Episode 30 – Shuraba ④



“Excuse me. Suzu chan, are you her—-!?”

That one word brought me back to myself.

Looking toward the entrance of the infirmary, I saw a surprised Tohno san with her hand over her mouth and a face that looked like she had seen something unbelievable.

“T-Tohno san ?”
“I’m sorry…….I…I…Ts!!!”

Her face was pale. Seeing Tohno-san on the verge of tears, I conversely became calm.

Let’s look back at my current situation.

Alone in the infirmary with a (beautiful) female student who has just transferred to the school.
Moreover, I had pushed that schoolgirl, Suzu, down on the bed with me.

The person that saw it was Tohno san, to whom I originally had a crush.
she saw a scene that should not have been seen.

It is the worst.

I discovered today that people become calm when they can’t help themselves.

“Tohno san. What’s wrong with being frozen at the entrance? Komiya kun is insi——….!!!!!”

Her face was pale. I was trembling when I saw Ichikawa san, who appeared at the entrance with no expression on her face.

Let’s get my current situation straight.

A female student (beautiful) is pushed down in the infirmary.
The other person who saw it was my girlfriend, Ichikawa san. And she is a very jealous type.

I guess people naturally shake when they can’t help themselves. That was another discovery.
I’m so terrified that I’m almost tingling at a good old age.
Afterward, I can’t seem to stop sweating.


It was a moment that created an unprecedented atmosphere in the infirmary with four different faces.

The end. Please look forward to Komiya Youta in the next life ⭐.

“So. How long are you two going to keep doing that? Are you going to pull something now? Yeah, go ahead. Start right in front of me. I’m going to be observing practical health and physical education. Go ahead, do your thing.”
“I-Ichikawa san, this is…”
“G-get out of me !!”
“Ouch !!”

As soon as I called out to Ichikawa san, I was kicked out by Suzu in front of me and rolled off the bed.

“You animal!”
“Wait ! Don’t talk like that!”
“It’s a lie….Komiya kun…is doing that kind of thing…”

I feel that the misunderstanding was deepened by Suzu’s statement, which made her face turn red.
I’m already afraid to even look at their faces at the entrance.

But I can’t break out of this situation in silence!

“I-Ichikawa san. Let’s just calm down.”
“What is it, Beast kun? I’m calm.”

Beast kun….
Ichikawa san said this to me with blank eyes. That gutted my heart.

“Ichikawa san and Tohno san misunderstand me. I really didn’t do anything!”
“You were just about to do that, weren’t you? I’m sorry to have disturbed you.”
“That’s not true either! Hey, Tohno san. Will you listen to me?”

Ah, this is bad. Why are you about to cry, Tohno san? ……
I’m the one who wants to cry. ……

‘Well, you make your point. Anyway, if you don’t hurry up, the next class will start, so we’re going. Tohno san, are you okay? Let’s go slowly.”

Tohno san nodded her head and sniffed at Ichikawa san’s words, and then she went, with Ichikawa san holding her by the shoulders.


Eh, What? Why was Ichikawa san so calm?
That scares me in reverse.

“What am I going to do?”

I hold my head up.
I can’t stop shaking. No, deep breaths for now.


Okay, calm down. Get your head around what you need to do.
I haven’t apologized to Ichikawa san for my behavior. I’m going to make the most of that experience!

If it’s just me, she may not listen to me. So, first, there’s Suzu. I’m going to work with her to explain to the two of them that what happened earlier was an accident.
I was out of my mind earlier, but this time if I explain it to you politely, …… I’ll get a point out !!

Speaking of which, how’s Suzu? I think she’s been pretty quiet since she kicked me out.
Even though she seems to make the most noise. What’s wrong?

I turned around to see her still on the bed, still hugging her body and cowering, her face red.


I’m stunned. Why is this happening?
I get worried and call out to her again.

“……Ha ?! W-What ?!”
“What’s wrong with you suddenly freezing up? If it’s possible, I’d like you to help me clear up the misunderstanding we had earlier.”
“Ha, Ha !? Why me! You did what you did and you won’t even take responsibility for it!”
“Responsibility? Well, I’m sorry I pushed you down, but it was an …… accident. That’s not the point. How can I clear up the misunderstandi—-“
“How can you say such a thing?!”

She’s crazy red-faced and pissed off. Why ……. I was just covering for her.

“W-W-What should I do….I’ll have a kid…I…..about to become a mother”
“No, wait”

Kid? Earlier? Does this girl think she has a child because of what she just saw? Is she an idiot?

“you’re not having kids.”
“Ha?! How could you possibly know that!!!!”
“Hah……how should you know it ?!”
“W-We have touched bodies!!”

