I stayed overnight at my parent’s house, and the next day, Sunday came.
I had left my parent’s house and was about to return to my studio apartment where I lived alone.

The case for living alone continues.
After that, I asked my dad if he had heard anything about Suzu, but he hadn’t heard anything yet.

[I see. You’re coming home. Did you have a good time at your parents’ home?]

When I told Ichikawa san that I was leaving on line, I received such a message back.


I replied with such short words.
I was happy to see my sister, but nothing else made me happy.
In fact, I almost had a fiancée.

“How do I explain this one…”

What kind of person gives up on someone they love the same day they go out with a different girl and come back to be almost immediately engaged to someone else?

……I am outrageous.

It’s a very complicated problem. Even though I still haven’t clearly broken off my feelings for Tohno san.

[[If I see you talking happily to another girl again, I might really stab you in the back.]]

I got a flashback from the dialogue at lunchtime the other day.

“I’ll explain again at …… some other time.”

I don’t have the courage to explain to Ichikawa san now.

Pikon. (SFX)

[I wonder if you had a lot of trouble with a girl?]

I pulled my face.

What is this person? And Esper?
It’s not like she knows, right? Or maybe….?

“Nothing happened, you know.”

I replied and put my phone in my pocket and got on the train.

I strap for a few minutes on the train for a few stations.
Since it was Sunday afternoon, the train was quite crowded there.

After a few stops, I noticed something odd.

The girl next to me was about to start crying.

At first, I thought she was in bad shape, but apparently not.
The girl is trembling.

After noticing the anomaly, I looked closer and saw the old man’s hand reaching toward the girl’s buttocks.

This is …… molestation!

I am a little confused by the first molestation I encountered.
If it were a comic book or something like that, it would be standard practice to save the day in a cool way, but when I saw it in real life, I couldn’t make a move right away.

Is it really molestation, or is it just my imagination that his hand is hitting her?
Or perhaps the couple is just playing that way.
I can’t take action because of all the unnecessary thoughts that come to mind.
However, the more time we spend, the paler the girl’s face becomes.

I feel spoiled as if someone else will do it for me even if I don’t do it myself.


You idiot. If this is the case, I’ll always end up being an ordinary Komiya kun.
I decided to be worthy of Ichikawa san.

I got up the courage to try to grab the hand that was touching the girl’s ass.

“What are you—”
“What are you doing?”


Her beautiful alto voice echoed through the train.
The hand I was about to grab cut through the air and another person grabbed the old man’s wrist instead.

“L-Let go of me !! What’s this!?”
“You were just touching her, weren’t you? I was watching you.”
“W-What are you talking about!!!! I didn’t do anything!!!!”
“Uncle, it’s too noisy. Anyway, could you get off at the next station? You can make your excuses there.”
“Shut up! I didn’t do anything!!!!”
“You saw it too, right?”

The man holding the old man’s hand was a neutral looking guy with glasses. He was a different type of handsome man from Jinguji.
I was watching such an exchange between a handsome man and an old man when I suddenly got asked.

“Eh, Aaa, Yes…”
“Look, there were other witnesses. You can’t get away with this.”

The loud noise causes a buzzing and commotion all around.
[What? Pervert?] [Disgusting.] [Gross…]
The old man looked at me with a white eye, and his previous courage began to fade, and he became quiet as if he had given up on the idea.

“Are you okay?”
“I know this might be scary, but can you get off at the next stop?”

While restraining the old man, the good-looking man also says a few words of concern to the girl. Then the girl nodded.

“I’m wondering if Onii san could come down with me. I’d like you to testify if you’d like.”
“Ah, Okay”

I grabbed the old man’s bag immediately. I think it was almost a reflex.
However, it caused the old man to lose his balance and fall on the spot.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the handsome man assembles the old man and restrains him tightly so that he does not escape once more.

“Please don’t get violent.”
“S-Shut the fuck up and get off me.”

The old man was unable to move a muscle in front of the handsome man’s brilliant restraint technique.
Everyone gathered around, some taking pictures.
Still, he remained calm and continued to restrain the old man until the station staff arrived.

After that, I became a placeholder and handed the old man over to the station staff as I was swept away by the handsome man and explained the situation.

The impression I had the whole time was, [Wow, he’s such an Ikemen]
I knew it, good-looking people have so much energy.

I’m trying to solve it while I’m at a loss as to what to do.
It’s that smiley face you give to the girl when you say goodbye.
The girls looked ecstatic.
She definitely fell in love.

Even I, a man, would fall in love with him if he smiled at me like that.

“Thanks to you, too.”
“Ah, it’s nothing…”

Once I learned what the handsome man was capable of, the girl left and we were alone.

Waiting for the train is awkward.
And the silence continues after getting on the train. He seems to be in the same direction.

Talking to a true ikemen is kind of nerve-wracking, even if you’re the same sex.

…… hmm, same sex? Wait. I’ve seen this guy somewhere …….

“Do I have something on my face?”
“Uh, no….I thought I saw you somewhere …….”
“Hee…Maybe we went to the same high school.”
“Hahaha, that can’t be right……..tss!!!”

Natural face, slender and tall, moderately toned body.
The way he stood there overlapped with someone somewhere.

Yes, I have seen someone in high school who resembled this body type.
However, the person had a bit longer hair and did not wear glasses. Most importantly, he was wearing a girl’s uniform.

“Is it…Kounan High school?”

I name the high school I attend.

“….! That’s right. How did you know? Are you also in Kounan by any chance?”

I get it.

“Mitsushima san right?”
“Amazing. Are you a classmate? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy like you before.”

Yes, this is a famous person who is the twin of the goddess at our school.
She was a girl with a history of being known as the prince of the school.

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