Episode 26 – Hot battle of the Goddesses ②



I feel like Suzu is getting involved with Ichikawa san a lot?
Maybe she found out about the relationship between me and Ichikawa-san……?
No, no way.

We have agreed to talk somewhere, but nothing concrete has been decided. If she finds out, that’s fine then, but Suzu seems to be a …… hassle.

From a distance, it looked as if Ichikawa san and Suzu were arguing about something.
They ran the 50-meter race together, and Ichikawa san won by the narrowest of margins.

And Suzu glared at Ichikawa san with a sharp look. Ichikawa san, on the other hand, looked cool even though she had run 50 meters.

Suzu’s face was streaked with frustration. I could even see this from a distance.

You are overproud, aren’t you?

“Okay, Next, Let’s measure the others. Stop looking at the girls.”
“Don’t put me in your shoes.”
“Isn’t that the truth?”

I can’t talk back! But it kind of pisses me off when this guy says it.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom first.”
“What? You’re going to pull one out?”
“I’m kidding! Hurry up or you’ll miss Tohno san’s bumps!”

This guy…

Dismayed by Naka, I refuse the teacher and head for the restroom.

After doing my business there, I was about to go back when I ran into someone who was also coming out of the women’s restroom.


We looked at each other and froze.

“You use the bathroom?”
“Eh, Aaa yeah”

For a moment, I was about to ask back, [You too?], but I didn’t because I felt it would be harassment.
Why is it that there is no problem with girls to boys, but it is that way with boys to girls?

She smiles softly at me even as I think about this, and Mitsushima san’s ikemen smile is as dazzling as ever.
And she looks great in a jersey! I don’t know if that’s a compliment.

“Mitsushima san, are you doing 50 meters now? Or are you done already?”
“The first one, yes. But too bad.”
“Hmm? What’s too bad?”
“I ran my first run fast, but I didn’t think you would even look at me. I am sad.”
“Eh?! Et-to..”

I did not expect Mitsushima san to talk to me like that. I don’t know what to say back and get flustered.
Incidentally, Mitsushima san is in class 5 and I am in a different class 4, but we were in a joint class in PE. The same goes for class 6.

“Haha. Ahahaha, I’m kidding”
“….so it’s a joke”

Mitsushima san seemed to enjoy my flustered reaction for a little while.
Why do people make fun of me? I don’t know.

“Because I think it’s cute when you get upset.”
“W-what’s with cute…”

I’d prefer to be told but If Mitsushima-san says I am cute, I would be like a maiden.
Even though I was told that I was cute, my face was still hot with embarrassment.

“It’s true, though, that I’m sad that my friend doesn’t see what I’m good at.”
“What? No? I thought you and I were friends. I’m getting sad again.”
“Ahhh, yes friends”

I was surprised that Mitsushima san thought that about me.
We only talked a little at the scene of the molestation and the day after, but …… I knew the communal mass is not so much better.

“Since we’re at this point, will you call me Aki?”
“It’s so sudden…”
“Wouldn’t that be normal if we were friends?”

Maybe so, but the bar is set too high!
Is this a true high chara? She said the distance between us is halved!

“Fufu, Then I guess I’ll call you out on it. Let’s see……”

Mitsushima san froze with her hand on her chin.
If you think about it, I certainly didn’t introduce myself. Mitsushima san is famous within the school and I know her one way or the other, but a mob like me has no way of her knowing me naturally without self-introduction.

And yet, I was surprised that I was recognized as a friend.

“Youta, Komiya Youta”
“! Ahh, Youta. I’ll called you that”

I can’t get used to being called out by girls.
Suzu? Suzu is something else. It seems like she calls out to everyone in a big way.

“Hmm? Your face’s red?”
“I-It’s your imagination”
“Then I’ll put it that way. Okay, call my name too.”
“Ah, but I have to get back soon.”
“Call me then get back.”

Damn. She didn’t catch it.

“A.A- Aki…”
“What’s up, Youta ?”
“Mou, That’s it! Come on, let’s get back!”

Ahh, Hot
I wish I could stop my face from turning red so quickly.

“One more thing, please.”
‘”…… still have anything?”

She stops me again as I’m about to go back.
I’m afraid I’m going to get yelled at if I don’t go soon.

“I’m really going for it on the second run of the 50-meter dash, so will you cheer me on?”
“Ahh, that thing? I’ll at least cheer you on. Go for it!”
“…..Now I’ll be able to do it again next time. Well, goodbye!”

Mitsushima san smiled and dashed back.

What was that ……?

After all, the teacher was angry with me for coming back late.
I don’t get it.

“Hey, where have you been, Aki?”
“I have to use the bathroom.”

When I, Mitsushima Aki, returned to the field, the second leg of the 50-meter run had already begun.

As I stood in the line that formed the lane, Hitomi, who was in front of me, spoke to me in secret.

At school, I try not to hang out with her too much so that others don’t know we’re childhood friends, but we at least talk.
I do that with all the girls, so there is no reason to suspect that we have a deep relationship. However, Hitomi is very conscientious about her surroundings and speaks to me in a quiet voice.

“You’re in a great mood for someone who just went to the bathroom.”
“Well, let’s just say it was a good thing.”
“Good thing?”

Naturally, Hitomi, unaware of my earlier exchange with Youta, tilts her head.
Her appearance is like a small animal and makes you want to hug her.

“I guess so. Well, I made a friend.”
“Eh, Friend? ! Why ?!”

Since I started high school, I have not made any friends that I can clearly call friends.
As for friendships, I kept them shallow and broad.

As for Hitomi, she could not help but be astonished because she knew the reason for this.

“I’ll tell you another time. Soon it’s your turn right?”
“Muuuu….it is though..”

Hitomi remains unconvinced but begins to prepare

I said I would tell her next time, but what shall I do?
It would never occur to me that I am making male friends.


My cheeks relaxed a little just remembering the embarrassed look on my male friend’s face earlier.

“You must be very close with Tohno san.”
“….Ah, Ichikawa san”

Then, before I knew it, I was approached by Ichikawa san, who was standing in line in the next lane.
It was totally unexpected, but I reacted calmly.

“What can I do for you?”
“Nothing. I’m only talking to you because you seem so close to Tohno san, even though you’re so distant from the other girls.”

I was a bit at a loss for words, although I didn’t show it in my expression, because she had detected the way I treated the other girls and Hitomi
However, I quickly switched and returned it calmly.

“It’s nothing out of the ordinary. Hitomi and I went to the same junior high school. We talk at least.”
“Hitomi ? You even go that far”

Ichikawa san, with her great insight, was able to corner me.
It was unintentional. I didn’t call her out or talk to Hitomi with any intention.

“Well, I’m not really interested in what kind of relationship you two have. I’m just glad to see you in that rushed state of mind of yours.”

I see. So this is payback for the other day.
I don’t know what kind of relationship she had with Youta, but, surprisingly, she had roots in him.
She is a goddess who does everything without hesitation and basically acts cool.

“Fufu, You’re more competitive than I thought.”
“What are you talking about?”
“No, I’m talking about something. By the way, Ichikawa san.?

Looks like I’m the loser this time.
I’ll admit that. But I can’t just leave it at that.

“I’d like to play a second game with you if you don’t mind.”

I decided to give the school goddess a run for her money.

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