Episode 22 – Date ①



We had moved from the station and we’re now at the zoo, our destination for the day.

As I was about to buy tickets to enter the park, I realized that we had been holding hands the whole time and hurriedly let go of them. The Onii san at the ticket booth laughed at us.

I took the money to buy 2 tickets, bought the tickets and went inside.

“I’m sorry you had to buy the ticket. Come to think of it, I haven’t been to the zoo since elementary school, so I’m really looking forward to it!”

“Well, since it’s a date, you don’t have to worry about it. Aahh, me too, it’s been awhile.”

I’m pretty sure the last time I went was on a family vacation.

I’m pretty sure at the time it was ……

“What kind of animals does Ryouma kun like?”

As I was trying to remember what happened then, Koharu asked me a question, so I put it aside for a moment and answered.

“hmmm?? Ahh, I think I like Fennec the best. Koharu seems to like guinea pigs, sheep, and other fluffy things right?”

“That’s right ! I like fluffy fluffy animals…….wait, why did you know it?!”

“Hahaha, somehow. Hey, after seeing so many things, let’s relax in this plaza. Besides, it looks like there’s an aquarium.”

Koharu nodded and we decided to take a quick tour of the park.

This zoo is not as smelly as I had expected, probably due to its location in a metropolitan area. They say the main selling point is that it is a complex of an aquarium and a zoo, which was the main reason we decided to come here.

We couldn’t have asked for a better place for us, as we were not sure which way to go.

“Just like what the site looked like, what a beautiful place.”

“That’s right, it’s a different atmosphere from the zoo, yet the area with the animals strangely feels like it belongs at the zoo. So exciting!”

Surely, Koharu was right. The area in front of us where the elephants live is beautifully paved for traffic, but beyond the fence, it is made as if they were living in the natural world.

After that, we continued to look around the zoo and were about to go to the petting zoo when Koharu suggested that we have lunch.

I looked at the time and it was just after 12 pm. But, when I tried to go to the restaurant attached to the building, I was stopped and taken to a nearby rest area.

“I-I thought it might be a nuisance, but I made us lunch…”

“That’s why you stubbornly stopped me from carrying the luggage. I’m really happy, thanks.”

“Ehehe, that’s a relief. I refused because I thought you could see through the bag if I asked you to carry it. I’m sorry. I made sandwiches so go ahead.”

With that, she took a lunch mat and a bento box from her bag and spread them out on his desk.

“Oo~They all look delicious. Can I eat it ?”

“Go ahead. I don’t know if it will suit your taste though……”

I pick up one of the sandwiches and take a bite.

“!! Delicious ! Perhaps you made this on your own ?”

“Really !! Thank God…. Y-yes! I wanted to reduce the burden on mom…ehehe.”

“It always looked so delicious. Hmm, can I eat one more >”

“Y-yes ! Go ahead !”

Hmm, Delicious. I like the perfect amount of seasoning.

I encouraged Koharu to eat as well, and together we ate the sandwich.

With our stomachs now full, we decided to head to the last event at the zoo, the petting zoo.

??? Side

“Can a plan like this really work?”

“It’s fine. Ryo would never abandon me.”

He would definitely help me out.  Just like you did to that girl this morning.

“But…..the way that guy was feeling this morning-”

“What? Do you have a problem ?”

“N-no, nothing.”

Tch. There’s one guy who looks kind of unreliable, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. I play with my phone in frustration.

One boy overhears the Chara boy in a voice that such a girl cannot hear.

“Hey, hey, she’s bad news. What’s the point of doing this?”

“Haa? What are you scared of? You might get off with that girl this morning, you know? You can threaten me with that and I’ll tell you how much more I’m going to…… Besides, the girl is not bad either. After you cooperate, she can have some fun with you.”


The man was troubled. He thinks what is the point of risking so much to do just that? Shouldn’t he stop this guy here as a friend?

But no matter what he said, he was not listened to, so he ended up getting himself involved.

There was a man watching the three of them from afar.

“Yuina……? Who are those guys? ……”

(TL/A : damn I thought this was gonna be a normal romcom chap…….)

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