We finished lunch and decided to work together for a while.
This was not what we had planned, but Hitomi senpai

“Isn’t it possible to make memories with Mirei just the two of you?” She suggested that I should make memories with Mirei san just for us.

I had a bit of a stomach ache, so I stayed in the bathroom for a while.
“Did I eat too much?”
Maybe I shouldn’t have competed with Haruto.
Thinking about that, I went to Mirei san’s place.

“Would you like to come hang out with us?”
“My boyfriend’s waiting.”
“Forget the boyfriends that make you wait…”
“Aren’t you being too pushy? Guys.”
I found myself saying such things.
I didn’t think for a moment that it came from my own mouth.
“What? What are you doing?”
“Let’s go, Mirei san”
The boyss were saying something, but I didn’t care and left anyway.

“Thanks, masa.”
“I’m Mirei san’s boyfriend, of course.””
“Where do you want to go next?”
“Well….there’s a haunted house nearby.”
“Shall we go there then?”

I’m nervous because this is probably my first time in a haunted house.
“I’m scared…”
“Don’t worry. Don’t let go of my hand, okay?”
Thanks to Mirei san who is too cool, I was scared but had fun.
“Thanks, Mirei san!”
“I had fun, too.”

Then we had a cup of coffee and were told that there was a spot where we could be seen.
“I’ll take a picture, Masa”
Somehow, I was unexpectedly photographed.
“Come on, quick!”
“Wait a minute!”
“Look out!”
Miraculously, we ended up with a picture of us hugging each other, and it was very memorable.

“Haruto. How was it?”
“It was fun.”
“By the way, Haruto kun, at the haunted house…”
“You can’t say that!”
I think something happened at the haunted house, so I’ll ask him to tell me secretly later.
“Then let’s go on the Ferris wheel at the end.”
The Ferris wheel here is famous for its size.

Haruto and Hitomi senpai are walking in front of me, but Haruto is clearly nervous.
“Then please get on the Ferris wheel together.”
“I think I’ll ride with Masa”
“Then shall we continue to ride?”
I put my ear to Haruto’s ear.
“It will be all right if you remain calm.”
I said.
“I-I know!”

Haruto and her got on first, and we left some space before getting on.

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