“Before we go to karaoke, why don’t the three of us take a purikura picture together?”
“……, I understand.”

To be honest, I was not comfortable with the idea of taking purikura, but Reona and Riona were already ready to take purikura, and it seemed like I couldn’t say no to them, so I decided to go along with them.
I went into the purikura machine with them, but since I had never taken purikura before, I had no idea what to do. The girls start talking to me with worried expressions on their faces.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of all the controls and stuff”
“Onee chan is used to it.”

Reona began to operate the machine in a familiar manner, and in no time at all it advanced to the shooting screen.
The countdown for the photo shoot began immediately, and as I was trying to strike a suitable pose, Reiona and Riona suddenly hugged me from both sides.


I was surprised at the suddenness of the situation, but at that moment the countdown reached zero and the shutter sounded. After about five shots, the shooting ended, and a list of the images taken was displayed on the screen.

“Ryoya-kun, you look amazing.”
“A very rare expression.”
“Anyone would look like this if you suddenly hugged me.”

I looked at them as if to protest, but they seemed to have no idea what I was talking about as they manipulated the screen to make their eyes bigger and doodled with their styluses.

“Hey, hey, do you really need to make eyes so big? I look like an alien.”
“Eeh, But that’s the best part of purikura, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, everyone does it.”

I had no idea because it was the first time in my life, but apparently this is normal among girls.

“Both Reona and Riona are extremely beautiful, so I think they’re cute even if they’re left natural. ……”
“W-Wait, what are you suddenly talking about!?”
“……, it’s not fair to suddenly make such a surprise attack.”

I whispered my thoughts in a low voice, but the girls seemed to have heard me and turned red in the face.
I thought my voice would be drowned out by the noise of the arcade, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

“If Ryoya-kun insists that much, I guess I’ll just leave the eyes and stuff as they are.”
“…… I’ll just put up with the doodles this time.”

As soon as I finished saying that, Reona and Riona silently resumed doodling with their faces still red as ever. After doodling for a while, we left the Purikura machine and started heading to the karaoke reception.

“How much time do you want?”
“I think two hours should be enough time for now. If we don’t sing enough, I think we can extend the time.”
“I agree with Ryoya.”

After completing the formalities at the reception desk, we entered the room. The room was rather small, so 3 of us were going to be sitting very close together.

“What shall we sing today?
“I’ve already decided.”

I watched Reona start searching for songs on her tablet, and I started thinking about what to sing.
This is the first time I’ve been to a karaoke party with someone other than my family, so I don’t know what to sing that will be popular at a time like this.
I really wanted to sing ani-songs or other songs that appealed to my taste, but I felt it would be safer to avoid such songs. It would be difficult for the girls to react if I sang a song they didn’t know.
Just as I was thinking about this, Reona seemed to have decided on a song to sing and got up from her seat with the microphone in her hand.
Reona looked very elegant standing there with the microphone in her hand, but I was soon left feeling disappointed.

“Oi oi, seriously, ……”

Reona began to sing a popular love song, but to tell the truth, she was not very good at it.
She had no grasp of pitch, no sense of rhythm, and many other fatalities. I felt as if I had learned an unexpected aspect of Reona, who had an image of being good at everything.

“Onee chan has been like this since she was a child.”
“…… I see.”

According to Riona, it seems that Reona has always been tone deaf. With Reona’s singing voice as background music, I started looking for a song to sing on my tablet.
She sang the song just as I was finishing my reservation, and she looked quite refreshed.

“Karaoke is fun after all, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t tell her to her face that she wasn’t a good singer, so I just gave her a few words.

“Now it’s my turn.”

Riona picked up the microphone, but unlike Reona, she seemed to intend to sing while sitting down. I was a bit nervous because of what had happened to Reona earlier, but my expectations were greatly betrayed.
Riona began to sing the theme song of a recently popular drama, but to my surprise, she was far better at it than I had imagined.

“……No, no, this is too good.”

It was at a level that left me speechless, and I felt like I wanted to listen to her forever. It was to the point that I wanted to use Riona’s singing voice as background music for my work.

“Riona, she sings so well, doesn’t she? She really is amazing.”
“She could be a singer at this level.”

I muttered my honest opinion. I was so fascinated by her singing voice. So, needless to say, I was sad to see her leave the stage after she finished singing.

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