Episode 24 – Outing with Sisters ①



“Ah, no. I have a companion.” 

“Eh is that so, that’s too bad.” 

“I told you so. Sorry for suddenly calling you out.” 

I waved my hand lightly to those girls as they moved away and leaned back. 


The day after my first date with Koharu, I asked Ayaka to give some sweets to Saki chan and her friends, and she asked me to go to a shopping mall around this week with everyone, so here I am…..


(TL/N: pechi pechi = onomatopeia for light slapping sound) 


I felt a strange sensation around my waist and when I looked over to see it, I found Hiyori chan slapping me with the sleeve of her fluffy hoodie. 

“As expected of Ryouma Onii chan~, you’re so popular.” 

“Wouldn’t it be nice to help me if you had seen it~i think. You’re not kind at all Hiyori chan~.” 

Good grief, I covered her head with her hoodie as I laughed sarcastically. 

“Wa~, mufufu~. But wouldn’t it be worse if i came to your rescue and said that I’m your girlfriend~? They’re gonna think you’re a pedophile, Ryouma Onii chan~?”

“You don’t have to be my girlfriend, why not  just help me as my sister and convince them that we’re really close siblings?” 

My height is 40 cm taller than Hiyori chan, so siblings would’ve been more appropriate. Then, for some reason, Hiyori chan’s face suddenly turned sly, and she started bouncing around me while taking strange steps. 

“Hmm~? Then that means~you want me to be your sister~. Fufufu~im so close to become a child of Saeki family~. But as i said earlier, it’s dangerous~, i think it’s better to call me your girlfriend for this kind of think, you know~? Well, it would be a different story if you had a girlfriend, Ryouma Onii chan~.” 

“Hahaha, i wonder~.” 

Although it’s ambiguous, the word “girlfriend” makes me think of Koharu. 

The relationship that I had with Koharu is still temporary. 

At first, this relationship started out as a mutual benefit, but I feel that I have been thinking more and more about how I wish I could really be in a relationship with Koharu. 

No I can’t, to get rid of these thoughts from my head, I played with Hiyori chan, then Ayaka came back. 

“Sorry to keep you waiting~ hm? You didn’t buy anything, Hiyo chan?” 

“Aya chan, welcome back~. Un~ there wasn’t anything in particular that i wanted~. Besides, im worried if Ryouma Onii chan would be lonely if i left him on his own~ which is the kindness of a potential cute little sister~.” 

“Wha-! Onii chan is my brother only ! s-so you can’t ! !” 

As I was sandwiched between Hiyori chan, who teased me with a giggle without mentioning what had just happened, and Ayaka, who still took it seriously and clung to my arm, the other two had finished their shopping at a nearby store and joined us.

“What are you two doing? you’re getting a lot of attention from people around you so stop it.”

“Looks fun…… Hiyo chan and Aya chan…”

“Ni hi hi~ Yess~.”

After we all met up, I accompanied them to other stores to buy clothes, or they would dress me up as a dress-up doll and dress me up in different outfits and buy what they liked.

“T-that’s! [Chimiyaba usagi]’s New plush toys!  Excuse me, I have to go!”

“T-that are Gummies with sloshing juice~. I want to try them~.”

“Maybe I’ll go see if there’s something there~ Onii chan and Saki chan what about you ?”

“I’m good, I’ll be resting on this bench.”

“I-I’m fine too!!”

As the three of them headed for the arcade, I handed Saki a café latte I had taken out from the café and sat down beside her.

“Fuu. They looked so excited. But Kirishima san must really like that stuffed animal to be that excited. Okay, Saki chan. Does the cafe latte taste good?”

“T-thank you very much ! I’ll drink itt !!! O-ouch.”

“Take your time.”


Haa…Saki chan looks embarrassed as she sips her café au lait. I drink my coffee as well.

“I’m really sorry you had to go out with us today.”

“It’s fine really. I had fun too, and I didn’t have any plans for the day.”

I was planning to stay home and do some muscle training or study appropriately, and besides, Ayaka had asked me to do so early on, and I had told Koharu and the others of my plans ahead of time, so there was no particular problem.

“I’m glad to hear that! I haven’t seen you since the study group, so I thought it’s been a while since we’ve talked……I-I just wanted to thank you for that, but I didn’t mean anything serious!”

“O-okay ? Well, I heard about your test results and stuff on MEEN, but I haven’t seen you in about a month.”

“T-that’s it ! Thanks to Ryouma san, we’ve just broken our highest score! Thank you so much!”

“Ahaha, You’re welcome. But it’s because Saki chan did her best. Speaking of which, have you decided anything about the reward?”

After that study session, I was still consulting with her and teaching her study, and I remember Saki chan telling me that she wanted some kind of reward if she got a good score to motivate her.

“As long as it’s not too expensive, it’ll be fine…””

“No, no, I’m fine with stuff ! Um, you know, that ……. Can I ask you something?”

“??W-what’s that?

“P-please tell me what type of girl you like, Ryoma san!”


(TL/A : Ahhh, I like this atmosphere~)

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