hmmm, what did we talk about? I don’t remember much.”

“Hee~, you don’t remember?”

I was a little disappointed.

It was a very memorable and important night for me.

On that night of the full moon, I was reading the climax of this book in this park.

In the book, the main character and his childhood friend are conversing in a hospital room under the light of the full moon.

I wanted to read the book under the full moon and in a similar situation if I could.

I continued reading the book silently for a while and finally finished it.

I closed the book and let out a big breath.

Looking up at the sky, I see a large full moon illuminating the night sky and a shadow of a person at the edge of my vision.

It was late at night, so I hurried to grab the book and walk away,

“T-that book.”


I stop in surprise.

“That book is very interesting, isn’t it? I love it too.”

The light from the street and the full moon made the other person’s figure clear.

It was a boy wearing the same high school uniform as me.

There is someone who knows Kiuyu sensei.

A companion. And in the same high school.

Thinking of this made me want to talk to him.

I couldn’t talk about this book with anyone until now.

I wanted to talk about Kiuyu sensei.

“You know him?!”

“Of course I do! It’s his book, isn’t it?”

“Yes! Yes, it is! It’s very interesting, isn’t it?!”

I was so happy that I approached him with great vigor.

I must fix my high-spiritedness when it comes to my hobby.

“I-I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s all right.

Speaking of which, I didn’t introduce myself, did I?

I’m Kakuta Shoma. I’m a freshman at that high school.”

“I’m Masuda Ayaka. I’m a freshman.”

“So you’re a freshman too, Masuda-san. You’re so beautiful, I thought you were a senior.”

“N-No, that’s not true.”

When I answered, Shoma laughed and said

“I’m a first-year student, so it’s okay to use a casual tone of voice. From now on, I’m looking forward to meeting you.”


Then we sat down side by side and talked about Kiuyu sensei and the books we had read.

At first it was an awkward, probing conversation, but as time went by, the stiffness began to lift.

The joy of being able to share what I could not share before, the pleasure and peace of mind I felt talking with Shoma.

At this time, I may have been taken in.

Then Shoma looked up at the sky and said something like this

“Today’s moon is beautiful too.”


I couldn’t even speak.

It was a simple statement from the outside.

It would sound like I was just looking up at the sky and saying what I thought.

But at this moment, it sounded different to me.

It was the end of the novel I had just been reading, “The Moon Was Beautiful That Day” which I had just read.

A childhood friend dies of an illness, and when devastated, he was alone at home grieving forever, an “exchange diary” arrives in the mailbox.

When he opened it, he found a number of unknown sentences at the end.

It was the handwriting of a childhood friend looking back on the memories of the protagonist and his childhood friend when they were little.

There were various descriptions of playing together, being angry, crying, etc.

The last sentence.

The last sentence was the one she wrote that her childhood friend could not forget the most.

The full moon at midnight when they snuck out of the house together.

[The moon I saw that day was beautiful.]

That’s what it said.

When the protagonist read it, he looked out the window and shed tears.

“The moon is beautiful today, too.”

These are the words that the hero, who could not express his feelings until the very end, was finally able to say.

It is a far-fetched way of saying “I love you,” which is famous in novels

The frustration of not being able to express your feelings even now that your childhood friend is gone.

That is how I heard Shoma’s words to me.


I was about to find out what he really meant when he stood up and stretched,

“It’s late, let’s go home. Is it far from your house? I’ll walk you home.”

He looked very dazzling and cool in the moonlight as he looked at me.

Shoma didn’t mean it as a confession.

I just misunderstood. I thought so,

“No, it’s just around the corner.”

I said that and ran away from the place where I couldn’t stand it anymore.

But from then until today, I have never been able to get Shoma out of my head.

“The moon is beautiful today, too.”

As I was thinking about the past, Shoma suddenly said something like that.

I’m sure Shoma said it without thinking about it. That’s also the kind of thing….

I stifled the words that were about to come out of my throat.

“The moon has been beautiful for a long time.”

I said

Shoma probably won’t understand.

Shoma probably won’t understand the meaning of these words.

But that’s okay.

It’s still good.

I don’t want to lose this comfortable place.

That’s what I’m feeling right now.

“Let’s go home.”

I stood up and Shoma nodded silently and stood up and walked next to me.

And so we left.

(TL/N : I really couldn’t handle sad things man..feels bad when thinking about the book)

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Kekw, I think it might be a reference to:

Well, they weren’t childhood friends though.