No, indeed. We did overlap, though. Physically.
There’s no physically surprising way to stack them, but that’s not the point.

After that, the way you say it, it’s graphic.

“You know. Suzu. You can’t have a child just like that.”
“No, you’re lying! I was taught that! I was told that if I lay my body on top of yours, I could have a baby!”

Hey, someone give this girl a proper sex education. Who the hell taught her that!
Speaking of which, did you say you were a recluse? I wouldn’t know if she was a recluse all the time, but I’ve seen her at ……. Hard to imagine this girl being a recluse.
Where do I begin to explain this

“Anyway. You can rest assured that you won’t have kids with what you just did. And don’t ever say anything like that to anyone else, okay?”
“Well, then how can you do it?’

No, don’t ask me that?
Why is this girl so pure of heart?
You’re not a child. ……

How do I fool her?

“…… storks.” (There is a myth that storks bring babies)
“The storks bring it to us….”

I’m in pain!
I’m not sure that’s a good enough excuse to use on a child…

“I’ve heard that one before!”

I did. Good.
Maybe this girl is pretty stupid.

“…… but then why did they say a thing about layering?”

…… Sorry, Shinozuka family. I may have blown up something strange.
Because it certainly wasn’t wrong.

“Well, I don’t know about that, but things have happened, haven’t they?”

It was a super appropriate mishap.
I feel like I could fool around with anything now.

“….Okay. Well, sometimes I don’t know what those people are thinking.”

….I win. That was close.
Still, I’m glad I managed to clear up the misunderstanding.
Wait, …… is not the time to be clearing up these misunderstandings!!!

“For now, please explain to Ichikawa san and Tohno san that it was a misunderstanding earlier from Suzu’s mouth!”
“Why should I do that?”
“I’d rather hear why you said no! You’re the one who made me do that!”
“I don’t have a problem with being misunderstood. It would be more convenient for me. You’re going to be my fiancée.”

As if remembering, Suzu grins and smiles.
Ouch. Considering this girl’s personality, it certainly was.

“Plus …….”
“Nothing. I just want to check something. I’ll go ahead then. You’d better keep up, too. Oh, and put that away, too.”

Saying this, Suzu quickly got up and left the infirmary, not even showing a pretense of having a sore foot.


Looking around, the curtains had fallen down and were in disarray.

“This is the worstttttt!!!”

My shuraba is still going on

“I’m in trouble.”

I, Ichikawa Aoi, had just left the infirmary and was walking back to the classroom.
Beside me is Tohno Hitomi, who is in the same class.

Tohno san herself is in tears.
Frankly, I don’t know why she is crying.

Because you saw the scene earlier?
Certainly, it might be shocking to witness such a lewd act by a classmate at school.

But is that enough to make you cry?
I guess that’s how shocked she was.

I, on the other hand, was getting angry just remembering …….

I can imagine that Komiya kun must have gotten his feet tangled or something and ended up like that by accident, anyway.
So I am not mad at him.

The problem is who it is. That transfer student who was pestering me today.
I let her off the hook if she was just messing around with me, but to use my Komiya kun sexually, should I cook her ……?


After all, Komiya kun must be punished as well.

“Gusun…” (SFX)

But first of all, her.
I decided to call out to Tohno san, who was sniffing next to me.

“It’s fine. I’m sure it was just an accident.”
“The curtains would have fallen. He must have lost his balance when he was carrying her on his back with a broken leg.”

I think it’s very skillful of him to get into that position, though.

“And I don’t think Komiya kun has the guts to do something like that in broad daylight at school. She just transferred to a new school yesterday. It’s hard to believe that she would get involved in that kind of relationship after just yesterday.”

I noticed that Tohno san had stopped crying. Her eyes are red and swollen, but she should be fine now.

“Yeah, right! Yes!”

Suddenly you’re feeling better. Well, I’m glad you stopped crying.

“I’m so glad. I thought Komiya kun was ……”

But what is it? What is this feeling of bewilderment?
Even though Tohno san was feeling better, there was a coiled feeling in my chest.

I am curious. What in the world is this?
My heart feels like it is beating faster than usual.

“Tohno san. May I ask you something?”
“Eh, what is it? Ichikawa san”
“Why was Tohno san crying?”
“Eh, Et-to…”

“Actually, I’m …towards… Komiya kun ……!”

Oh, God. Why?

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  1. Broken leg? Really broken leg? Seriously? If you have a broken bone, it hurts so much you are unable to think of flirting. Your physical pain takes your whole attention.
    Better fix that as scratched leg, not broken one.

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