Episode 31 – I-I’m totally fine with ghosts because there is nothing non-scientific in this world



After Reona regained her energy, she rode the go-carts, whitewater slides, merry-go-round, and other attractions.
No problems occurred there, as no particular trouble occurred at all. And next, at Reona’s suggestion, we came to the haunted house.

“Heeee, it’s quite atmospheric.”
“I know, I think the exterior is pretty elaborate.”

The haunted house here is set up as a haunted Western-style house in Scandinavia and is quite spooky looking. It is said to be quite scary considering that you can hear the screams of female visitors coming from inside.
The reason I use the word “apparently” vaguely is because it was so long ago that I entered this haunted house that I don’t remember it at all.

“…… Riona, you’ve been quiet since a while ago, are you okay?”
“Ryoya-kun, actually Riona has always been bad at haunted things.”

I was worried about Riona, who had stopped talking since we decided to go to the haunted house, and when I said something like that to her, she told me.
I had thought that Riona was the type of person who was not afraid of ghosts at all, so I was surprised to hear that from her.

“If you’re scared, you don’t have to go. I’ll go with Reona.”
“No, I’m fine. I’m not afraid of ghosts at all because they don’t exist in this world.”

When I called out to her, Riona spoke quite quickly and said something like that, but no matter how I looked at it, she didn’t seem to be okay with it.
After that, I asked her the same thing, but she only answered that she was fine no matter how many times I asked her.
After a while, it was finally our turn to enter the haunted house. It was very dark and eerie inside, and we could hear what sounded like moans from around the room.
While Reiona looked relaxed, Riona’s face was filled with fear and she seemed to be extremely scared.

“H-hey Ryoya. Do you think it’s time to exit ……?”
“No, no, we just came in.”
“If that’s all there is to it, I think it’s too short.”

The Riona appearance that is usually unthinkable from the cool Riona made me feel a little bit touched. That is what is called “gap moe”.
While we were having such an exchange, suddenly the sound of thunder rumbled through the area with a bright light. Reona and I were only a little surprised, but it seemed to have a great effect on Riona.


Riona screamed out and hugged me with all her might. And she stuck to me and wouldn’t let go.
It became difficult to walk, but I felt like I was getting something out of it because her breasts were pressed against me as hard as they could.
As I continued on in this state, I saw a woman lying on the side of the aisle, covered in blood, with a knife in her chest.

“Ri, Ryoya. Hey, nothing’s going to happen, right ……?”

Riona asked me in a trembling voice, but something must happen because I don’t think it was set up for no reason.
I tried to tell her so, but unfortunately I was too late. The woman got up with a start.


Riona let out a loud scream, grabbed my hand, and started running toward the direction I was going. She pulled my hand so hard that it hurt a little.

“Ah, don’t leave me”

Reona, who was left alone on the spot, hurriedly chased after us. It seems that Reona didn’t want to be left alone in a place like this.
After that, Riona screamed everywhere we went, hugged me, pulled my hand and ran away, or on the contrary, she froze and could not move and Reona and I pulled her hand repeatedly as we went.

“Whoa, it looks like we’re finally getting out of here.”
“Really, it was quite a long haunted house, wasn’t it?”
“I-I can finally get out. ……”

Riona looks relieved as she finally sees the exit light. Unfortunately, however, it was still too early to relax, as many haunted houses have a pattern of scaring people when they are relieved to see the exit.
As we had expected, a bloody head fell from the ceiling. Reona and I had expected it, but for Riona, it was unexpected.

“I can’t do it anymoreeeeeeee!”

Riona grabbed my hand as hard as she could and started running as fast as she could. She must have been scared because I was pulled by a force so strong that I could not believe she was a woman. Riona and I ran out of the haunted house with our arms still being pulled.

“I was so scared. ……”

Riona is out of breath because of the many times she was startled and screamed so loudly in the haunted house.

“Don’t leave me,”

Reona, who came out of the haunted house late, was breathing on her shoulder and calling out to Riona. She was probably in a hurry to catch up with us.

“…… is it time for you to take your hands off me?”
“Ri, Ryoya sorry.”

Riona finally realized that she was still holding my hand when we got out of the haunted house, and she let go of my hand with an embarrassed blush on her face. I was a little sad to let go of her hand, but it was unavoidable because I was also embarrassed to hold her hand the whole time.

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