Episode 1 – Film actress and 2 years in the past 1



[Please tell us about your ideal man, Hiiragi-san!
[U-umm….. even if you ask me suddenly,……]
[There are many fans who want to know more about the mysterious Hiiragi-san, so go ahead!]
[If I had to say, I like men who are kind to my family.]
[I see…… Hiiragi-san who loves her family…… This is going to make her even more attractive!]
[Haha ……]

The name of the incredibly beautiful woman who answers the host’s questions on a variety show is Hiiragi Kaede.

She is a famous movie actress in Japan.

Her acting is at such a high level that even I, who am not very familiar with movies, can understand her well.

Her acting stimulates men’s instincts with pinpoint accuracy.

Especially, the way she looks at the male lead has a heart-stopping charm.

Even her appearance is good.

She has long wet-feather black hair, big blue eyes, droopy eyes, a well-defined bridge of the nose, and bright pink lips. Ivory-colored shiny skin.

And the explosive body that makes you want to ask the question, “With that body?”

Although it is through the screen, the face of Hiiragi Kaede is so three-dimensional and beautiful that you would think it was made by a first-rate sculptor.

This person must be living in a glittering, dazzling world that I can’t even imagine.

It is not often that she appears on variety shows, but this mysterious atmosphere of Hiiragi Kaede reminds me of someone.

I knew it, they look alike.

It was when I, Kirishima Tsukasa, who has just entered university, was a sophomore in high school. So it must have happened just two years ago.

I was feeling sadness and loneliness because my parents died in an accident when I entered high school, and I was heading to my spacious house after school.

Bringing with me the usual things.

The sun was about to set and twilight was approaching as I was returning home after playing soccer and other games with good friends who cared about me.

I was not in my school uniform at this time, but in my gym clothes.

“Maybe I should take a different route today after all these years.”

Perhaps it was my imagination, but for some reason I was in the mood to go home that day, not by the usual route, but by a route I don’t usually take.

I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like taking a detour.

Just as I was about to approach a back alley with my backpack on my back, an incident occurred.

“Haa…… haa…… I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl before. ……”
“N-No! Let go of me! You! You!”
“Heh heh heh heh! You’re still in high school, but even through your uniform, I can tell you’ve got a hell of a body! Let’s go check it out in person, shall we?”

A man with brown hair who looked like he might pick up women in front of a train station was trying to forcefully touch a girl in school uniform.

“Don’t touch me! You pervert! I’ll call the police!”
“Hahaha! If you do that, I will destroy you so thoroughly that you will never recover.”

The pick-up man puts his hand on the telephone pole behind her while emitting a low voice. Then her terrified legs begin to tremble.


“No, no!”

She tries to untie herself from the man’s hands and run away, but her legs, which do not move properly, get tangled up and she falls down without a chance.

“…… ouch.”

The man has a sickening expression on his face at the sight of her.

“Uhehehe!. Did you fall down on purpose because you wanted to be violated?”
“That’s …… impossible!”

She refuted him, but the man approached the fallen woman and climbed on top of her as if to cover her.

“W-What are you ?….”
“Haa …… I knew you are too cute. You.”
“Hey, where are you touching me?!”

The man tried to unbutton her shirt. She resists with all her might, but her strength is no match for him.

But the guy was so annoyed that he put his palm on the ground and said loudly

“Be quiet!”
“Otherwise, I’m going to hurt you.”

She stopped resisting.

The man quickly unbuttoned the top few buttons of her shirt, revealing a huge, pure white marshmallow and the large pink bra that encased it.

The man puts his hands on her ample breasts as he smiles another sickening smile.

“Wow….. that’s not a new bra ……. Don’t feel too bad …… about these boobs for a high schooler. It’s your fault for being so beautiful. It’s all your fault for being born looking like that. Heh heh heh!”

Saying that, the guy starts rubbing her breasts.

“No,…… after all, all men are scum,…… my classmates, college students, working people, handsome guys, creepy guys, uncles,…… and guys like you. And flirtatious pick-up men like you!!!!”

Tears streamed from her blue eyes as she glared at the man who were touching her.

“Aaah! Of course, all men are jerks. Probably all the men who see you fantasize about doing something like this. But I do it for real! Whoo-hoo-hoo! I’m soooo winning!”
“Sister …… sister …… help!”
“You have a sister? Then call me after you do it. I’m going to take good care of your sister too!”

My heart was on the verge of exploding.

My whole body starts shaking.

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  1. Ffs pussy ass mc, if u ignore and girl sees u ignore and she decides to report it ur probably going down as well for allowing it to happen (low chance but I wouldn’t take bets on that aye?)
    sureee maybe ur shocked a bit but at that point u have almost an entire minute before bozo even get close to her. Should be common sense to help out as soon as possible and doing so has nearly no downside. Swear to God an onion has better reaction time than this npc

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