The next day during lunch break, I was preparing to have my lunch in the classroom and glanced at the Idol sama.

Despite what happened yesterday, she doesn’t seem willing to talk to me.

She enjoys talking with other students with a casual look on her face.

Near the Idol sama, there’s my childhood friend staring at the book cover and grinning. The book that my childhood friend holds is the book that I signed the other day.

Watching that situation made me feel a little sick, so I switched my gaze.

My step sister is not beside her.

While I was wondering if she went to the toilet, my step sister returned to the classroom.

My step sister’s expression is somewhat unhappy and she mutters something. 

The sight of her frightened me, so I looked away again.

Up ahead, there was Izumo san, the beautiful girl who was picking a fight with me yesterday.

For some reason, she treated me as an enemy and threw out abusive words towards me at every opportunity.

The expression on her face when she caught me on her sight yesterday was full of disgust and she uttered [Ew, it’s the gloomy person, disgusting ! !].

I was terrified by the first thing that came from her mouth and ignored her words. 

Of course, in terms of physical strength, I can’t lose to her.

Even if she brought her friends, a mobster, I still won’t lose.

However, not everything can be solved with brute strength.

Everyone knows that raising a hand to a woman is morally bad.

I also knew that arguing wouldn’t  solve any problem either.

Perhaps, if she raised her voice to someone like me, a loner, I would be seen as the bad person even if I’m not the one at fault.

As a proof, remember the reaction of my childhood friend that time when I saved my step sister on my way home. She despised the act itself, even though it was the right thing to do to help others.

Tears began to flow through my eyes when I remembered the face that she made when she’s looking at me like i’m some kind of garbage at that time.

……I’m going to cry, you know? I will cry !

With tears in my eyes, I eventually decided not to get involved with her because I knew her popularity and how united she’s with her female group. 

“Oi oi, what the hell are you looking at?” 

I was startled by the hand that reached out towards me along with those words.

However, the group of gyaru was having fun talking with the boys. 

“Oi oi, why did you get startled?” 

The guy who surprised me was Genpaku.

For those who were thinking that Genpaku’s presence was faint lately. You are right ! ! I also had forgotten that he existed.

He’s a man who always takes initiative, and when it comes to break time, he goes out to visit various people.

That’s why Genpaku doesn’t often get involved with me outside of class.

“Riku, do you want to have lunch together?” 

Seeing Genpaku looking at me with a refreshing smile made my eyes dazzled.

If the girls’ to caste are my step sister, my childhood friend, the idol and the extra gyaru, he’s the top caste for the boys.

From my point of view as a gloomy person, he was a shining light that would’ve turned into sand and crumbled in its light.

“….Is it okay for the others? You’re always in the canteen, right?”

When I asked Genpaku while enduring my dizziness, he smiled and pulled out a bento from his bag.

“Yeah, today’s okay. It’s troublesome to follow someone else to the canteen when you have a bento, right? Then I’d like to get along with Riku.”

His handsome smile is 10 times bigger than mine (personal impression), and the girls who remained around , let out an annoyed sigh.

…..I envy handsome guys. Hey you, your smile is going to rot, you know?

I know the composition of the girl’s society through their pink (?) lies.

Confused by the situation I couldn’t experience on my own, I turned toward Genpaku’s desk and spread out my bento.

“By the way, Riku, are you joining any club activities?”

Genpaku asked me about club activities while chewing his food.

“Ah, I’m not going to join any of them. I have a part-time job and I’m busy with other things.” 

“You’re doing part-time already? Speaking of which, who about your family?”

When I heard that, my chopsticks stopped moving.

I can’t say anything bad because my step sister (stranger) is around here.

When I glanced at my step sister for a bit, I can see that her ears are as big as Dumbo’s while eating lunch with other girls. 

…..Haha, I can’t say anything bad.

“I have both of my parents and only one younger sister. It’s just a normal family…..” 

While making a bitter smile, I explained it plainly, without detail.

“Is that so? You have a younger sister? I’m so jealous.” 

Seeing Genpaku who looks envious, I’m forced to smile.

Even though she’s my younger sister, she’s still my step sister, and if i didn’t communicate with her, it looked like I was the only child. 

“Are you an only child, Genpaku?”

“Yeah, I’m an only child. That’s why I’m jealous of people who have siblings. When I’m home, I’m always alone, that’s why I’m eager to talk to someone.”


For a moment, I thought it’s weird when I saw Genpaku’s expression turned gloomy, but I didn;t ask for details because each family had their own circumstances. 

My family also had their own circumstances.

“Leaving that aside, do you have any hobbies, Riku? Like playing games?”

Genpaku asked me that as if to change the subject.

“…..No, i don’t play games that much. My family didn’t have a lot of money, so we didn’t own any consoles. Even if I play, it’s only online games on my computer.”

When I said that, I heard a rattling sound in the corner of the class. I turned my eyes toward the source.

But nothing seemed to be wrong, so I turned my attention back to Genpaku again.

“Oh, computer games. Are you an otaku, Riku? What kind of games do you play?”

I poked my bento with a bitter smile at Genshiro’s remarks  saying that I’m an otaku.

“It’s a game called Guardian fantasy. Do you know?”

“No, I don’t know much about computer games. Guardian fantasy……”


When Genpaku mentions the title of the came, the sound of a desk moving reverberates throughout the class again.

This time, the sound was louder than before, Genpaku and I turned our gaze in the direction of the sound.

For some reason, the gyaru who was standing there was sitting on the desk.

She seemed embarrassed when the whole class was staring at her, and as soon as she noticed that i’m looking…..

“Don’t look ! ! Otaku. Disgusting, die ! !”

After saying that, she left the class.

While everyone in the class, including me, was stunned, Genpaku asked [Hey, what did you do?] and i answered [Don’t know]

…..Seriously, what did I even do. Me……

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