Episode 34 part 2 – Vs Yuina ②



“Hey, Eh…?”

Yuina was surprised while having eyes wide open, as if she couldn’t believe that I had clearly told her that I hate her. I don’t know what she was trying to do, but her hands were grazing the sky with nowhere to go.

“Ha. Why are you surprised? You think I like you? What did you think I was going to say?”

“B-Because….! Rika chan and Jury said so ………”

Rika ? Jury ?….Ah, Are these the girls who spouted the strange things I heard from Asahi at lunch?

“Come to think of it, I heard they were getting excited about whether the call was a confession from me. But why didn’t they realize from our earlier exchange that there was no way that could be the case?”

Yuina, who was still puzzled and her mouth was still agape, clearly denied that such a thing was possible.

“First of all, you have Sawada and I have Koharu. There’s no way I’m going to confess to you when I have a girlfriend.”

“Yes but…I mean…it can happen…!!”

“I’m telling you it’s impossible…Haa…..I’m beyond angry, I’m disgusted.”

“You’re making a fool out of me again…!!!”

“Shut up, Don’t throw tantrums every time. Listen, I call you up today is not a confession or anything. It’s because I have something I need to tell you.”

I was annoyed by all the yapping and screaming, so I glared at her to shut her up and proceeded with my story.

“This is what Sawada asked me to do, to get you to admit guilt for what you tried to do to Koharu and promise not to do it again. But after talking to you earlier, I realized that you still seem to think that Koharu should be treated badly. If you can’t promise me today, then I’ll have to be honest and admit that I have an idea.”

I felt I had to make her understand even more strongly by her attitude toward Koharu just now. In the worst case scenario, I might have to leave it to Isuzu san.

“And second. To completely end our relationship, our childhood friendship. I’m convinced that you are too attached to Saeki Ryoma. You have to correct that. Underst—?”

“Ha?!? There’s no way I’m going to say yes, there is no way I would understand when you say that out of the blue!!! That’s enough!”

I tried to speak in as gentle a voice as possible to discuss the issue constructively, but I was interrupted.
What’s with [enough]? that’s my line.

“I know that’s why I’m making time to talk to you one by one like this. Just let me talk, I can’t talk if I’m stuck with you.”

“What did you say?”

“C-Calm down, Yuina!”

Sawada restrained Yuina, who was about to go berserk, so I ignored her and went on with my story.

“One thing I said earlier. I can’t tolerate the malice directed at Koharu and that you might someday hurt someone else. Listen, You know, getting all emotional and getting everyone around you involved isn’t going to get you the results you want. Don’t drag people into your stupid fantasy.”

“Haa !? It’s not like I want you to get involved this time !! There’s not a single thing wrong with me !!! And I’m not delusional. Me and Ryouma are—-”

“No, you are wrong. Besides, this time nothing happened because Sawada stopped it beforehand…..I mean, do you know who is here right now and you are trying to tell me that? You don’t seem to understand that I’m telling you to stop trying to talk like that and not think about what’s going on around you. Hey Sawada ?”

When I interrupted what she was about to say and mentioned Sawada’s name, he finally seemed to realize what she was about to say.


“Ah, No, you’re wrong Kenji kun !! I just wanted to say that I’m not in love with him, but we are childhood friends…It’s not that !!”

She is desperately trying to make excuses to Kenji, but on the contrary, it is as if she is saying she really means it.

“This is what happens when you don’t think ahead. Do you understand? Promise me you won’t do that again. Not just us, but everyone else.”

I remind Yuina, who turns around at the sound of my voice, that she created this situation of her own lack of thinking.

“O-Okay…..I will never do anything like that again…….”

She responded in a frustrated, apologetic manner.
She seemed to have indeed responded.

“Okay, I’m glad you understand. So let’s get on with the second part. Let’s talk about our relationship.”

Yes, this is the main issue.

“I want to end my relationship with you as a childhood friend. I told you this on the rooftop that day. And I thought we ended our relationship there.”

“Yes. I remember what you said to me that day. I admit that I’m a little bit in the wrong, but that’s not going to convince me to stop being your childhood friend!”

That’s it, huh?

“I knew it….Then let’s retrace our steps and recap what we’ve been up to.”

“What a pain in the ass, what’s the point of that!”

“There is a point.”

If you don’t realize it yourself, you won’t be able to move on either.
Yuina looked like she wanted to say something, but she didn’t say anything to my seriousness.

“Asahi. Tell us if we tell you something that isn’t true.”

I asked Asahi, who was watching us closely, to come closer to me and Yuina.

“Understand. Well, I was on Ryouma’s side, so I don’t know what Yuina thinks, but I remember what the girls used to talk about, so I’ll just say it there.”

