Episode 23 – Date ②



“Haa~. It’s the best !!!”

“Ahaha, you look so happy Koharu.”

“Because you wouldn’t expect them to come close to you like that〜!  ! Haa〜 i can still feel the fluffiness〜. Ehehehe〜.” 

We were at the Fureai Square just a while ago, and what happened there made Koharu look more relaxed. 

If we go back to it a little bit, here’s what happened.

As soon as we arrived at Fureai Square, a bunch of guinea pigs swarmed in, and we were immediately surrounded by them. 

The keeper seemed surprised and told me that he had never seen them gathered so close to people before. 

After that, we got vegetable sticks from the keeper to feed them. Besides guinea pigs there were also rabbits, so I was able to pet them and fully enjoy myself as well. 

Before leaving the Square, i managed to get the keeper to separate the rabbit that wouldn’t get off from Koharu’s lap, and that’s what happened. 

“You could have stayed here a little longer, you know?” 

If I could see such a happy face, I would have stayed a little longer, although it was Koharu who suggested that we should move. 

“As much as i would like to do so, since it’s a date i also wanted to go to the aquarium… Besides, Ryouma kun likes aquarium, right?” 

 “Huh? Did I ever say that?” 

Surely I like aquariums, but I never said that when I picked this place, so I wonder how she knows it. 

As I’m thinking about that, Koharu quickly pretends to lift up her air glasses. 

“Fufufu~that’s right. Ever since we got here, every time I saw the aquarium building, there were times when you glanced in that direction, so I thought maybe you liked it!” 


It’s embarrassing that I was unconsciously looking at the aquarium, I looked like a child. 

When I was embarrassed that I had to put my hands on my face, Koharu giggled with satisfaction. 

“Fufufu, i’m glad that i got to know a new side of Ryouma kun.” 

“Uh… I’m so embarrassed because it was unintentional. Then, let’s go to the aquarium that i’ve been looking forward to.” 

“Fufu, yeah let’ go~.” 

Unable to endure the embarrassment, I left the zoo and headed to the aquarium entrance. 

We were able to enter as it was because the ticket that we bought was a ticket that allowed us to enter the aquarium. 

As soon as we entered, i was looking at the aquarium tank, then Koharu asked me why i liked the aquarium, so i thought for a moment before answering. 

“I guess so. It depends on the location, but basically because it’s a little dark and when there are no people around, it’s quiet and relaxing.” 

“Certainly, the places where fish are found are basically indoors.” 

“Yeah yeah. Besides, you can watch fish swimming in an aquarium all the time, can’t you? Well, I’ve only ever seen them on video.” 

I stared at the aquarium tank while smiling. 

“….I feel like I could really watch the real thing forever. I’m glad that I came here today.” 

When I saw Koharu next to me and thanked her, she held my left hand and smiled at me. 

“Me too, i love the aquarium more than ever after coming here today. ….Let’s come back here again, together.” 

“..yeah, together, again.” 

I squeezed back at my hand that she held and slowly moved to where the blue light shines.

For some reason, I wasn’t embarrassed.

For now, I just wanted to feel the warmth of the hands that I held. 


“It seems like the last dolphin show will start in 30 minutes. I want to go, is that okay?” 

“Yes. I want to see it too !” 

I moved quickly to my seat and sat down to talk until it was time to go, and the music started to play as the show was about to start. 

I was so excited to watch the show for the first time that I was completely absorbed in the dolphins. 

“Now, since this is the last show of the day, I would like to ask our customers to cooperate with us !” 

The show was just about to end, and I was excited to see what was going to happen, and I felt like my eyes met the lady. 

“Now I’d like you to come up on this stage and take a couple of shots with Terry kun the dolphin ! and that lucky person is…., you, the cool guy in the blue floral shirt right there~ !” 

When the lady said that, a nearby staff member came up to me. 

“Eh, is it me?” 

The staff nodded silently and led me to the stage. 

“Come on now, watch your step in the middle of the stage ! !” 

As I changed my shoes and proceeded to the center of the stage, the lady began to explain the performance that she was about to give so that the audience could see it. 

“Onii san will be giving Terry kun a kiss on the cheek, so please cooperate with the photo shoot !” 

“I understand.” 

From there, I enjoyed having Terry kun jump up and down, clapping hands, and giving high fives in the same movement as the staff lady. 

“Now, Terry kun will come up on the stage at the end of the show, so please squat down and look forward~” 

Just like she said, I crouched when Terry kun came up to the stage.

“Well then, let’s go ! 3 ! 2 ! 1 ! pyu~ !” 


“Thank you very much~! ! Okay now, let’s give Onii san and Terry kun a big round of applause !” 

Wow~! ! crackle crackle* 

After the show was over, the staff asked me if they could post the photo on social media, and I told them I couldn’t clearly see my face, and left the place. 

“Haa~ that was an amazing experience.” 

“It was also my first time seeing such a wonderful event ! oh, I’ll send you the pictures that I took earlier later.” 

“Thanks. I want to brag about it to Asahi and the others.” 

It was about time to go, but before we returned home, we decided to look for souvenirs. 

I picked up some and put them in the basket. 

[should i buy it for my family, Asahi and the others, also Saki chan….hmm?]

When I looked at Koharu, I saw her repeatedly picking up a certain keyholder and putting it back, and as the other customers gathered around her, she quickly came back to me. 

I was about to ask her if she wanted to buy some of it, but she immediately grabbed some snacks for her family and went to get in line to finish the checkout. 

Because I was a little bit worried, I picked up the thing that Koharu was looking at and lined up at the cash register to finish the checkout. 

“I’m sorry I left you Akari chan and the others portions. Do you want me to carry the luggage?” 

“It’s fine. Akari chan and the others gave me the money, so don’t worry.” 

We didn’t eat dinner outside this time so that we wouldn’t be late, so we decided to leave the aquarium and return home. 

I was a little cautious because I was involved in something troublesome this morning, but there were no signs of anything strange, so I decided to take the train and send Koharu home. 

“Ah right, here.” 

Shortly before arriving at Koharu’s house, I took something out of the bag and handed her what I had bought. 

“Eh? Isn’t this the dolphin keyholder that I was looking at….” 

She was surprised that I gave her something that she was looking at, and I took out the same keyholder with a different color. 

“I bought it to commemorate today. You see, we’re matching.” 

“Matching… Ehehe, thank you so much. I’ll treasure this keyholder !” 

I was relieved that she received it safely, and after dropping Koharu off at her house, I decided to return home as well. 

Therefore, after my first date with Koharu, I got home and went straight to my room,  lay down on my bed, then fell asleep. 

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