I was confused by the sudden rain, so I ran back to my house.

Even though the weather forecast said it would be sunny….I’m feeling down at the fact that i didn’t bring an umbrella, but i desperately moved my feet because i didn’t want the textbook that i just had to be wet.

Desperately running away from the heavy rain, I was soaking wet, but I arrived at the Kaizei house, then I unlocked the door and entered the house.

There was still nobody inside the house. 

My step sister, who’s in the same class as me, has not returned yet.

When I left the school, my step sister seemed to be talking with her classmates about something and wasn’t even getting ready to leave.

In order not to miss this opportunity, I took off my wet uniform and quickly headed to the changing room. I want to wash off my wet body quickly in the shower.

Before my step sister arrives, I’ll take a quick shower and then shut myself in my room.

It’s better for me and for her that way.

I was thinking that I want to become an adult quickly. I want to grow up so that I can live alone. In that case……

Pika ! !*

(TL/B : pokemon references??)

When I was thinking about that, my surroundings suddenly became bright. And then, a thunderstorm reverberated around me. 

“….It’s so close.”

When I heard the thunderstorm, somehow I stopped the shower and got out of the bathroom. Then I get dressed without drying my hair and leave the house with two umbrellas.

I don’t know if my step sister had an umbrella or not.

However, the rain was getting heavier, and my body moved on its own when I thought that she had forgotten her umbrella. 

As I mentioned before, I’m not good with my step sister. 

I’m sure she also felt that.

It hasn’t even been a month since we became step siblings, so it’s impossible for us to get used to it.

That’s why we can’t make any progress if we keep our distance.

I decided to go pick up my step sister in this heavy rain because I wanted to get along even a little.

In the rain, I walk through the school route that my step sister takes.

As I walked, I suddenly had a thought.

I think I’m doing something stupid.

When I went to pick up my antipathy step sister, I felt a sense of emptiness in my selfish kindness. 

As the rain fell, my feelings were sinking.

I didn’t like the rain, and I didn’t like feeling depressed either

However, even if it was my selfishness, I wanted to be able to talk with my step sister as a sibling.

Once again, I arrived in front of my high school.

While it was raining, I waited for my step sister to come out while holding two umbrellas.

I combed my hair that was wet from the rain and shower, in a slick back style. Then I noticed that I didn’t have the feeling that I always have in my hands.

I realized that I had forgotten my glasses.

I forgot to put on my glasses because I ran out of the house in a rush.

Even though I’m depressed because I forgot the shield that hides my complex, I watch the students from the same school come out.

The students that come out from the school building are holding umbrellas, and they are running home to avoid the rain, each of them trying to get out of the rain.

Among them there were students from the same class as me, but they didn;t talk to me and returned to their homes in a rush.

After waiting for nearly 30 minutes, I couldn’t find my step sister. She must’ve returned before I knew it.

I gave up and returned to the route that I had taken, soaking wet.

However, I didn’t realize it.

My step sister saw me holding two umbrellas and ran back home….

The second time I came home, I was drenched again. 

I wiped my body with a towel that I had prepared beforehand, regretting that I had stepped on it because I don’t use it that often.

After taking off my jacket and wiping my body, I head to the bathroom while sighing.

At this time, I was so absorbed in wiping my body that I didn’t notice the presence of my step sister’s loafers.


When I opened the changing room door, I saw my step sister, who had taken off her clothes before taking a bath, in front of me.

At that moment, her shiny white arms and legs, her slender waist was covered with a thin towel, and her not-so-large chests were exposed. 

And then, the moment when they’re eyes met…..

“Kyaaaa— ! !”

“Gyaaaa— ! !” 

The scream echoes through the house, where there are only two of them around.

I quickly close the door as if to think of what just happened .

Then, while suppressing my pounding heartbeat and rough breathing, I held my head and whispered [What a romantic comedy shit is this.]. 

Normally I wouldn’t screw up like this.

Because we are wary of each other, I always lock the door so that the other person doesn’t enter my area, and I have also tried not to enter other people’s area.

But today was different….

I was somewhat distracted by today’s weather, and I think she was also less cautious than usual.

That’s why she was distracted until she forgot to lock the changing room door, the area where she needed to be careful the most.

Even though I hesitated, I got up and called out to my step sister, who’s still inside the room.

“Um…., it’s…, I’m sorry.”

Silence dominates across the changing room.

“…..You’re the worst. Won’t you go somewhere? You’re disgusting….”

It was my step sister’s harsh words that canceled out the silence.

At this time, I was already expecting what words would come out from my step sister.

Probably curse words….

I should’ve expected it, but for some reason my tears came out.

I knew that I was an eyesore to her when I came to this house.

But I never thought that I would be hated so much even though I didn’t do anything.


I said one last word and walked away from the changing room as if I was running away.

At this point, I have made up my mind.

……Let’s get out of this house.

I thought that was the best thing for my family….for my step sister.

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1 year ago

Thanks again!

1 year ago

Maybe his shitty childhood friend was right. He shouldn’t have used violence to stop those guys from doing whatever they were going to do to her. He should have just keep walking and let whatever was about to happen, happen. She’s such an irredeemable bitch for no reason he doesn’t have a reason to care what happens to her.

1 year ago
Reply to  name

That’s our normal irl girls. Many of them will just praise and follow those with good looks, and criticize those without it, even if they don’t even try to approach the girls. Even when you meet someone different, they still takes appearance as a major aspect to consider should they talk to you. Life is often disappointing.