I take a deep breath and take a step forward.
Yuina and Sawada looked surprised at my change of facial expression.

While grasping Yuina’s hand with both of mine, I began to talk

“Let’s settle up. Let’s think about all the fun and cruel days we’ve spent together.”

(TL/N : Wow, what a climax, I bet the next chap will be more….What should I say…[satisfying]?)

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1 year ago

Something’s definitely wrong with this passive cuck MC, smh. He’s still being CONSIDERATE of the bitch till the end, lol. Just tell her to fuck off, and tell the bitch’s parents too, that it. Easy. Call FBI too while you’re at it.

Fucker is circling around the same bullshit since he promised himself to chad up i.e. acknowledging his true dormant cuckold nature. Bruh, break-up ain’t that hard, ffs. Just cut the shit and move on from the bitch already, lmao. Both of them are beating around the bush for 34+ chs, sigh.

The way he talks and his attitude towards the bitch makes her complacent enough to the point she gets the confidence that the delusional cuck MC won’t leave her, lol.

Except for the TL team (I appreciate y’all’s efforts), this is ridiculously horrendous writing, lmao. Author-sama needs to get truck-kun’d if he ever thinks about writing something else in his cuck life.

1 year ago
Reply to  Yuwon-SSI

Somewhat agree with you, but just to be clear, you know that that bitch Yuina is close to a yandere, right? Like even if she does not like him, she still wants him to tag along with her for the rest of their lives, to the point that she wanted her girlfriend to be gang raped by a bunch of fuckers. He needs to make her realize that she messed up with her head and everything around her, including he himself. If he just meet her, say something like “fuck off” or something, she may even do worst than the thing she planned to do with Koharu, cause that son of a bitch is crazy dude. And also letting Sawada join the conversation was right, and he needs as many allies as possible, and in this case, everyone’s in his side, she’s all alone and can’t do shit to him.

The main reason he wants to do this is that he wants to completely cut ties with that bitch and somehow reduce her madness. That’s the only way for him to have his peace with Koharu, cause if he doesn’t clear about everything then that bitch will not let him go. That’s typical for a yandere. What he wants is to cut their ties mutually, which means he wants her to also cut all ties with him. Even if he has a restrain order for her, she may aims for his friends and Koharu.

1 year ago
Reply to  Yuwon-SSI

Oh my, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine?

What was Ryouma supposed to do? Sit there and let Yuina commit a grievous crime against the woman he’s falling in love with? His hands are tied, there’s not much he can do to her aside from talking her down.

However, that’s not to say he can’t do *anything*. What he’s about to do is cover everything that she has done up to this point, this would include the mobbing and literal hired hits she’s done against him and Koharu, and now she’s conspiring to gang rape Koharu and essentially possess him as a slave. With all of this evidence, needless to say he can ruin her with the snap of his fingers. Frankly, he can even put her behind bars for said conspirations and emotional trauma. At the moment the only person stopping him from doing that is out of consideration Keiji, Yuina’s most recent semi Ex-boyfriend. Dude is a scumbag but he still knows that a line cannot be crossed and wants to stop and correct her before she ruins her life more than it already is. If she doesn’t listen to him and Ryouma here and now. They’re going to release the evidence and she’ll probably lose her place in society and likely go to jail. It’s that simple.

I doubt her parents will do anything about it. Her father is obviously particularly to blame for Yuina’s terrible personality. He’s the one who likely turned her into this spoiled narcissistic princess. He’ll probably just sit there and deny responsibility. Her mother is well aware of Yuina’s terrible personality and how badly she treated Ryouma. She was worried about Ryouma not showing up because she knew this was only the calm before the storm. She’ll probably divorce her husband, give up custody of Yuina, if she’s not in jail at that point, Personally apologize to Ryouma and Koharu, and make a run for it if I had to guess.

The reason why Ryouma is keeping his cool is because as said, his hands are tied. He’s already had to scream and yell at her to “Fuck Off” MULTIPLE TIMES. But she won’t listen, his patience and temper is on the verge of eruption. Did you read how he reacted to her admitting she didn’t care for Koharu getting gang raped and essentially wanting her to die? The guy was literally about to One Punch Man her but was stopped by his Best friend. If he did punch her, then he’d be the one going to jail probably. He’s trying his hardest to keep a lid on for his own sake and for Keiji’s sake who asked him to TALK to her in the first place.

1 year ago

Thanks for the new chapter!

1 year ago

And here’s the indefinite hiatus that comes with the genre because the author wrote himself into a corner. Why did he make her actually batshit crazy? I noticed this on a lot of novels translated by Soafp; the authors have an interesting start, but then make the betrayer too crazy or makes everyone unlikable to the point where there’s no possible resolution. Thanks for translating thus far.

9 months ago

When is the next chapter gonna come out….