Episode 33 – By any chance, Ryoya kun, have you ever kissed someone before…..



After the roller coaster ride, we continued to ride various attractions together, and before we knew it, it was dusk.

“Considering the time we had to leave, it was almost time for the last attraction.”
“…. time flies by so fast.”
“Then let’s go to the Ferris wheel as promised.”

We had already decided before we arrived that the Ferris wheel would be our last attraction, so we started heading for the ride.
After walking for a while, we arrived at the Ferris wheel and saw quite a few people lined up in front of it.

“I knew there were a lot of people here,”
“But it’s only a 15-minute wait, and it’s so much faster than the roller coaster.”
“Fifteen minutes is not long at all.”

The Ferris wheel has a much better turnover rate than the roller coaster, so the wait time is probably shorter. While the three of us were chatting and waiting, 15 minutes passed in the blink of an eye.
Finally it was our turn to board the gondola, and we followed the attendant’s instructions and slowly began to ascend.

“Ryoya kun, Riona, look at that. Isn’t that the first Viking we rode?”
“That’s right. Over there I can see the roller coaster, the coffee cups, and the boating pond.”
“It looks different from up there.”

As we looked out, we saw various attractions, and the three of us were excited to see what was outside from the Ferris wheel for a while.
Then Reona and Riona, who were looking outside, suddenly turned red and fell silent.
When they turned around to see what they had seen, they saw a couple embracing and kissing in the gondola next to them.

“Oh come on, we can see them in full view, and they don’t even notice us?”

When I spoke to them with a dumbfounded look on my face, they opened their mouths, their faces as red as ever.

“….. Ryoya, why are you so calm?’
“Yes, you’re too calm”
“No, because it’s just a kiss,……”

For me, who usually watches and pulls out some pretty extreme erotic videos, I don’t think anything of seeing just a kiss. Then the girls start saying crazy things to me.

“By any chance, Ryoya kun, have you ever kissed someone before…..”
“Ryoya, is it true? Answer me honestly right now, I won’t tolerate any lies or secrets.”
“Oioi, how can that be?”

Reona and Riona were talking about such things as they crowded hard into the seat where I was sitting. Just then, a strong wind blew and the gondola we were riding in shook violently.
Reona, who was leaning her face forward toward me, was knocked off balance by the impact. Reona fell toward me, and our lips met.


raising an unspoken cry, Reona rushes away from me with her face turning bright red.

“I-I kissed Ryoya-kun. ……”

What a surprise, my first kiss was taken away from me by Reona, even though it was an accident.

“Only …… onee chan is unfair. I wanted to kiss Ryoya too.”

Riona was mumbling something, but her voice was too low to be heard clearly. Needless to say, there was awkwardness in the air until the Ferris wheel eventually reached the bottom.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“That was fun.”
“Yeah, but I’m tired of playing.”
“I’m exhausted.”

After getting off the Ferris wheel and buying various souvenirs, we left Kurashiki Milano Park and started to head back to Tokyo. Now we were eating ekiben on the bullet train and looking back at the photos we had taken yesterday and today.
It was dark outside the window, so we could not enjoy the scenery. Well, we had enjoyed it yesterday morning, so there was no problem.

“Speaking of which, Ryoya kun, are you making any progress on your summer vacation homework?”
“…… No, actually, I haven’t gotten around to it much yet.”

The reality of the situation is that the homework is not as easy as it sounds.

“Well, then, why don’t you do it with us? If there is something Ryoya-kun doesn’t understand, I and Riona can help you.”
“Eh, are you sure?”

To be honest, Reona’s suggestion is insanely helpful. Every year I spend a great deal of time because of problems I don’t understand, so if she can teach me, it will save me an overwhelming amount of time.

“Sure, we can meet at our place, right?”
“Yeah, that’s fine.”
“Then let’s get together tomorrow as soon as possible, I don’t think Ryoya has any plans anyway.”
“……, what do you think of me? Well, you’re right, I don’t have any plans.”

Riona was quick to spit her venom at me.
Well, maybe Riona is angry that I kissed her favorite onee chan, Reona. Actually, Riona was jealous of me, and she was hitting me hard, but I would not know that for a long time to come.
And so our open campus and Kurashiki trip came to an end.

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